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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Dear Good Wife,

Thought I'd share some more interesting reader mail.

Hi Good Wife,

Are you a man. Youre words sound like my english teacher. I don't think girls could use big words.


No, Markie I am not a man. It seems as though your english teacher has his work cut out for him though. Good luck with that.


What that guy said about urine is true. It is very good for you, nutricious even, should you wish to try it. If you do venture that way, please do post your experience. Don't worry! I don't want you to send me your specimens! :-)


Enough with the pee emails.

I would like to request a story! :oP How about a mom and son story? Or father and daughter could even be good too!!


Incest? No.

Hi there,

I saw you say you wanted a pen pal. I would write you letters. Send me your address and I'll start writing now! (and I'm not crazy, so thats good, right! :)


Thanks so much, but I'm gonna have to pass on that for obvious reasons. Glad you're not crazy though! Thats always good.

And most interesting and impressive of all:

Dear Good Wife,

I love your blog! Excellent and unique writing! So unique, I believe I recognized it from an article you may have written for [name of magazine removed]. Am I correct? And further still, I think I may lucky enough to actually own a book that your nude photos were published in. Is [name of book removed] correct? I was quite the happy man when I made my discovery. Am I correct? (hope I've not made a fool of myself) And if so, may I make a request? I would love to have your autograph. I'd send my book and magazine, but I know its not safe for you to give your address out to strangers. Maybe just on a slip of paper? I'd be very appreciative. I apologize if I'm incorrect and have bothered you. I am fairly certain that I'm correct though!

Anxiously awaiting your response!

Wow, John. Good on ya, love! I was shocked when I received this email. Absolutely SHOCKED. Yes, you are correct, and I would be more than happy to send you my worthless autograph! lol Email me your address at good_wife00@excite.com and I'll send you a signed photograph. My goodness. I am just amazed.


At Saturday, August 14, 2004 6:40:00 PM, Blogger FireResQGuru said...

All I can say is WOW. It is amazing what some people would like to read or see. I've heard of 1st class mail, snail mail...... and now pee-mail! What a world we live in. Boys and Girls.... I would have to be trapped under tons of debris and rubble for several days, after a massive earthquake, before I would even consider drinking urine - and even then it would be for a matter of survival rather than some sort of twisted pleasure - and still....... I'd have to just say "NO THANKS, I'LL JUST DIE NOW!" Just my thoughts. but then again, my warped and twisted thoughts are what kept me out of the REALLY good schools! :)

At Saturday, August 14, 2004 10:46:00 PM, Blogger Chuck said...

Well now GW, I wasn't aware you were famous....I am rather curious to know which magazine and book the emailer was talking about. What would it take for me to find out? Shall I send you some urine?? LOL

At Sunday, August 15, 2004 12:16:00 PM, Blogger rolandog said...

Hmm, I agree with FireResQGuru... besides... urine is our natural waste... it's also got a bit of ammonia (See Health Effects) . So I don't know wtf are thhose people thinking saying "it's goood".

At Sunday, August 15, 2004 4:32:00 PM, Blogger Good Wife said...

I am so sick of potty talk!! lol


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