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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Hump Day!

We're due to be getting a new computer in February, as our current one is proving to be a snarky bitch 99% of the time. I've had troubles posting and even getting online at all, not for lack of trying. I have a new blog that I've been reading that I highly recommend. Look for Minus 30 and Counting on my links list and have a read. Very intriguing work.

Anyway, it is Hump Day, and I've not forgotten. I have two HD projects that I'm currently working on with two Blogger friends that may take longer than anticipated due to my crappy computer. But for now, enjoy.

Highway ATM

The highway was busier than usual. Haley ran a hand through her long hair and propped her elbow onto the car window. She was not having a good day. Unexpected bills had put her $200 behind for this month, and if she didn’t have it by Tuesday she’d have her lights and phone cut off. If that happened, she wouldn’t know if she got that job in Kansas.

She let out a sigh. It was hot too, she had the a/c cranked in her car, but she still could feel the sticky trickle of sweat slipping down the middle of her back and around her bra. She frowned again; lost in her thoughts, focusing on ways to make ends meet and getting around the large rig in the next lane.

She hated passing 18-wheelers; the size of them compared to her small car made her nervous. She wondered if they could really see her in her small car in the next lane. One little swerve and she’d be the next front-page news story instead of the girl with no electricity and phone connections.

The truck honked at her. She sat up straight in the driver’s seat and looked over at the large maroon cab of the truck. The man waved at her. She could see a baseball cap and the top of his arm. Stunned by his action, she waved back and sped up her car.

He sped up too. With her sunroof open, he could see her little white blouse clinging to her large breasts. It was an aerial view that would make NASA proud. Those firm breasts looked like they were begging to get out of that shirt and little bra. She had one knee drawn up close to her seat making the skirt she wore ride up just right. It was too much temptation for a man that had been driving all week. He had to say hello.

When Haley looked to her right again, there was the maroon truck. The horn honked again and the man waved. She studied him this time. He was smiling at her in a leering way, and he seemed to be searching for something. After a moment, he produced money and pressed it to the window.

Haley had heard of this before. Her friend Charlotte had told her about truckers who would solicit sex from drivers on the road. She had thought Charlotte was just being dramatic. She wondered what Charlotte would think of this scene with the trucker and what looked like a handful of twenties.

Haley was instantly offended. She looked at the money and his face as he alternated between driving and looking her up and down. She put a hand to her chest, and realized that she had worked most of the buttons down in her anxious distracting thoughts, and her leg had made her skirt ride too high. Her long tan thigh was exposed all the way up on the left side. As she made an account of her clothing, she also remembered that the sunroof gave him a bird’s eye view of all of her feminine wiles. She sped up again, this time managing to get in front of the truck.

He met her speed, and flashed his lights twice. Haley looked in the window to see him moving to come up at her other side. When he drew even with her car, he had doubled the money pressed to the window.

There are brief moments in a person’s life when she will do things that she will keep to herself for the rest of her life. Haley watched this man waving what looked to be enough money to make her life right until the end of next month, and she took a deep gulping breath as she contemplated if she could take the easy way out just this one time.

It would be her secret. She took a deep breath and looked up to the man in the truck. With a silent nod, he pulled ahead of her and she followed him to the off ramp coming up on their right.

The ramp lead to a rest area, one set more off the road and not very populated today. Only one other truck rested by the main building as they pulled in. The maroon truck led Haley to the very end where the parking curved towards a small nature trail.

Haley parked beside the rig, and waited for the driver to climb down. She gripped the steering wheel with nervous tension and tried to clear her mind for what she was going to do.

A tap at the window shook her from her thoughts. The trucker leaned down to her window and smiled. He looked to be in his mid forties, tall with big arms and huge hands. He was not the kind of man you’d want to pick a fight with, Haley felt a bit scared by his sheer size. She checked her judgment again.

He opened her door; “This would be easier if you’d step out of the car.” He smiled and waited. He had a sneering smile, but he could have been handsome once upon a time. “I don’t bite.” The tattoo of a dragon wrapped around one massive arm suggested that even if he didn’t bite, it would.

Haley stepped out of her car and followed the trucker to the other side of the truck. They stood between his truck and a stand of pines growing closely together. It made a secluded spot from persons driving by.

He was looking at her, taking her in from all sides as he walked around her in circles. He stopped in front of her, “One hundred bucks for one time.”

