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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Cosmo's Bed Side Astrology~Capricorn

Watch your mouth. You'll be hating your job this month. Don't complain, though, or you'll risk a reprimand. Single? Body insecurity invades your psyche near the 20th. Enroll in a yoga class to gain confidence. Attached? On the 22nd, your erotic ingenuity will keep you both inspired...past 4am. Cosmic tip: You feel extrasexy on the 28th, so get your butt out on the social scene.
So if I complain about my job, Rick will reprimand me?  Hmmm...  Perhaps a spanking will be in order!  Watch my mouth?  What will come of my mouth?  Or is that a part of my punishment?  I believe I feel a reprimand coming on! lol  And my cosmic tip says I'll feel extrasexy on the 28th.  Well good, cuz thats my anniversary and I've got the lingerie bill to prove it!  Gawd, horoscopes are stupid!



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