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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

90's Mania

Ya know, the nineties really weren't long enough ago to warrant so many specials about them. I noticed both VH1 and E! had shows about the nineties on last night. Its funny. Seeing Jay and Silent Bob on I Love The 90's last night is what reminded me of Jason. Jay, Jason. Funny. Jay and Silent Bob crack me up. And Jason....

They talked about Mortal Kombat on ILT90's last night, which made me remember the first time I saw the game in the arcade at the local skating rink. The guys were just pumping quarters into the machine, and we were all amazed at the amount of blood spewing from the characters heads. Surely they would have been drained of all their blood supply after that blow! Years later, my younger brother had the game for...Playstation? And he quickly learned how to do all the fatalites, calling us in the living room to see him execute the grotesque, yet captivating final moves. We are a sick people. lol

And they also talked about Quantum Leap. My goodness, how I loved that show. And Scott Bakula! Yum! He was smart, but sweet, and hot in that older man kind of way. I have to say, the premise of that show was just brilliant. "...to put right, what once went wrong."

Its weird seeing all these things from your childhood/teenage years and have them talk about it like it was so long ago. Tends to make you feel old. lol


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