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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Rich for a day

Our four year wedding anniversary is coming up next month, and Rick and I have been talking about staying in a luxury hotel room for the night. We found one that sounds heavenly, with a private jacuzzi, plush pillow top mattresses with feather beds on top and even towel warmers for the expensive egyptian cotton towels they provide. They rinse the bedding in lavender scented water to help relax you, and even have their own award winning chef who is willing to take any challenge you may have for him. I must say I'm intrigued. But for the high end price tag, we would have to spend every last minute we pay for living it up in that room! It would be nice though, to step out of the burbs for a day, away from the baby, with only my husband and myself to think about. And I'm quite sure we would take care of eachother very well. Now to call the sitter...


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