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Monday, July 12, 2004

How Dateable Are You?

Hot Cha! You are:

69% Dateable!
That's higher than the Worldwide Dateability Average of 63%!
Attractive and confident, witty and charming, a healthy ambrosia-based diet... you're wanted in the 48 contiguous states, you slayer. Call me. Seduce me. Not only do you know how to turn the engines on, but you also know how to oil, lube and rotate them. You put the "elation" back into "relationship," and the "night" back into "one-night stand."
Compared to 3,159,578 other test-takers...

72% less dateable than you — 8% like you — 21% more dateable than you
Some interesting statistics...

Women are LESS dateable than men.
Women average 63% dateable. Men average 63%.
10% would date their own clone.
21% want to be on reality TV.
And 35% have bad teeth.


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