Haley met his face; she tried to relax herself; kept telling herself that it would be over in no time. Who knows maybe she’d even enjoy it, it had been a while since her last time. She nodded her head okay.

He reached in and stroked a finger across her right nipple. “Two hundred bucks for twice and I take my time.”

Haley felt goose bumps explode as his finger touched her through the blouse. She shifted gears in her mind. She was getting paid to have sex with a stranger. If she was going to go through with it, she decided to try to make it a more bearable time. “You wear a condom at all times or it’s no deal.”

He smiled again, and pushed her towards the driver’s door of his rig. He reached into her blouse, gripping her breasts inside her bra. His hands making kneading circle, gripping hard and holding them up high. “Sounds fine,” he pressed her against the door, and pressed his leg between her thighs, his hands still gripping her breasts.

Haley felt the warm metal against her back; the step he used to climb inside was pressing into her thighs. She pushed her hands against the metal door and closed her eyes.

His hands gripped harder and pulled her large breasts out of her bra, the lace pushing them up in his hands. His fists were large and rough but her breasts still spilled from the sides. He leaned in close, his thigh pressing between hers making her stand on tiptoe to stay upright. “Unbutton your shirt,” he told her while he rubbed his thigh against her mini skirt.

Haley did as she was told, undoing the shirt with his hands still inside. She opened her legs wider against the pressure of his thigh rubbing between her legs. His firm hands were making her nipples hard. It ache when he squeezed them with his rough fingers.

Her breasts exposed he leaned down to put one nipple inside his mouth. With his newly freed hand, he moved steadily up her thigh. His hand made her skirt ride up high, the metal of the truck panel touching her ass cheeks. His hand made quick time to reach her sex, fingers pressing against her panties roughly before pushing the material aside.

He rose up, his face just above hers and pressed her to the truck as his fingers on her pussy pushed inside her tense body. Two thick-callused fingers went directly inside.

Haley’s head leaned back against the truck, and she found herself growing wet around his invading hand despite her nervousness. A fact that pleased the trucker as he pushed them roughly in and out a few times.

“I see what you like,” he leered at her, pumping his hand in and out of her pining her against the little metal step. “You’re wet for me, you want me inside.” He leaned in, licking her bottom lip then taking her mouth in a hard kiss.

He pulled her hand down to his waist, pressing it against his growing arousal. As he kissed her, he pushed her hand down his pants to touch him. His hand pulled free of her pussy as he undid his fly.

He put a hand in her hair, and pulled her to her knees on the grass beside the truck. The pine needles stuck at her knees as she found herself quickly eye level with his arousal. He was thick.

She had never seen a cock so thick and fairly long, compared to the men she had seen in this type of situation. His hand was still on her hair, and he pushed her lips against the swollen mushroom head.

He pulled a condom out of his pocket and handed it to Haley. She placed the tip in her lips and placed it on his penis head. Using her hands and mouth, she slid the condom on and began to take him in her mouth as far as she could while her hand stroked his shaft.

The trucker thrust his hips hard at her face, making her jaw ache the first few times. “That’s it, suck it,” he held her head in his hands, fucking her mouth as she took as much as she could each time.

She sucked him, using her hand to stroke with her tongue in one motion each time. He pressed into her until his head touched the back of her throat, then he held her there for some time. Haley thought she would gag, the reflex to do so rising up in her. She snorted for air through her nostrils, his scent filling her as she fought for air. It was intoxicating and scary at the same time. Something about being taken so roughly was making her aroused a fact that was a complete surprise.

“Touch yerself,” he ground the words out in a low voice, the request taking Haley by surprise. His hands stroked her head behind the ears, moving slightly his cock inside. When she did not respond to the request, he shook her head hard, thrusting his cock hard into her throat. “Your pussy, show me how a dirty slut gets off.”

Haley reached a hand down to her skirt, taking the time to pull back from his cock and swallow for a moment. She touched her hand lightly against her pussy, and watched for his reaction.

He was staring down at her, his hand in her hair and the other stroking his cock. “Put two fingers inside. Fuck yourself when you suck me.” He rubbed his swollen head against her cheek, his hips moving back and forth slowly each time.

Haley pushed her hand inside, her own fingers sliding into her wet pussy. Her juices sliding down her fingers, exciting her with the unusualness of the way she was letting herself is taken on her knees outside. Her hips jerked when her fingers touched her sensitive spot, she began riding her hand, and using her thumb to press her hard nub of a clit as she pulled out then in of herself.

