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Friday, September 03, 2004

Lots of good answers to the Book of Questions question! Even a reply from a Star Wars smart ass! ;) Very clever. What would my answer be? Hmm.... Unfortunatly, more than one thing jumps out at me. Two, perhaps the strongest, and somewhat related.

First, I would need to tell me dad how much I truly do love him. We have had our differences over the years, mostly due to the fact that we are so much alike that we just don't mesh well. When he kicked me out of the house after high school graduation, I was pissed and broken hearted. I never hated him, but I acted like I did. When he made me leave, I lived with Rick at his parent's house. A few months later is when Rick's father snuck into my room and molested me, nearly raping me. I immediatly moved back home, and when I saw my father, the pain in his eyes, the guilt that he felt almost killed me. I knew he loved me. I hoped that he knew I loved him, but I couldn't spit out the words. He is not an openly affectionate person, so its really difficult to express feelings to him. Thats no excuse, of course.

Second, I need to tell my grandmother that I forgive her. *sigh* This one is truly stupid. Once I moved back home, after the incident with Rick's dad, my mother of course told my grandma what happened. Instead of offering me love and comfort when I needed it most, do you know what she did? She said I made it up. That I wanted to come back home to live with my dad, and so I made up this bogus story so they'd let me back. I can't describe the pain of a loved one thinking you lied about such a traumatic event, except to say that it truly did feel like a knife to the heart. She actually sat me down and told me that I should be ashamed of myself, telling such a horrible lie about a nice innocent man. I was hysterical, afraid no one believed me. Several years later, when our son was born and Rick's dad tried to break into our house and started threatening bodily harm to Rick, something finally sunk in. She asked my mom, "So, do you think that really happened? That she was telling the truth?" My mom told her they believed me, and my grandma told my mom that she would need to apologize to me. It never happened, but I know that she at least knows the truth now. I was childish and rude to her when she accused me of lying. That was to be expected. But I never did apologize.

Nothing like a silly book of questions for therapy, huh? lol

A comment was made about the relation of smell and taste in my post about blindness. This reminded me of a cool experiment me and my sister did as kids.

You take a slice of apple and a slice of onion and blindfold yourself. You hold the slice of apple up to your nose and smell it as you take a bite of the onion. Because your brain is tricked into thinking you are eating an apple, due to the scent, the onion tastes like an apple. That is, until you rip off the blindfold, and take away the apple, exclaiming,"Wow! That really works!", while you still have onion in your mouth. Then it tastes like you just took a bite out of an onion. EWW! lol

And on a closing note, someone got to this site by searching Google for "licking the menstrual fluid from her panties". Excuse me whilst I go vomit.


At Friday, September 03, 2004 3:39:00 PM, Blogger dangerouspenguin said...

More on the sense of smell thing: Your sense of smell and your sense of taste are separate in terms of how your brain interprets them, but they are combined when you experience food or, more generally, flavour. Someone who has no sense of smell can still taste (i.e. their taste buds still work) and can distinguish sweet from sour, salty from bitter just like the rest of us. It is their perception of flavour that differs from someone with normal scent. Or so says my anosmiac friend, anyhow.

At Friday, September 03, 2004 4:50:00 PM, Blogger rolandog said...

Good Wife.

You should be grateful I didn't have a mouthful of coke while reading this part

And on a closing note, someone got to this site by searching Google for "licking the menstrual fluid from her panties". Excuse me whilst I go vomit.... or else, I would've sent you a bill for a new keyboard.

My, my, my... you've drawn at least two sicko's over here! The one that asked for your pee... and then this other one... have I missed one?

You should put up a 'sicko counter'...


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