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Saturday, July 31, 2004


Today was the company picnic. The weather was perfect for it, sunny and not too terribly hot or humid. I met one of Rick's co-workers named Hans. Well, not really Hans, but a name that is comparable to Hans. By that, what I suppose I mean to say, is that he has a name that implies a certain image to come to mind when you hear the name. The image that the name suggests is not at all what Hans looked like. Whenever Rick has spoken about Hans, I pictured a little middle aged or older man with a German or otherwise similar background. You know, fair skin, perhaps crabby. The name just really sounds like a crabby old man. Anyway, so we walk up to this guy, Hans, and Rick introduces me and the son. Well, as it turns out, Hans is fucking HOT. Literally tall dark and handsome. Rick isn't sure of his ethnicity, but the common belief is that he is perhaps Indian or otherwise middle eastern. It sounds terrible, but I just couldn't keep my eyes off of him. Rick didn't have much chance to notice, as he was mingling, introducing the boy to his co-workers and such.

Don't get me wrong. I love my husband dearly, and would never ever cheat on him or otherwise be unfaithful. I'm just not that type of girl! ;0) But, my God, if I was!

Hans was quite the flirt. I'd say hes either in his late twenties or maybe early thirties. He was very sweet, and intelligent, which made for good conversation, and he gave me the once over a couple of times as we talked. "Rick is a lucky man," he said to me. I couldn't help but giggle when the object of my temporary affection complimented me. I felt like a school girl, crushing on him as I did. I'd be lying if I said I didn't fantasize about sneaking off to the woods with him, giving in to my urges. Perhaps a story shall emerge from that very idea....mmmm. I'm tingly at the mere thought!

Enough of that foolishness! lol

Speaking of school girls, I was shocked at some of the attire I saw the young girls wearing today. 11 and twelve year olds wearing skin tight low cut belly baring tops, and shorts so short their ass cheeks were hanging out. These girls were so young! It was awful! What was worse, was that a few of the nastier men made sexual comments about some of these girls. Are you kidding me?! They are still babies! How did their parents let them leave the house looking like that? Disgusting.

Seeing those girls made me wonder about how things would be if we had a daughter. It scares me to think of all the things she could be exposed to.

I was extremely boy crazy when I was younger. (perhaps even still today after meeting Hans!) I can remember my first crush when I was in preschool. Yes, preschool. When I was eight, I used to sneak my dad's Playboy's into my room when nobody was home, looking at the pictures and reading the cartoons. Later at age 12, I used to sneak into my dad's office in the basement and watch tapes from his hidden porn collection. This was when I found out that sex involved penetration. Yes, sex ed had failed me, I had no clue such things were possible, but then why should I? I was just a baby, too young to have any reason to know about these things. I think kids are exposed to sex too soon these days. I suppose this is why I'm scared to have a daughter. I can't help but wonder though, how I might have actually figured out about how sex worked, had I not viewed those tapes when I did. I suppose I would have been quite shocked when I lost my virginity! lol

If Rick weren't here right now, I believe I would need a cold shower to make me forget about Hans. Instead, I believe I'll take a hot bath and focus my heightened sexual energy on my loving husband.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Why does Rick always have to work late on the days I feel like playing? *sigh* Posted by Hello

A plastic bag over his head?!

Why, thats just dangerous!  Doesn't he know he could suffocate?

We laid in bed watching tv last night.  I rested my head on Rick's chest, inhaling the fresh soap and cologne on his just washed skin.  My fingers traced circles on his torso and softly twisted the hair between my fingers.  He squeezed me close to him, and I noticed movement from his boxers.  What is it about a penis coming to life that is so amazingly hot?  My heart beat quickened, as I pretended not to notice.  I continued to stroke his chest with my finger tips, and rubbed myself closer to him, seeing what actions brought on greater movements from down below.  It was quite an exciting game!  He leaned down to kiss me, and then decided to torture me with a tickle game.

  I hate to be tickled.  Yes, I laugh, because it tickles!  But I HATE it!  I hate the feeling of having absolutely no control over my body.  Of my muscles going limp, making me unable to defend myself.  Of the empty, silent laugh, due to not being able to breathe or catch my breath.  Its torture, but he just thinks its hilarious, and doesn't understand how I can be laughing hysterically one minute and be pissed the next.  Tickling is evil.  But I digress.

The tickling turned into playful wrestling, and I ended up pinning his arms down and sitting on top of him, mostly to protect myself from anymore possible tickle attacks.  I felt his dick moving underneath me, and leaned down to kiss him.  He kissed rather roughly, and bit my bottom lip quite hard.  The pain only seemed to add to the pleasure though, and soon his hands were free, kneading my breasts and pulling them down to his mouth where he teased them with his tongue before grazing them with his teeth.    He grew harder still beneath me.  I started to climb off and he quickly moved his knee to my crotch.  The hardness and the pressure was intoxicating, and I began to grind my pussy against him, being met with movement of his own.  I came almost instantly. 

