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Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Aristocrats

I gotta say, this is a dirty joke that I had never even heard of before seeing Penn Jillette defend it while flipping the channels the other day.

Found a link that shows random versions of the joke, and lets you submit your own here.

Seems each version is a bit more foul than the last, but then, I suppose thats the point.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Pregnancy induced laziness had resulted in a furry nether region, something that had not been seen in years.

Finally over the novelty, I took a leisurly, hot bath last night and de-fuzzed. The bare skin is refreshing, and I'd nearly forgotton how much sensation the hairy barrier had blocked.

When Rick's hand brushed against bare skin, I swear I could actually hear the excitement in his breath. Though all signs had previously pointed to sleep, he was suddenly engrossed in me.

In a whirl of the sheets, he was between my legs, loving me with his tongue. It was lovely, and I've not felt as irresistable in quite a spell.

Shaving is always a hot button here. Some people are scared silly to have their doctors see them sans fur, and many others have suggested that its unhealthy, especially with an impending birth.

It used to be routine to be shaved before giving birth, and hair or no hair, your genitals are generally doused in antiseptic before any hospital birth. A good razor, generous moisturizing shave gel, and a good soak in a hot bath will cut down if not completely eliminate nicks and cuts. Practice makes perfect, they say.

So I'm bare down there now, and yes, that means my doctor will see how naughty I am.