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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Blog Whoring without that pesky, residual dirty feeling

I've been a bit lax in adding new blogs to my sidebar. No good reason, I've just been bad about it, so spank me if you deem it fit. ;)

Anyway, I have some blogs I intend to add that I'd like to make mention of here. This has brought forth good things in the past, wink wink, so lets hope for some more magic here.

...and thats why God hates kittens : This blog used to have a redundant title, '...and thats why God hates baby kittens'. I didn't say anything to the blogger, as he is a self proclaimed 'retard'. Funny blog, updated regularly and worth checking out for a laugh. Hes actually been on my sidebar for awhile now, so maybe you already read him...

Crystal Heat : This blog is a true potpourri of topics, ranging from politics, to blog whoring, to daily going ons. Run by Kurt and updated regularly. Hes married with kids, so no hook up potential here! ;)

Bobservations : Guess the name of this blogger. Go ahead, guess. I thought it was Tom too, but no, its BOB!! I like Bob. He is the first one that read between the lines on my affair post, and for that he holds a special place near my heart. ;)

Stuckfornow : This blog is strangely addicting, if only to see whether or not the husband thinking of cheating will continue to be faithful to his wife. I don't like to hear of men OR women cheating on their spouses, I think it sucks. I understand that things can change in a relationship, and perhaps the pair can grow apart, but then you break up and move on. Cheating is lying and deceiptful and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. How many of you have been cheated on? And how shitty did you feel after the fact? This is why you don't cheat. Period. Maybe SFN is just frustrated and is lashing out by speaking of cheating. I don't know. Its not my place to judge, and I mean no hard feelings. Visit this blog and remind the boy not to cheat. ;)

Mr B's Blog : Ahh Mr B. His curse words are censored, much like this, f***. That brings a smile to my face. :) He is a teacher in England, and has the scariest cat picture I believe I have ever seen. I won't begin to recount the nightmares I had after seeing that image.

David's Access : Worth looking into. You may be surprised.

A beautiful letdown : This blog is written by Bethanie, a college student in Ohio who is enjoying a ride on the love boat with too much credit to the Good Wife herself. ;) She is a doll, and after talking to her, I feel almost like shes a younger sister to me. Wish her luck on her coming adventures!

We plan....the universe giggles : A true mommy blog. I love it. :)

BDSM Forum : Ahhhh, Patrick! lol He writes erotic stories, and makes up funny poems/songs at the drop of a hat. Also, I know he would spank my hynie back in line, given the chance. Of course, his stories involve bdsm, as the title suggests.

Now, go forth and read!


At Tuesday, October 12, 2004 9:56:00 AM, Blogger Em said...

thanks for checking out my blog gw. i feel honored to be mentioned. yes, mine is a mommy blog. probably much different from the others listed, but if my family and friends didn't use it to keep up with us i might not keep it so clean. :) i truly enjoy the escape of your blog. thanks!

At Tuesday, October 12, 2004 10:21:00 AM, Blogger Beth said...

OMG, I feel so special! lol, What a pleasent surprise to see that you had mentioned me GW...kinda made my day! After I get back to school, I'm going to sit down and figure out how to add a Blog Role on the blog, shouldn't be too terribley difficult! As always, I love your blog and the ones you have listed on your sidebar!


At Tuesday, October 12, 2004 1:08:00 PM, Blogger & said...


Thanks for the mention. I feel almost famous ;)

I guess now I'm going to have to post a bit more often!

At Tuesday, October 12, 2004 2:50:00 PM, Blogger Kurt said...

Many thanks, GW. This is good company to be in.

At Tuesday, October 12, 2004 3:00:00 PM, Blogger Mr B said...

Oh err, fame at last. I did not realise that the cat would scare so much!

You should have seen www.cat-scan.com (or similar) when it was a website about scanning your cat - see http://www.geocities.com/RainForest/Andes/1555/comedy6.html

My laptop is playing up like a year 10, so fould A Taste of the Good Wife through Google and found this...


Any ideas?

Bl**dy f***ing computers, who'd work with them? Whoops, me, doh, now where is that brick wall to apply my head too?

At Tuesday, October 12, 2004 3:01:00 PM, Blogger Patrick H. said...

Well, TY for the inclusion, Goodwife. And yes, I'd love for the opportunity to arise to swat your hiney a few times. I promise it'll hurt so good ... LOL

Right now, what's on my BDSM Forum Blog is a novel that I've just submitted for hopeful publication, along with a short story I wrote only this morning. Wish me luck there, hey? I'm nervous like a virgin bride about publication. LOL

Again, thank you for your kind words, GW. ((Smile))


At Tuesday, October 12, 2004 3:18:00 PM, Blogger StuckForNow said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement GW, I am trying my best..

At Wednesday, October 13, 2004 9:31:00 AM, Blogger God Hates Kittens said...

Sweet beakdancing Christ! I looked at my hit counter and I jump from 2 hits a day to 5 for yesterday! I wondered what happen till I noticed that they came from your site so I had to come see what's up. For once I wish I could write worth a damn, oh well.

Masturbation free for like...a couple of months I think (has nothing to do with the fact that I can't get it...you know...up). Now if I would just lay off the crack…not ASS crack, crack cocaine! Get your mind out of the gutter, sheesh!

At Monday, October 18, 2004 1:37:00 AM, Blogger M.N. said...

I must say I'm super proud to be your very first blog link. Thanks for keeping me up there GW :)

At Wednesday, October 19, 2005 4:39:00 AM, Blogger unixlinux said...

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