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Saturday, August 28, 2004

I really liked the responses from the Book of Questions post. Most peoples idea of torture included losing a lover/ significant other in some way. That would be excruciating. A few mentioned losses of their own, girlfriend or grandfather. What an awful pain. My heart goes out to you. I think my response would have to agree with the daddies. Anything happening to my children would most assuredly be the death of me. I would hurt forever if I lost Rick, but my heart would die if I were to lose my child. Its the most amazing all consuming love, when you have children, that people can not possibly imagine until they have children of their own.

Anyway, I'd like to continue with that post, and add a new question each week. I hope you guys continue to share your answers with me. :)

I would like to clear something up real quick while we're all gathered here. lol Are you familiar with the Good Husband's blog? I link to him in my sidebar, if you're interested. I get an obscene number of emails asking me if I'm 'Wife' and if hes 'Rick'. And when he and his wife are having problems, I tend to get emails from people telling me what a bitch I've been and how I should make it up to him. I will tell you now, that I have no intention of 'sucking it up' and 'iron his goddamned shirts for the sake of our marriage'. I'm not 'a retched excuse for a mom' because I don't make the kids lunches. I'm not even married to the man! Come on! Surely there are other bloggers out there with similar nick names that don't go through this! We are in different states, with different spouses and different children. And just for the record, I do iron Rick's shirts! lol Now please, stop asking me if we are together. Or go ask him for a change. ;)

Denise and I spoke about pregnancy last night. Every time she spoke about ovulation or periods or anything remotely related, she whispered. I'm sorry for those of you who feel sorry for her, but that was funny. She reminds me of a woman growing up in the 50's, where you just didn't talk about such things, and in a way or perhaps because of that, the women were more refined and less educated on sexual matters. Before you get angry with me, I did tell her that she didn't have to whisper, and she knows I thought it was funny. The whole conversation was amusing, in that she was essentially giving me sex tips. Of course, it wasn't for fun, but rather, she was telling me her secrets to quick conception, including taking a form of liquid Robitussin three times a day to aid the process. I can't take liquid medication, so I'm guessing that trick is out for me.

We watched Cabin Fever last night. ICK! I still feel nauseas. Seems like it was just trying to push the gross out factor, and then at the end it was trying to be funny? I did not enjoy it.

On the local access channel out here on Friday nights, we have what I like to call 'Jefferson County Porn'. hee hee Its never on when Rick is home, only when I'm home alone flipping channels late at night, so he doesn't believe me when I tell him about it. I probably wouldn't believe it either until I saw it myself.

What it is, is some guy filming his girlfriend or wife as she dresses up in costumes and does a stripper dance to some 80's music in the festively decorated basement. Shes very serious about it, like she thinks shes a really good actress. She spreads her legs and gropes herself, all the while making scrunched up faces to the camera. There are more wigs than you can count. lol

One time, she was sitting at a table set for two, and she was talking to the camera like she was talking to you. It was kind of a cool concept, if only it weren't Jefferson County Friday Night Porn! lol She proceeded to molest a bannana with her mouth and get messy with some whipped cream. Basically it looked like a home video that got into the wrong hands.

I could do so much better! ;) Maybe I could make some videos to coincide with the Good Wife love dolls! lol


At Sunday, August 29, 2004 12:30:00 AM, Blogger Chas said...

Keep us updated with Denise stories...I enjoy those quite a lot. Nothing wrong with being innocent and a little naive...if she and her husband are OK with it then more power to her.


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