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Wednesday, July 14, 2004


I had a crush on Rick for a very long time before we ever started dating, so I was quick to accept the invitation to his house for a party. His parents were out of town, and alot of our friends from work were going to be there. I saw this as an opportunity to get closer to Rick, and hopefully to find out he liked me as well.

There was lots of alcohol floating around that party. Rick's friend Jason was freshly 21 and able to buy whatever we wanted. Jason was a quiet almost mysterious guy with very long, pretty hair, past his shoulder blades. (nowadays its butt length and just as gorgeous.) He didn't know most of our friends, so he spent most of the evening up in Rick's bedroom playing on his computer.

After a few drinks, someone suggested spin the bottle. I made sure to get Rick in the circle, and was hoping to get a peck or two from him. He was so drunk though, that he laid down and fell asleep. Instead I shared most of my kisses with my girlfriend, as my spin always landed on her. I think I may have kissed two other guys, but I didn't care. It wasn't Rick, so it didn't matter.

Rick was awake long enough to go sit out in the front yard, where of course I followed him, like a little puppy dog. No intelligent conversation could be had, as he was a drunken slurring mess, looking less attractive all the time. A friend of ours, not out of the closet at the time, but out and flaming now, came over and got Rick down to his underwear as he lay unconscious in the grass. He even went so far as to look inside his briefs, giggling like a school girl. We always did wonder about him...

I got frustrated sitting outside with Rick's lifeless body, and went inside the house. Most everyone was equally drunk and less than entertaining to be around. I headed upstairs where I planned to sleep off the night in Rick's bed, eager for the fruitless night to be over. Jason was still in there, playing on the computer. "Are you stupid drunk too?" I asked, as I sat on the edge of the bed closest to him. "No," he laughed,"I've only had this one drink all night" as he pointed to a half full glass of an unknown drink. I myself was somewhat buzzed, but certainly not drunk. Mostly I was frustrated that the evening hadn't gone better for me.

We talked for awhile, and he finished his drink as I played with his hair. "Your hair is so pretty, I just can't stop running my fingers through it." The comment was innocent as could be, his hair truly was a silken pleasure to the touch. "Is that right? Well you can play with it as much as you want." I suddenly realized that he was flirting with me, and while shocked at first, I was quick to warm up to the idea.

Still in the office chair, he rolled even closer to the bed, where I was sitting on the corner of the bed. He positioned the chair between my legs, spreading them slightly with the edges of the seat. He bowed his head before me, his hair cascading down his shoulders and covering his face. I massaged my fingers on his scalp, hearing an approving moan come from beneath the sea of hair. I could feel the heat of his breath hitting my inner thighs as he exhaled. My body tingled at the excitement of the moment. I had never considered Jason as a potential boyfriend. He was just Rick's friend. And yet...

I pulled his head close to my body, stopping just short of my chest and kissed the top of his head. He looked up at me and smiled, bringing his lips closer to mine and then pausing, waiting to see if I would take the bait. Moving in what felt like slow motion, my lips met his. Licking his bottom lip, I gently probed his mouth with my tongue. I felt his hands wrap around me, resting on my back before pulling my entire body closer to him. His hands tracing large patterns on my back before grasping the bottom of my shirt, pulling it off and then kissing my neck. His hair brushing against my breasts and tummy sent shivers throughout my body and an electric charge down to my pussy. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter as he sat up, quickly ripping off his shirt and tossing it aside. I saw his eyes glance over at the still open bedroom door. "Let me get that," as he headed to the door, closing and then locking it. I stood up and unbuttoned an unzipped my jeans, still leaving them resting on my hips, just waiting for his strong hands to push them down. "You are so fucking hot," he replied as he knelt down in front of me, hands grazing my hips, coaxing the denim down my legs. He kissed the skin as it was revealed, and I rested my hands on his shoulders as he delicately pulled my feet out of the jeans before throwing them aside. He then noticed my pierced belly button and kissed my tummy before looking up and asking, "May I?" I smiled and nodded as his tongue traced a path to the belly ring, flipping the metal around in his mouth. His fingers danced slowly up the back of my legs until he reached the top of my panties. He gently tugged at them, kissing his way from the body jewelry down to my pussy. I pulled his head against me, as his mouth devoured me. I had never been so horny in all my life.

Undoing his pants, Jason stood up to step out of them, revealing a much larger shaft than I had imagined. I reached behind me, unhooking my bra and letting it fall limply to the floor. He pulled me close for a kiss, and then lifted me up, my legs wrapping around him. I imagined what it would be like for him to hold me up like that and fuck me just as we were. He laid me down on the bed though, and fumbled with a condom that I hadn't seen him grab.

I spread my legs for him as he entered me with excrutiating slowness. I wanted him to pound me feverishly, to satisfy my ever growing hunger. But he took his time and very very slowly thrust himself in and out of my cunt. I tried to raise my body up to his, forcing a quicker movement from him, but that only made him pull out completely. "You're being bad," he smiled. "I want you to fuck me!," I added, again bucking my body up against his. He grabbed my wrists with his hands and held them down on the bed as he leaned down, sucking on my nipples, all the while his hair tickling the freshly kissed skin. I moaned in frustrated pleasure, as I felt his dick very slowly begin to enter me, gently parting my lips. I refrained from moving, and was rewarded with harder, faster thrusts. His long hair teased my nipples as he fucked me, balls slapping my ass. I couldn't take it anymore, and my pussy massaged his cock as I came. "Oh fuck, that feels good," he purred before he himself was coming, my cunt still hugging his pulsing dick.

I wanted to just lie there with him, to relish the moment or perhaps to have another go before the night was through. But sense took over, and I suggested we get dressed, in case Rick woke up and decided he wanted to sleep off his hangover in his own bed. And that was that. Rick asked me out two weekes later, and I still see Jason on occasion, when he and Rick are headed out together somewhere. Of course, we've never been intimate again. I still think about his long silky hair though.


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