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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

For old time's sake

He sat at his desk, tip of his pen at his lips as he flipped through his novel, happy for a few minutes of distraction before he delved back into his work. The day was dragging on, seemingly keeping time still. This made it so much easier to give in to temptation, and today, temptation was at his door.

At first, he didn't notice the light tapping at his office door. When the door opened and her head peeked in with that sexy, up to no good smile, he couldn't help but notice. He dropped his pen on the desk and quickly stood up to greet her.

"Hey! What are you doing here?" he smiled as he embraced her, breathing in her perfume and then stepping back to take her all in.

"Its been far too long, hasn't it?" She shut the door behind her, fingers twisting the lock.

"It most definitely has," was his reply as his mind remembered those curves, those lips, the steamy exchanges. His heart was beating faster now as he recalled their last encounter together. The smile on her face told him that it was also very fresh on her mind.

What felt like several moments of silence passed before he caught his breath and began, "So, tell me.." He was cut off as she placed her fingers to his lips. Their eyes locked as her mouth met his. Tongues swirling together, exploring familiar territory. She ran her fingers through his hair as he held her close, pressing her body up against his own.

Her hands slid down his muscular back and then to the belt on her trench coat. "Its getting awfully hot in here, baby, don't you think?" she asked as the material of her coat slid off of her shoulders, exposing bare skin and then falling to the floor in a puddle of fabric.

"Oh, God," he moaned as he took in the sight, nothing left on her body except for the thigh high stockings, black stiletto heels, and that devilish grin on her face.

Pulling her back to him, he quickly took her breast to his mouth, licking her as he massaged the flesh, feeling her hands on his belt now. His cock was at full attention, pulsing at her touch through the fabric of his trousers. When she finally freed him, she crouched down and took him into her mouth, pushing back the foreskin as she plunged it deeply, wetting him and grinning as he moaned.

He watched her fucking his shaft with her mouth until he could not stand one more minute of not being buried deep inside of her. In a swift motion, he cleared off his desk and placed her on top. Without speaking a single word, he slid his meat into her tight little hole, feeling the wetness of her arousal mixed with her kisses, still fresh on his skin. His hands gripped tightly at her hips, watching her breasts bouncing as their skin slapped together making a deliciously wet sound.

Licking his lips, he watched her hand slide down to her clit and begin to rub it,her pussy lips swollen and saturated with arousal. She bit her bottom lip, closing her eyes and arching her back as she gave in and came, long and hard as he continued to plow her depths.

"Come here, baby." He pulled her up, his cock still buried deep in her trembling pussy walls. He kissed her deeply as he turned around and sat at the edge of the desk. She turned her back to him, his hands gliding up her spine and then resting again at her hips as she began to grind herself in circles around his dick, first fast, then slow. She placed her hands on his thighs for support as she felt his body tensing up.

"Oh yeah, mmm!" His strong hands held her still on his pole as she felt him explode, filling up her pussy with his orgasm. She squeezed herself around his shaft, as their bodies convulsed in ecstasy.

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closely to him, kissing her neck and then whispering into her ear. "I missed you."

A smile crept across her face as she breathed in the smell of their sex. "I missed you too, baby. It feels good to be back."


At Wednesday, December 19, 2007 1:46:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

mmmm, how i love your writing!

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