Dismounting his knee, I reached down and pulled his dick out through the fly of his boxers and began circling the head with my tongue before plunging it deep into my mouth.  I built up a quick movement, thouroughly wetting his shaft.  I felt Rick moving my hair aside so he could watch me.  I slowed my movement, making sure he saw the complete length coming in and out of my mouth, along with my tongue, licking and lapping at him.  He made approving noises, some moans and sighs and a few "Oh fuck yeah.  Mmm  That feels so fucking good."  Those words only encourage me.  ;0) 

With his shaft fully soaked with my spit, and my hand assisting, I picked up speed, fucking his cock with my mouth.  I felt his balls tighten and pull up close to his body, as his dick grew that extra degree of hardness just before coming.  As he came, I made sure he could see himself exploding on my tongue.  He watched as much as he could before his eyes squeezed shut and the last spurt left him.  I kissed the tip of his dick before coming up and again resting my head on his chest, enjoying the scent of fresh soap and colonge and the faint new smell of sex. 

Its funny how certain words trigger weird things to pop in your head.  When I typed 'dismounting', I immediatly thought of this funny clip from a commercial I saw last night for that new show on NBC, 'Father of the Pride'.  The lion voiced by John Goodman is talking to what I guess is his wife and says, "It may be 9 o'clock in New York, but its mountin' time here."  lol  Get it?  Mountain time?  Mounting time?  Ha!  Okay, Rick thought it was stupid too, but damn it, I laughed! 

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Too Funny!

I love this project!  The responses are just too much! 

Because theres nothing better to do...

Ahhhh...The Anniversary....

Imagine, if you will, the perfect setting for a wonderful evening.  Son was already tucked into bed and sleeping when Rick calls to tell me he'll be home within the hour.  Plenty of time to slip into something..festive, light some candles, get some good mood music on, and set the table for the candle light dinner I had planned.  I had champagne in an ice bucket and a tray of chocolate covered strawberries that I had made my self, earlier in the day.   

Rick pulls up, just as the last candle is lit.  Perfect.  I take one last look in the mirror, then go to meet him at the door.  Hes got two dozen red long stemmed roses, gorgeous and very fragrant.  He wraps his arm around my waist,  pulling me closer to him,  smiling and saying,"Happy anniversary, babydoll", before swooping down for a kiss.  Our lips meet, soft and loving at first, and then with more passion, as I wrap my arms around Rick's neck and run my finger tips through his hair. 

"You're looking especially hot today," he comments as he steps back, looking at my carefully chosen lingerie, a black satin chemise with a lace up garter belt and thigh high stockings, topped with a satin kimono style robe and some of Rick's favorite fuck-me-pumps on my toes.  He traces his fingers along my cheek, and touches my lips.  I kiss his finger before he traces it down my neck and across my cleavage.  "Are you hungry?", I ask, "I've made you a candle light dinner with some chocolate covered strawberries for dessert."  "Famished," is Rick's reply, as he heads to the kitchen with the roses.  "But  lets get these in some water first."  I follow him, grabbing a vase from the dining room curio.   I hand him the vase to fill and lean against the counter, admiring the gorgeous flowers.  Rick reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small box, placing it on the counter next to me.  "Whats this?," I ask, picking up the box.  "Open it and find out."  Inside is a gorgeous diamond eternity band.  "Its beautiful!", I exclaim, pulling out the ring and placing it on my finger.  Rick sets the filled vase on the counter and smiles.  "I'm glad you like it."  I grab his hand, pulling him close to me and kiss him.  "I'm starving," he reminds me.  As I start to lead him into the dining room, he stops me.  

With his hands around my waist, he picks me up and sets me on the kitchen counter.  Surprised, I give him a puzzled look.  Before I can say a word, I feel the rough texture of his hands on the smooth skin of my inner thighs.  He parts my legs, pushing my panties aside.  I lean back on the counter, giving him full access to do as he pleases.  I feel his warm breath on me, as his tongue opens up my slit.  Gently at first, and then he dives in hungrily, humming against my lips, sending shivers down my spine.  I had been wanting this for days, and it seemed like only seconds before I was coming into his mouth.  He licked up my juices before coming up for a kiss.  I tasted my honey on his tongue, as I reached down to undo his belt and pants, freeing him.

Jumping down from the counter, I quickly got down on my knees, pulling his dick out from his boxers and wrapping my mouth around it.  Rick gasped in pleasure, watching as I slid his full length deep inside my mouth and throat.  I looked up at him, seeing the approval in his facial expression, his dick pulsing against my tongue.  He put his hands on my head, guiding me, as he fucked my mouth.  After a few minutes, he pulls out and says, "I want to fuck your pussy."  Hearing my shy, conservative husband talk like that drives me wild.  "In here?" I ask, "Or should we go to the bedroom?"  He helps me up and leads me upstairs to the bedroom, where I already had music playing and candles lit.  

