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Tuesday, August 03, 2004


After what feels like weeks waiting for it, I finally got what I wanted last night! lol (you know what I'm talking about! ;0)

Rick had just gotten out of the shower, and I was teasing him about something. He didn't like what I said, so he pounced on the bed and tackled me, holding my wrists down tightly against the pillows, threatening a tickle attack. I tried to wiggle free, but he really had me pinned good. Noticing my predicament, he pulled my wrists down to my side, still firmly holding me still as his tongue traced a line up my leg. "You don't have to hold me down for that," I say.

At that, he let go of me, sitting down between my legs and reaching his hands up underneath my ass, lifting my bottom half up and towards his face. I felt a soft kiss on the bare skin before he ran his tongue up and down the length of my slit. I was already dripping from the mere thought of what was to come. He was very soft and gentle, which accentuated every movement and made it that much more pleasurable. Pulling my lips into his mouth, he lightly sucked on them, tasting me and wetting me with his kisses. I felt his hand walking up my thigh, before reaching up and spreading my pussy, opening me up wide, exposing new areas to be licked. The cool air on skin that is rarely uncovered was nice, but made me feel overexposed and vulnerable. Every part of me was focused on my spread lips, trying to anticipate Rick's next move.

As he came down to kiss the new skin, I felt his finger slowly entering me. He sat up and focused on fucking me with his fingers, going deeper and deeper as he took in the site of my open hole. He softly took his other hand and probed near my clit, before gently pinching it with his fingers as he quicked his movements with his other hand, still deep within my walls. I wanted to get out a dildo, and have him fuck me with that, giving him a better view of me, and giving me the added depth and girth, pehaps reaching down and rubbing my clit for him as he watched and plunged the silicone dick in and out. But I sensed he was enjoying finger fucking me, and may not wish to forfeit that to a toy.

Pulling me closer to him, I could feel the tip of his dick, sliding against my well lubricated pussy. I wanted to sit up and impale myself on him, to feel his shaft against my walls. Rick knew I wanted him, and got up on his knees to accomodate. In a painfully slow motion, he inserted himself, one tiny bit at a time. I wanted to buck up against him, but sat still, enjoying the tease. When I finally felt his balls sitting on top of me, I thought I would explode in ecstasy. He started to pull out, but I held him down, lifting my hips and wrapping my legs around his back, giving his cock that extra half inch of depth that made my box erupt into orgasm, squeezing and stroking his shaft from within.

"Don't move," I begged, as I rode out the waves for several minutes before allowing him to pull out. Once the contractions slowed, Rick grabbed me by the ankles, ripping my legs open, making me again vulnerable to him. A quick lick from pussy to clit and he rammed himself into me. I gasped in surprise, his arms spreading my legs even further, so far they nearly touched the bed. His movements picked up speed, fucking me hard and fast, balls thumping against my ass. I could feel another orgasm building as his grunts indicated that he too was close. He pulled out just as I was about to climax, so I quickly fingered my clit as he exploded on me, and joined him in orgasm.

Ahhhhhhh! *contented sigh*


At Tuesday, August 03, 2004 11:27:00 AM, Blogger Chuck said...

Good for you!! Glad you both had a fun evening of release! I enjoyed the play by play now all you need is to post pics!!

Have a good day...


At Tuesday, August 03, 2004 3:23:00 PM, Blogger Good Wife said...

Baby, you don't need me to post pics, you've got that fancy porn store with the glory hole! lol


At Thursday, August 05, 2004 7:44:00 PM, Blogger Arthur Dent said...

Damn you're hot . . .

At Thursday, August 05, 2004 8:03:00 PM, Blogger Good Wife said...

LOL! Thank you, baby!



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