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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Weekend Mornings

On Saturday and Sunday mornings, when Rick doesn't have to get up and go to work, theres usually lots of teasing going on in bed once one of us wakes up. I'll lightly brush my fingers across his semi hard dick, and then he'll recipricate by grazing his finger tips against my nipples and so on back and forth. Sometimes, usually, it leads to morning sex, and other times it just heats things up to be tended to later. We teased each other back and forth this morning for nearly half an hour, before I said, "Okay. Its time to get up. Lets get dressed and get the little monster." As I stood up and stretched, Rick also got up, stretching before me. Just as I was headed to the bathroom, Rick grabbed me by the shoulders and threw me on the bed as he pulled his dick out of his boxers. He stroked himself as he climbed up onto the bed and between my legs. Quickly he rammed his cock deep inside of me and began feverishly pounding at me. I smiled, knowing that my teasing had gotten the best of him this morning. He nibbled at my nipples, as I grazed my fingernails along his back, all the while never breaking his pace. He grunted and moaned, every sound getting me that much more excited. His face began to twist into that familiar look as he exploded all over my pussy and tummy. Then he jumped up and said, "Okay. Its time to get up. Lets get moving!"


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