As I walk towards the bed, he kisses my neck, and pulls off my robe.  His hand slides up my chemise and grabs my ass before I feel his arm around my waist, his other hand on my back, pushing me down on the bed, exposing my ass and pussy to him.  "Climb up", he instructs, and I climb on the bed, staying on my knees.  He quickly runs his tongue over my slit once more, and reaches up, pinching my clit between his fingers.  "Mmmmm", I let out, before he suddenly rams his cock, deep into my cunt, heavy balls slapping up against my lips from the force.  "Oh fuck!" I exclaim.  Ricks hands grasp my hips as he both pulls me onto him and thrusts at the same time.  This position always has me very verbal, sounding like a porn star, as I moan and purr "Oh yeah, baby!  Fuck me!  Your dick is so fucking hard!  Ohhh!  Yeah that feels good.  Ohhh!  Fuck!"

I hear Rick's grunts and know he about to come.  His pounding quickens, the sound of his pelvis hitting my ass gets louder, and then he pulls out, exploding all over my ass and pussy before he slaps my ass and collapses on the bed next to me. 

A few moments pass, then I ask him, "Are you still famished?  I made you a big dinner."  Smiling, he replies, "I could eat some more."  I feel his hand on my mound as he positions himself between my legs. 

That would have been a hot anniversary, huh?  Too bad it didn't happen that way.  Rick came home late and with a sore back.  He ate dinner and we fed each other the chocolate covered strawberries with some champagne before he declared that he was just in too much pain for anything.  He took a hot shower, I put some Icy Hot on his back, and he laid down with the heating pad for about an hour before falling asleep.  The Icy Hot and the heating pad were as hot as we got last night.  lol 

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

And then...

The second installment to wilde_thought's series.  Very good read.  I hope to see more!


Surely, I'll get Rick's attention tonight. Today is our anniversary.  Posted by Hello

Hump Day Erotica!

