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Saturday, July 03, 2004

Feelin' Frisky

Rick was very grabby when he came home last night. Not that I don't love the attention, but there is only so much you should do in front of a two year old. He kept rubbing up against me with his raging hard on, and finding excuses to brush up against my chest, making my nipples hard. Once the baby was in bed, he was attacking me with dry humps, just being silly. It was 3/4 through the movie we were watching when he surprised me by flipping my skirt up around my hips and diving into my pussy with his tongue, devouring me as if I were his last meal. It was fantastic! Before long we were both naked, and he had me on my hands and knees as he ate me out and teased my clit with his fingers. He then took his dick and rubbed it against my cunt, wetting it with the mixture of my juices and his kisses before plunging himself deep inside of me. His hands opened up my lips as much as he could so he could watch his cock thrust in and out of me. It was so hot. What was even hotter, was his moans of pleasure, and his dirty talk. God! That really gets me going! It sounds like we have sex every single day, but we really don't. We just happen to be in a good pattern this week. Usually we are intimate about three times a week, but sometimes its more or less. Sometimes none at all. And thats when I get pissy. I don't think Rick ever goes without sex when he wants it, but I know I do. And then I get angry, and feel rejected and even start to feel self conscious. I guess I just assume that he should always be in the mood, no excuses. Ha! Thats how we're raised to think, isn't it? That guys only want one thing. Oh well. For now, all is good on that front. Amen.


At Thursday, January 06, 2005 11:09:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a new reader [ love your blog ] and decided to dive into your old posts. I dont even know if you will see this comment or not but I felt the urge to post one.

I know -exactly- what you are talking about here!! It seems like I want it more than he does sometimes. And I completely empathize about the self-conscious thinking. I get pretty pissed off when I want it and he just goes to sleep! Maybe next time I'll ball up and just wake him up ... with my mouth.



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