She closed her eyes to the sensation, and soon found her mouth being pushed open for his thick cock again. This time she didn’t seem to mind. With the sensations, she was bringing on herself, sucking him added to the build up emerging inside. She relaxed her muscles in her jaw and throat and brought him deep into her mouth, sucking harder this time.

From above her head, she could hear him moaning and talking dirty to her as she took care of him and her at the same time. Each time she heard “good little whore,” she became bolder, dirtier with her actions.

After a few moments, she felt her thighs tense, and her hips began to speed up, as she rode her own hand. Her clit begged for more pressure, and she began to focus on the nub with her fingers.

The trucker seemed to sense her change, and grabbed her hand, pulling it up in a grip around her wrists. He held both of her hands up high at the wrists, keeping her mouth on his cock at the same time. “Oh no you don’t. You’ll wait to I have mine.”

He jerked her by the wrists, pulling her off balance onto his cock, his thrust harder and longer making Haley’s head jerk back each time.

A few violent thrusts, his grip on her wrists tightened. She felt him pull her back in the other direction; her wrists touched the metal of the truck behind her, her head touching the panel next. He used the leverage of the truck to hold her mouth to his cock as he pushed in one last time.

He held her pressed against the truck for a moment until his cock began to lax inside of her mouth. When he leaned away from her, he pulled her to her feet at the same time.

Haley leaned against the truck; she coughed and gasped for air through her mouth. The scent of him was on her mouth, his sweat on her upper lip, and chin it tinged the air she was breathing as if he were still fucking her mouth.

He reached down and gripped the waist of her skirt, pulling her to his hips, he smiled, “That’s one.” He took her hand and guided it to her cock making her take the condom off. His cum mixed with her own juices on her fingers, as she discarded the used rubber.

He turned her so her face was against the truck; her body sandwiched between him and the rig. His hands roamed over her breasts, roughly pulling, gripping. It was a grip that was punishing and arousing. It made her feel dirty and the sense excited it. He was breathing hard against her ear, his hips pressed very hard against her ass.

He was grinding against her ass with a hard pressure that made her reach for the handle above her head to the truck to keep from falling down. He bit her ear, her shoulder, his hands playing with her nipples until they ached and grew hard. She felt him move away, and heard him slide his belt from his pants.

In the next moment, he was binding her hands to the handle above her head on the truck with the leather belt. Haley began to panic. She pulled at the belt, testing her ability to wiggle free, “What are you doing?” she asked nervously.

“Shh shhh shhhh,” he leaned against her again, this time she could feel him growing hard again, his cock pressing into her ass cheeks from behind. One of his hands slid into her panties, fingers pinching her clit, tugging on it. “I promised I wouldn’t bite. This will just help you to hold on tight.”

With that, he spread her legs out, flipping her skirt over her rounded ass. He pulled at her panties, ripping them off of her, the material falling to the ground. She felt his teeth on her ass, and his fingers began pulling at her clit one more time. After a few moments, he pulled away.

She heard the condom wrapper tearing, then he was turning her to face him, her hands bound at the wrists above her head. The twist of her body, tightening the binds.

He grabbed her hips, pulled her to his arousal, running his cock against her slit a few times. His hands moved to her ass, and he pushed against the truck, lifting her up at the same time. He entered her then, her tied hands holding her at an angle just right for him to fuck her against the truck.

Haley grabbed the handle with her hands and held on when he pulled her legs up at the knees, making her fall onto his hard cock. His thickness stretched her and she remembered the same sensation from her first time. His hands quickly moved to her ass, holding her to him and pinned to the truck. He moved inside of her, steadily until he was completely inside.

Haley scrambled to find her feet. She clipped a heel against the lowest rung of the steps to the truck, and found that it helped keep the weight from her hands. She hooked both feet on the bottom wrung and used the leverage to match his strokes.

The trucker picked up the pace, moving faster and faster each time. By the time Haley had her feet on the steps, he was fucking her with such force, her ass was bouncing off the truck door each time.

He bit at her throat, sucking and biting as he took her. His hands gripping her ass cheeks, she could feel one of his fingers moving between her cheeks, closer each time. As Haley began to realize what he was doing, she tried to stop him, but couldn’t find a way to stop the inevitable. He bit at her collarbone, and thrust his index finger into her tight asshole while keeping up his pace of fucking her against the rig.