“Now, aren’t you glad we came?” Keats handed Hannah a canteen of water; he smiled at her, that lopsided smile that made mirrors in his eyes of his feelings. It was the first thing she had noticed about him, the first thing she missed when she was away.She smiled at him, taking the canteen and leaning back against the tree. The sun on her outstretched legs and feet freshly bare from her hiking boots easing her mind. Keats took one foot into his lap massaging the toes and kissing the fat pad below them. “If I had known Mother Nature was going to treat me like this, I’d have looked her up a long time ago,” she smiled.Keats laughed, massaging the other foot, pulling it up to his lips and kissing her ankle. “Well she’s always been real good to me.” He was in his element. She watched him straighten himself to his full 5’10 height, stretch his arms over his head and turn towards the water of the stream. Hannah had not been camping since she was 18, that was seven years ago. Her life was spent busy in a suit at the office. Her new wilderness came with pantyhose, heels, and a cell phone. Keats….he had been a pleasant surprise. He was an EMT who spent the majority of his time outside. Hiking, biking, and especially rowing. Anything that would get him outside and using his hands. You could tell by the way his bronzed skin glowed and the ropy form of his muscles shaped by his passions. Following him along the mountain stream all day had been a task for Hannah. She was not the outdoors type. When he proposed the trip she had had to hit the army surplus for camping supplies and spend a month walking around her backyard in the bulky boots to break them in. She hadn’t wanted to go. Her idea of a weekend away involved satin sheets and room service. However, watching Keats stripping off his shirt standing thigh high in the stream made her forget room service. He was wringing water out of his shirt over his head making streams trickle off his back. The criss-crossing of muscles deflected the water to different places. You couldn’t do that at the Hilton, she mused. The sun was warm, the view was great, and Hannah fell asleep.She smelled smoke. When her eyes flew open, the sky was a pink haze of afternoon. Keats had a fire going near her napping roost at the tree. He had made camp as she dozed. She watched him shifting coals to make room for a mess kit pot. He was wearing his wrung out flannel shirt open showing the faint dust of gold chest hair. He was crouched on his heels watching the sun go down. Hannah sat up, “you’ve been busy.” She smiled at him and stretched her stiff muscles. Keats smiled at her; “I wanted everything to be perfect.”Hannah blushed. They had been together for six months. Almost inseparable, however they had never been intamate. Keats wanted to go slow and believed in taking time in this area. Hanna had been embarrassed when he expressed his desire to wait to her months ago. She had never been a fast girl, but her attraction to him had been so strong she’d have slept with him on the first date. The wait had been torture for her. She felt herself tingling just thinking about it.Keats' smile turned into a thoughtful stare. “You are beautiful when you sleep. I’ve been watching you.” His eyes were growing dark in the flames. Hannah smiled at him she moved to his side her long legs making her only a little shorter than him. “You should have woke me up, not let me be so lazy.”Keats reached out a hand to her cheek, stroking the lose strand of brown hair then placing it behind her ear. It was long hair when down, but she kept it up most of the time. He couldn’t wait to pull it down and hold his hands in the long waves. He had been waiting a long time. His thumb rubbed across her full lips, so soft and he looked down at the long lashes covering her blue eyes. He knew he couldn’t wait much longer. “Like I said,” his voice shook a little, he found himself nervous, “I wanted things perfect. You needed your rest.”She opened her mouth in a small sigh; he couldn’t take it anymore. He slipped his hand behind her neck and pulled her face to his. He kissed her slow and long putting all the emotions he had held so careful in check into the seduction of her lips. His tongue lapping at her lips and coaxing her mouth open and her tongue into his own mouth to play. Hannah slipped her hands around his neck. She held him to her pressing her body into his open shirt. She was so hungry for him. She had waited for him to be ready; pretending that it didn’t bother her that she was ready for this when her boyfriend was not. What is it when a woman is lustier than the man? Or perhaps, by the way his hands were pulling at her hair and moving down her back, perhaps he was just more patient. His hands slipped down to her hips, pulling her shirt out of her shorts, his thumbs stroking the skin at her sides below her ribs. He moaned in her mouth when the back of his hand touched her breasts kissing her harder. He placed his hands on her ass and pressed her hard against his hips. She could feel his arousal throbbing between them, she almost came undone at the first pulse beat on her thigh. “Hann…,” he managed to growl out, his hands holding her to him as he moved his hips against her. He kissed her jaw then her neck moving to her ear never letting go of her ass his fingers digging into the rounded flesh. “Hann, I can’t wait. If I don’t have you now I won’t be so gentle.”Hannah felt drugged by his hands and his mouth; she held onto him her mind hazy. She put her hands inside of his shirt and felt the warm skin. She grazed his nipples with her nails, leaning in to nip at the skin around his collarbone breathing in the scent of him. She felt his hands freeze, holding her still. “Hann please,” he grabbed her hands, he was breathing heavily, the muscle in his jaw twitching his eyes dark. “Don’t love I want to be perfect, gentle, and just for you.”Hannah met his eyes, she watched him for the longest moment, a breath hanging between the two. He wanted to be tender with her, but she had waited too long for tender. Taking a chance, she leaned in and sucked his bottom lip into her mouth, biting on the lush lip. She freed a hand and placed it against his arousal. She stroked him through his pants, “Who says perfect has to be gentle.”In the next blink, Hannah’s feet were off the ground. He carried her to the blanket under the tree. Fresh air hit her chest the same time her rear settled on the ground. Before her mind became oriented again, she was under him naked. His hands stroked everywhere, her sides her breasts, her thighs. He knelt between her open legs, bare-chested, exploring her. She reached up to undo his fly. She could read in his face his will power trying to slow himself down. Hannah sat up, undoing his pants and sliding her hands inside, “Keats, we have lots of time,” she whispered, her hand cupping his balls so full in her palm, the other stroking him getting an idea of his size. He was so wonderfully hard and longer than she had imagined. “Don’t hold back, I want you too much.”He leaned up, pushing his pants out of the way of her hands. His hands gripping her breasts firmly, their large size spilling around his fingers. They kissed, speaking with tongues and lips dancing together. One hand slid between her legs, he pressed two fingers against her shaved slit, wet juices meeting them immediately. She was wet and warm, maddening to his senses. He kissed her and pressed himself on top of her again. Holding his hand against the lips of her pussy, the other raising one of her legs high on his hips. Hannah stretched under him. His fingers were gliding over her slick clit making hot surges heat her stomach. It had been a long time since another had touched her there; the sensation was driving her wild. When his fingers slid into her waiting inside she almost cried with the sensation. Keats heard her and his excitement could no longer be held back. “Oh Hann,” he growled before he pulled her legs up high and slid himself in.There’s something about that first time when two becomes one. Hannah stopped breathing; the tingling was so intense and strong. She could feel every inch of him from her inside, every vein, every twitch the feeling so strong and good she choked on her own cry of passion. Her breath let go when she felt him thrust hard, all of him firmly in her waiting body.He held her there, his arms curling under her, holding her shoulders, his face pressed to the side of hers. He was waiting for her. She breathed against his ear, a low whimper blowing against his lobe as she used her muscles to grip him inside. Then he began. Long and slow strokes. Holding her shoulders to keep her firmly planted as he sped up their lovemaking. Each thrust driving her nearer to her edge. Making love with him made her understand the meaning of bittersweet. His size filling her to stretching. She felt like a virgin again, but virgins did not have the same desires as a woman who knows where the pleasure and pain can meet. She wrapped her legs high around his hips and rode him from underneath. Working together, their rhythm picked up to a hurried speed. Keats’ chest grazing her nipples into hard peeks, Hannah sucking on his chin to keep from screaming, her hands holding his back, stroking him there.He leaned in, taking one nipple in his mouth and sucking hard, his hand playing with the other. Her hands were in his hair holding him there, her body keeping up with the rhythm of their hips. His mouth traded places with his hand, his fingers sliding over her face. She took them in her mouth and simulated on them the feelings his cock was making in her inside. He leaned back as if a shock at went through him. His eyes cloudy and intense on her face. Hannah held his fingers in her mouth, lapping and sucking on the two; she could taste herself on their tips. He took her hands in his, jerking them over her head and holding them there with one hand. The feeling of being pinned and under his strength excited her more, as he began thrusting harder and faster. His face buried in her neck, biting at her shoulder, and her neck. She never dreamed he could be so hard and forceful. It aroused her completely. He bit her ear, his tongue inside the center swirl. “I want to cum inside you, Han,” he whispered hoarsely. The request, surprised her and excited her, she bucked her hips under him, wrapping her ankles together high above his back, “yes,” she said barely audible in her moaned breath. The intensity suddenly catching her. At the exact moment, the white heat in her belly exploded, the first coil taking her high, she jerked under him. “Yes!” she screamed, her head tilting back to the pleasure, “now, Keats, oh Keats!” He bit at her ear, holding the lobe and fucking her savagely. Her orgasm sending him over. When he felt her juices sliding out onto his balls, he burst inside. Thrusting into her so hard, her ass bounced off her thighs, he pounded her over and over until the last of him jerked inside of her. He collapsed beside her, drawing her immediately to his chest and clutching her there. He couldn’t catch his breath, she couldn’t stop shaking. The moment had been so intense and so much wilder than he had imagined for their first time. No words could be found to express the amazement of it all. They were alone in nature, and finally at one with each other. Keats kept thinking of her promise that they had all the time. He would go slow next time. He would make sure she was pleasured in every way. He hoped he had not hurt her.He looked over to her face. She was stroking his jaw and his temple with a shaky hand. Her eyes were deep with pleasure, her lips swollen from his kisses. In wonder and delight he realized, his gentle lover, didn’t seem to mind the not so gentle after all. She leaned in and bit his chin, then kissed the bite. He pulled her on top of him, her legs straddling his hips; he could feel himself become aroused again. How nice to know the woman he loved, loved for him to not hold anything in. The night was just beginning. Hannah moved down, taking his nipple in her hot mouth. They had a lot of time to catch up she mused as she felt him growing against her thigh. She slid back to let her wet slit grease him. A lot of time indeed. She could get used to this wild outdoors.

