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Monday, December 06, 2004

For Your Listening Pleasure

The Blogger men in my life spoil me with their infinate computer knowledge and their quick response to my maiden in distress call for help with all things technical. What would I do without you guys? My blog would surely suffer.

I have to give credit to StuckForNow for beautifully explaining to me the nifty little player to the left, as well as matching it to my template. Darling, I'd smother you in kisses if I could.

I love my blogging friends. :)


At Monday, December 06, 2004 6:37:00 AM, Blogger Ed said...

Only snag is that it doesn't seem to be playing anything yet. The PaulaCole-FeelingLove.mp3 file isn't found on the ripway.com server. Did the file upload correctly, or maybe the file name isn't quite correct?

At Monday, December 06, 2004 8:25:00 AM, Blogger & said...

Someone couldn't sleep last night, huh?

At Monday, December 06, 2004 9:40:00 AM, Blogger Good Wife said...

Oh man! Are you guys teliing me it doesn't work? :(

It played just fine for me last night. Hmmmmm.....

Let me know if it works for anyone at all. If not, I guess its back to the drawing board. Who wants to listen to music on a blog anyway? ;) lol


At Monday, December 06, 2004 9:51:00 AM, Blogger Good Wife said...

Hmmm... I wonder if my tiny daily amount of bandwidth wasn't already used up? lol I had really heavy traffic last night from the time I installed it until early this morning. I get a daily amount, instead of one chunk for the whole month. Is that possible?

If the player worked for anyone at all, please let me know.



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