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Friday, July 02, 2004

Just in time for lunch

Top 10 Dirtiest Foods Will Make You Sick
Here's a top 10 list that'll make you lose your appetite. Men's Health magazine is out with the 10 dirtiest foods, from bad burgers and dangerous deli meats, to health foods that can be hazardous.

10. Scallions: Uncooked, these green onions become bacterial breeding grounds. Plus they've been linked to fatal outbreaks of Hepatitis-A.

9. Cold cuts: You may be lunching with Listeria, a dangerous bacteria that can kill infants and the elderly. The deli slicer spreads it and it can grow even in the fridge.

"I actually advise that you transfer the deli meat to a fresh package, and only store up for a week," said nutritionist Lisa Dorfman.

8. Pre-packaged tossed salads: They can be one of the biggest sources of food poisoning, because the contents are often contaminated with E. Coli.

7. Peaches: Because of the peach fuzz. It's hard to clean all the pesticide off.

6. Canteloupe: Dangerous bacteria on the rind is hard to wash off. Then they are often carried inside with an unclean cut of a knife.

"There's no question that the outside of the fruit is where potential problems are," said lab director Dr. Peter Kmieck.

5. Eggs: They're associated with over 600,000 cases of food poisoning each year and over 300 deaths.

"Eggs could be a really sickening product," Dorfman said.

4. Oysters: If eaten raw they'll leave you feeling that way. Many are tainted with the Norovirus and bacteria.

3. Ground turkey: One in four packages contain bacteria. It's a concern as people substitute ground turkey for ground beef.

2. Ground beef: Because of heavy processing, ground beef's often loaded with the potentially deadly E. coli bacteria and more.

1. Chicken: With more than 40 percent of samples in one study having sickening bacteria, it ranked number one because the lab found E. coli in the chicken samples.

The researchers say that's unusual, because E. coli is not part of the normal flora, or beneficial bacteria, of the chicken.

Now, whos hungry?


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