Part of the cure...

Reading this site can be beneficial to your health.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Evil Lives Here

*BEEP*     *BEEP*     *BEEP*     *BEEP*     *BEEP*

I was rudely awoken this morning to an obnoxious beeping coming from just outside my bedroom door. 

*BEEP*     *BEEP*     *BEEP*     *BEEP*     *BEEP*

I knew what it was.  The stupid smoke detector, whos battery was supposedly changed last week by Rick.  Either an incredibly shitty battery or my husband's laziness interrupted my slumber.  "Try to ignore it", I tell myself.  "Think happy thoughts", as my sleepy eyes close, and I begin to think that perhaps...

*BEEP*     *BEEP*     *BEEP*     *BEEP*     *BEEP*

"GODDAMNIT!"  I throw back the sheets, looking at the baby monitor for signs of the baby being awake.  If hes up, then I wouldn't have been able to get any more sleep anyway.  Nothing.  I turn the volume up, expecting to hear him rustling around his room, but instead I hear baby snores.  So I can't blame my lack of sleep on him.

*BEEP*     *BEEP*     *BEEP*     *BEEP*     *BEEP*

Determined to go back to bed, I decide that if I simply remove the weak battery from the smoke detector, then the beeping will stop and I can go back to bed.  Thats why its beeping isn't it?  I can barely reach the stupid thing, and so I have no idea how it comes apart.  My first thought is to just rip it from the wall.  My second thought reminds me that its an electrical/battery combo, and that being electricuted probably sucks. 

*BEEP*     *BEEP*     *BEEP*     *BEEP*     *BEEP*

I notice a pin sticking out of the side and pull it out.  Okay.  I decide to twist the casing.  So far so good.  I can see where I need to get into to get the battery out.  I flip open the little door, and out pops the battery.  Feeling rather proud of myself, I toss the battery on the dressor as I hop into bed, getting comfortable and ready for my reward nap.

*BEEP*     *BEEP*     *BEEP*     *BEEP*     *BEEP*

You have got to be kidding me!  I took the damn battery out!  What the hell else does it want?!  Throwing back the covers once again, I head to the source of my aggravation.  "You stupid piece of shit," I spit at it, giving a venomous glare.  I had no clue what to do, how to shut it up. 

*BEEP*     *BEEP*     *BEEP*     *BEEP*     *BEEP*

In my frustration, I suppose I tugged at it too hard, as it came out of the wall and into my hand.  "Well," I say "At least now we'll have some peace and quiet."  I set it down on the hall table and headed back to the bed room, satisfied that I could at least lie down and have a moment of silence before starting the day.  Before I made it into the bed room, I heard it.

*BEEP*     *BEEP*     *BEEP*     *BEEP*     *BEEP*

Its possesed!  It must be!  This smoke detector has an evil spirit residing in it!  IT WON"T DIE!!! 

