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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Change of Plans

Well sometimes it just sucks to be responsible. Looks like we'll be holding off on the super lavish hotel for our anniversary. Getting a babysitter, while completely possible, seems like more trouble than its worth. We just recently moved our son out of his crib and into a twin size bed, and at grandma's house she only has a playpen for him to sleep in that hes too big for, or a bed thats way too high off the ground and in a room filled with way too many things that he could get into and hurt him self with or otherwise just destroy. To have grandma stay here with him is also a stretch, since shes recently had surgery and is having a tough time getting around. Damn! But on the plus side, we'll save money, right? lol Gawd, I hate sounding all grown up and responsible! When did this happen?! So, it looks like we'll stay at home, and instead I'll just invest in some yummy smelling candles and create a romantic ambiance here. Thats fine. But damnit, I'm still getting my lingerie!!


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