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Monday, July 12, 2004

Got Wood?

We were talking in the lumber section of a Lowe's store (I fondly recall the scent of the wood) and I remember looking around, making sure there was no one around us. When I was satisfied that we had ample privacy, I grabbed his hand and took his finger into my mouth, circling it with my tongue. He too began looking around making sure no one was around, before he took the finger I was kissing and probed underneath my skirt. I sat on a pile of pallets behind me, spreading my legs for him. He continued to finger fuck me as he bent down, parting my lips for a good view before teasing me with his tongue. As he did this, I pulled off my shirt and started pinching my nipples, oooing and ahhing as his mouth made circles around my clit. "Fuck me. I want your dick inside of me right now!", I moaned, as I licked my finger and then rubbed circles around my nipple, savoring the tingling sensation that caused. "You want me to fuck you right here?" he asked, somewhat surprised at my request. I then pulled him up against me by his belt, feeling his rock hard dick through his jeans pressing up on my pussy, my juices and his kisses leaving a wet spot on his pants. "Are you telling me you don't want to stick that dick of yours into my pussy that you so kindly help moisten?" At that he started unzipping his jeans, pulling his cock out through his fly. I very clearly recall his hands, they were nothing like Rick's, dark and rough from working outside in the sun, with what looked like mechanics fingernails, in that they appeared to have the residual stain of motor oil and grease upon them. He smelled musty, but clean and the smell of the nearby lumber was intoxicating. He plunged himself deep inside of me, I could feel the rough texture of his zipper and his jeans on my ass and inner thighs as he thrust in and out of me. The feeling was intense, I was getting lost in the pleasure of the moment......

And it was then that my mind began to let go of the dream, my nose forgetting the mystery man's scent, the smell of the fresh lumber fading. The rough pallet became the soft sheets of my bed and where once there was a lover between my legs, there now was only bed linens. I refused to open my eyes, as that would surely rip me from whatever pieces of the dream I still clung to. My pussy still felt full and tingled from the remaining memory. I took a deep breath, putting all my senses back into the moment, and as I squeezed my thighs together my body was taken over by warm waves of ecstasy, climaxxing for minutes as my body remembered the erotica that was my dream.

I'm not sure why, but everytime I am in a home improvement store, the smell of lumber gets me all hot and bothered. Add all the manly men, bronzed from the sun and dirty from their work, and I'm a puddle! It was only a matter of time before they entered my dreams, and I'm ever so grateful that they did!


At Monday, July 12, 2004 2:55:00 PM, Blogger wilde_thought said...

Inside a Sam's Club Warehouse sat an eight by ten, plastic, Rubbermaid Garden Shed with two ways to enter. Both sets of doors were closed.

In an aisle nearby I spotted a young couple. They were not even twenty by the look of them. She clung to his neck kissing up at his mouth. Her hands played in his hair. He moved his arms up and down her back. A hand momentarily moved under her shirt and up her spine. They pulled away reluctantly, hot and excited. They were nervous. It was apparent that they wanted each other but didn't know what to do in a public space. She pulled him down the aisle towards the garden shed.

They stopped, however, when they spied me in view. Taking my son by his hand we moved away and out of sight. In a moment I returned to the aisle with the garden shed. An older, obese woman moved in front of me. She spotted the shed and made a move towards it. She opened the doors on one side. From the other side the young couple appeared, more frustrated looking than before. I believe they left Sam's Club quickly for a less bussied area.

At Monday, July 12, 2004 3:19:00 PM, Blogger Good Wife said...

lol Poor kids! Don't they know to dream of such things in the privacy of their own beds? Perhaps they do now.


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