*BEEP*     *BEEP*     *BEEP*     *BEEP*     *BEEP*

I wrapped it up in a towel and hid it in the back of the closet for now.  Perhaps Rick can perform an excorcism later tonight when he gets home.  When its quiet enough, and the tv is off, you can still hear it, taunting me. 

*BEEP*     *BEEP*     *BEEP*     *BEEP*     *BEEP*

Like you needed another reason to hate going to the dentist's office...

Nasty bastard.

"You are so annoying."

What is what GW said to Rick before rolling over and going to sleep? 

Yes!  You are correct!

Undeniably, there are times when you are expecting sex.  You spend that extra five minutes in the shower, and another ten afterwards primping.  You want it, you know spouse will take it, and that is what you expect.  Being freshly shaven, I wanted Rick to eat me out last night.   Anything afterwards would have simply been icing on the cake.  Well, I had no cake last night.  And not even a tiny lick of icing. 

Rick kneaded my ass a bit, and walked his fingers around my lips.    But then nothing.  Frustrated, I got up and began passionatly kissing him, running my fingers through his hair.  I let my hand wander down and cup his balls, before wrapping my fingers around his shaft.  He was hard, but lay there, motionless on the bed, like a corpse.  A limp warm corpse with a hard on.  He was dead sexy! lol  (fat bastard reference from Austin Powers movie, I couldn't resist)  But seriously, I was really annoyed.  I wanted him to act interested enough to at least move.  I was tempted to direct him to my pussy anyway, to not let him get away with this lazy act of his.  I even entertained the notion of sitting on his face, sucking on his cock while my pussy got the attention it yearned for.  But alas, I was too annoyed, and chose not to reward his bad behavior.  I wouldn't want this to become a habit of his.  So I rolled over, pulling the covers over me and said, "You are so annoying."  He pat my ass, as if he were humoring me, and moments later was snoring away as I lay there, horny and frustrated.  Not mad.  Well...Kinda mad.  But not like fighting mad or anything.  Just horny mad. 

Monday, July 26, 2004


How well did you score?  I got 11 out of twelve.  I thought it was easy, but then I see what they're supposed to look like every day. lol 

Too cold to sunbathe!

Yesterday we had record setting cold, at a high of only 66 degrees.  Add the rain and dampness, and it was downright chilly.  Today, while absolutely gorgeous out, is still in the mid to lower sixties.  The thought of wearing a bikini in this cool weather gives me goose bumps.  (the chilly kind, not the good ones! ;0)  )  Oh well.  Odd, when you think that our normal temps are about 30-40 degrees warmer.  I'm not griping, just wish I was working on my tan. 

How considerate!

Do they also censor literature and conversations?  And perhaps they censor the bedroom as well, just to make sure nothing but missionary with intent to conceive occurs.  God bless America, where we can be as raunchy and perverted as we see fit! 

Tell me what you eat, and I'll tell you what you are.~Brillant Savarin

Rick: Well then that would make me a pussy.  That guy is calling me a pussy!  What a dick.  I should kick his ass!

Hilarious at the time, rather dorky in retrospect.  lol

Feeling particularly naughty this morning... Posted by Hello

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Quickies are nice, but....

can leave much to be desired.  Maybe it was my fault for sucking his dick before we started.  Bad wifey!  ;0)  But it most certainly was a quick romp this morning!  After exploding on my tummy, and slapping my mound with his drained shaft, Rick threw on his clothes, heading down the hall to get the boy.  I had already decided I wanted an orgasm, or two, or three....  So I was quick to dive into my nightstand grabbing the trusty vibrator.  It didn't take long before the first climax rolled in.  My heart beat sped up as I decided I needed more.  A moment to recover and then...mmmmm....Yes.  The second one was even easier than the first.  Surely I could grind out a third.  But would I have time?  I wanted this orgasm and I was determined to have it.  I knew it wouldn't take much effort.  A few seconds pass, and I'm curling up my toes,  submitting to the pleasure.  Mmmm...  And not a moment too soon.  I just had enough time to throw the vibe into the drawer before I heard little footsteps pounding towards my door calling out, "Mommy!" 

Friday, July 23, 2004

To Be Continued....

Don't you just hate it when you are watching a really good story on television, and just when its about to get good, you see the dreaded words, "To be continued"?

Well, our kind friend has written us such a story, which he has promised to continue for us.  All he asks is that we leave a comment, asking him to finish it.  Hes modest and isn't sure whether or not its worth finishing.  Do your kind deed for the day and leave a comment right here!  Just a simple, "Please continue!", should well suffice.  I'm positive you would enjoy the conclusion.  You enjoy my work, don't you?

We need approximately 12 more people to respond.  I'm so easily pleased, won't you oblige me?  Please?

Just click on the title of this post, which links directly to his story's first installment.  Then, you are just a back click away to leaving your comment for the conclusion!

Don't let me down guys!


Money, Money, Money

Rick cashed out that company check for our shopping spree tomorrow.  I can not begin to describe the sheer amount of horniness a pile of cash that size brings about.

Jumping on the Bandwagon here...

