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Monday, August 02, 2004

Molested by Tigger? Eek!

You all know the large sexual appetite I have, but if there is one place I feel should be 100% sexless, its Disney World. (well, theres lots of places that should remain sexless, but they don't pertain to my story) The Magical Kingdom is just that to children~magical. They shouldn't be exposed to any sick type of perversion at Disney, its just twisted and wrong. Rick and I went to Disney World for our honeymoon, and I don't even think we kissed in the park. Not to say we didn't have fun, in fact we felt like kids, running around the park and experiencing all the attractions with eager child like enthusiasm.

Its disgusting to think of some jerk getting off by dressing up in a costume that children will be instantly drawn to, and then inappropriatly touching them. Surely theres a special place in hell for these sickos. I understand Disney's side, about wanting to alter the costume so as not to link the Tigger character to such a lewd act. I tend to think that won't be possible though, as it sounds like the guy's lawyer buddy is also a pedaphile with a similar job. How do you "inadvertantly" touch a 13 year old's breast? Blech. And the bastard was dressed as my favorite Disney character. Makes you think twice about the innocent 'characters' roaming around the park.


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