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Friday, July 02, 2004

Breast or Thigh?

Lying in bed last night, Rick leaned over to kiss me good night, all the while reaching up my night shirt and sqeezing my breast. I wanted to give him easier access, so I sat up and pulled off the shirt, giving him freedom to do as he chooses. He decided to play with my breasts for what turned out to be quite a while, licking and sucking and adding little nibbles here and there while his hand rested on my inner thigh, not touching my pussy at all. After a few minutes of the intense nipple stimulation, I started to feel a strange yet similar feeling. Surely its not... And then I was washed over in waves of ecstasy as I orgasmed without Rick ever once touching my pussy. Not at all! Seeing what he had done, he quickly dove down between my legs, attacking my swollen clit with his tongue and shoving his finger deep inside of me. I was numb from all the yummy sensations pulsing through my veins. Finally he flipped me over, grabbing my hips and pulling my cunt on top of his cock and fucked me hard and fast until he exploded. I just collapsed in a pile on the bed, waiting for the sleep to take over, unable to move, just savoring the tiny tingling I still felt as Rick slapped my ass and told me good night. I slept quite good last night!


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