A few of my favorite bloggers have posted links to this hilarious animated song, so I felt left out. ;0)  Enjoy.


Shopping Therapy

Rick's boss cut him a ten thousand dollar check today, to go shopping for door prizes for his company picnic next week.  Wow.  That is alot of money.  Kinda cool to spend someone else's money, but I tend to think that it will get boring very quickly. lol  Yes, I just said shopping would get boring.

The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

You know, some days, you really should just stay in bed.  Today would have been one of those days.  The first thing my sleepy little foot touched this morning, when getting out of bed, was a gigantic fresh hairball, provided by our ever accomodating cat.  After cleaning the warm goo from between my toes, EWWW, I head down the hallway to free the little moster that is my son.  Apparently, daddy didn't put pants on him last night after his bath, only a shirt and diaper.  Having free access to the diaper tabs, he found it necessary to take off his diaper, which coincidently had a rather large turd in it.  Well, that turd must have been the best toy he had in that room, because he was quick to run up to me and show me his new play thing.  Again, EWW!!  So off to the bath.  After bath time, we head to the kitchen, where I'm guessing someone (Rick) left the freezer open which in turn melted the ice cream which at some point leaked all over the freezer and then onto the floor.  Luckily, the dog was up to the challenge and had decided to lick it all up.  Unluckily, I think the dog may be lactose intolerant, as he also puked  up the ice cream, along with some not very well chewed dog chow.  Then upon taking himout to do his business, he had diarrhea on the back steps.  Say it with me.  EWWWW!!!  I think I'll take the rest of the day off now.  Who wants to cover for me?  Anyone?  Anyone?

I was really horny last night.  Big surprise, right? lol  Just the scent of Rick drove me wild and made me wet.  It was ridiculous.  When we finally went to bed, I snuggled up close to him, trying to gauge his possible interest.  When I felt a nudge on my leg, I dove in for the kill.  Pulling his boxers down, I grabbed hold of him, feeling his shaft come to life in my hand.  A few kisses and flicks of the tongue, and he was ready to play too.  I could feel the wetness between my legs, and I was tingling with the anticipation of feeling him inside of me.  Rick moved to the middle of the bed, obviously already knowing my next move.  I quickly climbed on top of him, impaling myself with his hard cock, both of us letting out a moan of pleasure.  Unbuttoning my nightgown, Rick began kneading and squeezing my breasts,  pulling me closer to him so his mouth could reach me.  His tongue flicked my already erect nipples as I bounced up and down, grinding myself on his dick.  "Bite me", I instruct him, as he begins to gently tease my nipples with his teeth.  I don't know why I like that, but it seems inevitable for me to have him bite me when I'm on top.   If it feels good, do it, right?  I then sit up straight, anchoring myself with my hands on his chest, moving faster, squeezing my cunt around his cock.  He watches my tits bounce and grunts his satisfaction, getting closer to coming.  His hands find my hips.  I know hes about to come, and decide to take it like the porn star I could have been.  His fingers tighten on my hip bones, mouth curling, before pulling me off of him.  My mouth quickly finds his dick,  milking every last drop directly from the source, tasting my own juices mixed with his.  "Oh fuck!", he says.  When hes done spasming, I smile, wiping a tiny drop from the corner of my mouth before kissing him.  "Good night, baby," I say.  He mumbled something that was probably along the lines of "good night" as well.  I told you I was horny!

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Drinks, anyone?

*shaking head*  "I should have been a bartender..."

Flipping the Bird

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Doesn't anybody wanna find out what happens next?!

If so, then speak up!  Leave a comment here or after the story so we may continue the tale.  C'mon, you know you want to! ;0)