Haley had never had anal sex, nor let anyone touch her in this area. The sudden invasion made her cry out with the pain and surprise. Before she could catch a breath, two fingers were worked inside. She could feel his fingers and his cock pushing in at the same time. His hard thrusts making her ass ride his fingers and her pussy his cock at the same time.

After a moment, her juices slid to his fingers in her tight whole, making a smoother ride. She began to enjoy the sensation of feeling both holes invaded at the same time. Her body began to tighten, and she found her hips working as fast as his trying to find the finish to the race.

She came suddenly, surprising herself when the scream came from her. She gripped the handle of the truck and pumped her hips using the heels of her shoes locked onto the lower ring of the ladder. She gripped him tight inside her until she felt her release sliding between them.

His hand pulled from her ass, and he planted her hard against the truck as he thrust harder and in smaller strokes. He grunted a few times, then suddenly pulled out before his final time.

He slicked the condom from his cock, and stroked himself a final few times. When Haley opened her eyes to see what he was doing, she saw the stream of white cum flying to her chest. He came on her breasts, pumping himself until every drop was running down her chest and stomach.

Haley pulled at the belt when the warm liquid touched her, another shock that left her uncertain of her reaction to this new degradation. He wiped his slack cock on her stomach, and reached to release her wrists from the binds.

Haley pulled her shirt closed on her sticky breasts, her legs too wobbly to stand without leaning on the truck. She watched him pull up his pants and adjust himself one last time.

He reached down and took her torn panties; he put them inside his pocket. “That was real fine,” he said. He held that same leering smile as he handed her the money that had been pressed against the truck window only an hour before. “Maybe I’ll honk again sometime.”

Haley took the money in her hand, and looked at him one last time. Her body still tingled from her own release, and she reeked of his cum that was presently making her shirt stick to her chest. Her wrists hurt and she felt humiliated for what she had allowed him to do. As she walked back to the car, she felt the $200 in her bra and smiled.

Funny how time can change things in an hour. It would be her dirty secret, but it would make a few things right. She couldn’t help but feel like she had made a deal with the devil, and she prayed she wouldn’t develop a taste for such highway delights.


At Wednesday, December 29, 2004 12:34:00 PM, Blogger Em said...

As always, GW, very nice!!!

Congrats on being a finalist for Best Sex Blog for the BoB Awards!!!!

At Wednesday, December 29, 2004 6:59:00 PM, Blogger & said...


Another fantastic job...you spoil us, baby!

At Wednesday, December 29, 2004 7:41:00 PM, Blogger Stace said...

What a way to make money?!?!?!!?!? Nice. . Wed. never fail to amaze me. ;-)

At Thursday, December 30, 2004 5:06:00 PM, Blogger Jay said...

I feel a bit embarassed to say that your latest story really, really turned me on. It just seems so wrong to get such pleasure from a story where the role played by the man seemed very inappropriate.

I guess that's part of understanding the difference between fantasy and reality.

I'm also a bit embarassed in general to have read many of GW's stories and got very excited by them, all before reading that you're only 24 years old. Again, I feel like a perv. at 39.

I'll get over it though. Just keep it up, and if you really want to know what a perv I am then include your ever more pregnant self in the stories.


At Thursday, December 30, 2004 5:51:00 PM, Blogger Good Wife said...

Interesting, Jay, that you feel embarrassed having read my stories because of my age. I'm not sure how to swallow that one. lol

Nearly anything can be erotic as long as you can realize between fantasy and reality, don't you think?

If it helps any, I turn 25 tomorrow. :)


At Thursday, December 30, 2004 8:01:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!....great story

At Friday, December 31, 2004 5:29:00 AM, Blogger Joe Nobody said...

Wow! I mean... Wow. I'm speechless. I'm out of breath. You had me with the details. Keep it up.

Oh, and thanks for mentioning my blog. I posted a little something special for you over there. You should check it out.

At Friday, December 31, 2004 8:03:00 AM, Blogger Freddy said...

Thank you, not only did you turn me on with your story, but you also inspired me to finally get blogging.

The story was very well written and had that touch of roughness that so excites so many of us who would never dream of acting the scenario out with a stranger. It's a fun role-play though, ever considered getting your husband to play the stranger for you?


At Saturday, January 01, 2005 11:37:00 PM, Blogger Adam said...

Great Story! I showed it to my girlfriend, and she got all freaky and attached herself to me the rest of the night. Haha. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday!

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