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Monday, July 19, 2004

The Waiting Game

While Rick was on the computer last night, I spent the evening soaking in a hot tub and then the tedious task of shaving.  The hot bath really helped in softening the hair though, so it was a quick job for once.  I was putting on lotion when Rick came in the bedroom to get something.  "You smell good," he says, stopping over to kiss me before leaving again.  I had decided to be good tonight, not pouncing on Rick or ripping off his pants sucking his dick and then begging him to fuck me.  I had been overly agressive lately, in my opinion, and I decided I needed to let him come to me.  If he didn't take the bait, fine.  No problem.  But I was going to be good. 
It seemed like ages before Rick finally came back to the bedroom.  When he did, he stripped in front of me before jumping into the shower.  I resisted the urge to jump up and kiss his skin, to feel his body up against mine, to join him in the shower.  "Lets be practical,"I tell myself, "I just got out of the tub.  It would be a waste of perfectly good lotion to jump in that shower with him."  *Deep breath in*  "I can be good." 
While waiting for Rick to come out of the steamy bathroom, I tried to find a non-come-hither pose on the bed.  He must have been in there quite awhile, as I found myself readjusting often.  Finally he exits, smelling freshly of soap and cologne.  *Deep breath in*  I can be good.
We watched television for a bit and then it was lights out.  I was tempted to rub up against him, in case he had forgotten I was there, but resisted.  Moments pass.  I start to think, "Aha!  I have been quite the little nympho lately, just as I thought.  I've bored my husband of sex!  What a terrible wife I am."  My thoughts were interupted by Rick asking if I was thirsty before getting up for some ice water.  "I'll have a drink of yours," I say, a bit disappointed.  Doesn't he know I just shaved?  Can't he smell my lotion?  Aren't I sexy anymore?  My thoughts were again interupted as he returned with the glass of ice water, offering me a sip.  I accept and then lay back, convinced the night is over.  But it wasn't.
Taking a large drink of the icy cold liquid, Rick set the cup down on the night table before ripping my legs apart, resting his head between them and kissing the freshly smooth skin with his mouth.  The coldness surprised me, but it was magnificent in contrast to my heat.  I closed my eyes and let out a moan.  "I was good," I purr.  Rick dives his cold tongue deeper into my snatch, stealing my breath.  I graze my fingers over the fabric covering my nipples and let my hand wander down to his mouth.  He sucks on my fingers before I begin rubbing myself, his mouth following, wetting a path for my fingertips to find. 
Placing his hands underneath my ass, Rick lifts me higher and deeper into his mouth, tongue thrashing around my clit, grazing my fingers in the frenzy.  My breaths shorten as my pussy tenses, getting ready to release.  He senses this and rubs a finger around my labia, wetting it with my juices and his kisses, then plunging it deep inside, his tongue following as deeply as possible.  I expolde into climax, massaging his finger and tongue with my orgasm, feeling weak from such a huge release.  In my mind I say, "Fuck me!  Shove your dick in my pussy!"  But I refrain.  I can be good. 
As if reading my mind, Rick gets up on his knees, running a finger through my cunt juices and wettens the tip of his dick.  Grabbing my legs from behind my knees, he opens me up as he gets his body into position.  He trusts his hard cock into me, taking my breath away as he just stays there, not moving.  I squeeze myself around him, trying to coax him to pound me, then remember I was trying to be good, and stop.  I see a smile cross his face.  "Do you want me to fuck you, babydoll?"  Oh, how delicious it is, hearing him talk like that!  "Yes," I obediantly answer him.  "What?  I can't hear you.  What did you want me to do?"  "I want you to fuck me."  Hes being naughty!  I love it!  "Oh.  You want me to fuck you?"  "Yes, baby.  I want you to fuck my pussy with your big hard dick."  He slowly pulls himself out and then even more slowly re-enters.  "Like this?"  I moan in the pleasure of the agony in waiting.  "Or did you mean like this?", he asks as he begins thrusting in and out of my pussy with quick, hard movements.  "Ohhhh fffuuuck!," I mumble.  He stops.  "Which did you want me to do, babydoll?" 
 I'm so wet, I can feel the moistness dripping down to my ass.  "Fuck me Rick!  Please fuck me!"  At this, he begins to pound me, balls slapping my ass with each movement.  "Oh yeah!  Fuck me!  Fuck my pussy!  Your dick is so hard, it feels so fucking good, Rick!"  He can't take much dirty talk, it very quickly throws him over the edge, but I was so into it, I couldn't help it.   I saw his face twist up, and knew he was close.  A few more hard thrusts, before he pulled out, exploding on my tummy, and embracing me as he collapsed.  I knew I could be good! ;0) 


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