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Monday, October 25, 2004

Mind vs Body

Eric was a big guy. 6'4", nearly 300 pounds. I had known him since grade school, when the teacher paired us together for peer tutoring. He wasn't very bright, he'd been held back twice. but he was nice. And cute.

In a lull between boyfriends, and perhaps a touch of rebound, I was more receptive to Eric's advances than I should have been.

On our frist date, he brought me AND my mom flowers. Sweet, but then he tried to shake hands with my dad with his left hand. I still hear about that to this day.

On our fourth or fifth date, he took me to see 'Anaconda'. Throughout the movie, he kept sneaking his arm around me and hissing, trying to scare me. I held his hand to stop him, which I think was his point.

After the movie, we sat in his truck in my parents driveway and talked. There was a tension in the air so thick it was hard to breathe. Finally I cracked my window. It was late spring and the night air was cool and damp. I took a deep breath of the fresh air, trying to clear my mind. It had just stopped raining only minutes earlier. We hadn't had our first kiss yet, and I think we both wanted to, but didn't want to make the first move.

Eric inched closer and closer to me as we casually talked and joked around. He said something to playfully aggravate me, so my hand reached out the window and swiped the roof of the cab, wetting it with cool rain drops before I wiped it on his cheek. He acted upset, but his smile told me otherwise, and soon we were both assaulting eachother with the residual rain.

His touch, with the cool droplets, made my skin tingle. I closed my eyes and opened them to find him kissing me. My fingers swirled around in his silky, dark hair, holding him close to me.

Everything felt good, but not right. I had known this before we had our first date. My friends were shocked when we started dating. Eric was fun to be around, but he had no substance. An intelligent conversation with him was not possible. But he was fun. Thats what Eric boiled down to. How everyone described him. Fun. He could satiate my body, but not my mind. Was this fair to either of us?

His fingers, still wet from the rain, slid up the back of my shirt. I felt so small in his embrace, him being so large, it felt as though his one hand covered my entire back.

He laid back on the seat and pulled me with him, resting me on his pelvis and chest. I could feel his dick, thick and hard, through his pants, pressing up against my thigh. His fingers rubbed me through my panties while his other hand found my breast and rubbed my nipple through the fabric of my bra.

I reached down and rubbed him through his pants, knowing I could have him any way I wanted him. He sat up and kissed me as his fingers found my slit.

The cab was steamy now, winows fogged over and our hot breath making it sauna like. The windows were cracked enough to bring cool relief to my exposed skin, but not enough to let me continue. I was uncomfortable enough to be able to think straight and not fuck just to fuck.

"Maybe we should slow down," I say as my hand slide away from his hardness. He catches his breath before he answers.

"Maybe we should....." he tried to read my face to see whether he could push the issue. He read correctly and didn't.

I tried to 'love the one I was with', but it just wasn't happening. Mind won over body. Isn't that the way it should be?


At Monday, October 25, 2004 12:16:00 PM, Blogger & said...


That is how it should be. Kudos to you for realizing it at, what, 17 years old?

But I can't help feeling for the poor guy. He must have had a case of blue balls for a week.

Ahem, I'm still waiting for those Cards of yours to slap some revenge on those grubby, grimy Red Sox. Perhaps David Ortiz does not read atasteofthegoodwife.blogspot.com? Surely he'd stop hitting the damn ball if he knew the heartache he was causing you, no?

At Monday, October 25, 2004 12:40:00 PM, Blogger Good Wife said...

Ahhhh...The grubby, grimy Red Sox. If my heartache would affect their playing, then I would proclaim my angst in person. Its not over yet. Believe. :)


At Monday, October 25, 2004 1:47:00 PM, Blogger j.o.y. said...

it's a good thing 2 hold out, especially when u r young and not married. only if children these days would take heed, we would have a lot less preganancies in this world.

At Monday, October 25, 2004 9:22:00 PM, Blogger angry cock said...

oh Good Wife, what a tough lesson to learn, especially with the morally corrupt such as myself.
being gay brings a new set of parameters to situations like the one you scribe. since men externalize their sexuality with our anatomically obvious genitalia, putting two men together ends up being a pretty difficult train to stop.
there have been few instances when i have been able to say 'slow down'. the intensity it brings is a feeling that i wish i had felt more often in my sexual blossoming.
ah, the good old days...


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