Hump Day Erotica

“Can I help you?” it was hot in the kitchen. She had been cooking all morning, both ovens going, the dishwasher hissing steam, and the doors had been swung open so much to the back porch that the ac didn't have a chance of hitting a cool lick. He was standing there arm braced on the door, holding open the screen that same frown on his face as two days ago. Perry didn’t feel like soothing words today. She was tired, her sundress was sticking to her back and chest with sweat, she had flour up to her elbows and she suspected hanging in her hair. She whacked the large ball of dough with her fist as she stared at him her green eyes flicked with tension. He was so damn stubborn. He’d been mad for two days, but wouldn’t tell her what was going on in his head. She had come out to the ranch to help him out. His cook had been sick. He had a big rodeo coming up and there was an odd dozen cowboys making camp around the ranch in preparation. They all wanted to stay here for the good cooking and the feel of the old west that still lingered on the Texas hacienda. She thought she was doing him a favor. She had wanted to spend some time with him before he left for the season again. Loving a cowboy was not an easy job. There had been an impromptu dance the night she arrived. He had spent the night in a cooler of beer and talking with his friends. She had spent the evening on the porch watching, after trying to make conversation with the only two other females had proved unlikely. Not riding herself, and definitely not a rodeo groupie, there was little to talk about, and some of their stories had made her embarrassed to just listen. The only person that had seemed to notice she was even there was Jim’s brother Ted. He had chatted with her most of the night, rocking in the swing together and at one point, swooping her up to dance to a song on the radio. Sweat was running at her temple pulling at her red hair, making it curl and fall out of the chopsticks holding the long mass in place off her neck. She could feel a pool between her large breasts as well. It was damn hot, and sticky. It was too damn hot to have Jim still glaring at her after two days of silence and the cold treatment. She unbuttoned the two top buttons of her dress letting air hit the tops of her breasts. Flour smeared across her chest then wiped off onto the dress across where her breasts pulled tight the third button. “What Jim!” her temper finally heated to its point. “Ted likes you,” his voice was flat his expression never changed, “says you’re a nice girl.” Perry arched a brow at him and gaped her mouth. What Jim lacked in expression she made up for in open disbelief. She closed her mouth with an audible pop of her full lips closing together, “you don’t speak to me in two days, you’re going around looking like the world pissed in your bathwater and that’s what you got to say to me? Ted says I’m a nice girl?”Silence, tension, not a word. The ovens beeped at their preheated temperature, the screen door at the front of the house slammed shut. The last of the cowboys heading to the barn for the bull riding practice, his boots clopped down the stairs and he was gone. Perry took a breath. “Well,” she changed her stance to a relaxed one, ignoring the increasing anger from the dark, brooding man in the doorway. “I think your brother is a very nice guy too.” She began working the dough again with her fists. His cowboy hat was pulled down to his nose. She could see his full bottom lip and his firm thin upper. His tanned jaw twitched every few seconds like it did when he was annoyed. He was wearing his flannel shirt with the sleeves cut out, it was unbuttoned and pulled out of his jeans. He was covered in dirt from working outside. She watched him from the corner of her eye pretending to not care her was there. The truth being, he was making it hotter in the room just by being there.He took his hat off and hung it on the rack by the back door. His black hair was spiked and disheveled from being under the hat. His gray eyes now looked openly at her, he began walking towards the table in the middle of the kitchen Perry was working at. “You two looked real cosey the other night, real friendly like on my swing.” Perry pretended to not notice he was closer to her. In fact he was rounding the table in slow steady strides. “He kept me company while you were entertaining your friends.” These were going to be the most well packed rolls of her life. She could feel him behind her. His warmth hitting her back, “real cosey, he’s been talking about it all week” he was close to her ear. She thought she felt his hand touch her hair. “I would think you would be glad that we two get along,” she spun around, one hand still bedded in the dough bowl. His jaw was still twitching. He was frowning so hard he looked like a kettle about to explode. She locked eyes with him. Determination. There was some hard determination in those gray eyes. She caught her breath.He was steadily coming towards her. Her backside pressed against the table, his thigh pushing into hers. She leaned back into the bowl to keep from falling over. “You would think that, would you?” He was looking at her dress now. His eyes moving up and down over her face, the open buttons, the short skirt, the bare feet. “Well I wouldn’t mind but he liked it a little too much.”He planted a hand on the table, pinning her between him and the rough edge. “You didn’t seem to mind him too much yourself.” He curled a hair around his finger and pulled it back straight from her curls. “He always did want what was mine.”Perry straightened up and glared at him. “Yours? I am not one of your horses, Jim Rein….” His hands went into her hair pulling her in and kissing her. It was sudden and the hottest intense kiss she had ever felt. All the jealousy and pent up hostility was pouring into her mouth when his tongue pushed inside. All the anger and visions of his brother and Perry together pouring out into one long possessive kiss.Perry was so mad at his stupid jealousy she couldn’t think. Then his hands jerked her hair free and twisted her neck to open her mouth wider and she forgot being mad. She only remembered how much she had wanted him in the last few days and couldn’t have him. His hand reached for her breasts, palm squeezing and kneading the large mound firmly. His fingers moving to undo the next buttons while his other held her head to his mouth. Perry shifted under him, moving her legs around trying to stay standing when he pressed his hips into hers. Her bare feet grazing his cowboy boots. She slid her tongue into his mouth, letting him have as much as he was giving her. All her anger at his stubborn coldness letting go. He picked her up. She didn’t notice until she felt the cool counter on her ass cheeks. Her dress was worked up around her waist, and stripped off her breasts from the top. His body pressing her legs open in the corner of the counter where she had been placed. She stripped his shirt off, and was holding onto his belt buckle when he removed her bra and immediately began sucking her right nipple. This wasn’t slow lovemaking. This was pent up tension, coming to a boil. He was being rough and possessive. She couldn’t have stood it if he had been any different. She needed him too much to be gentle. Perry pulled the belt free, undid his tight jeans and reached inside. Her hand just touched the hard long familiar when he grabbed her hands and pinned them high above her head to the cabinet door. He locked eyes with her as his other hand moved to slide directly to her pussy. The touch of the rough fingers against her lower lips made her wet instantly. She had been wanting him, needing him too much. Two fingers went inside her steadily curling once deep inside, his thumb rubbing her clit in a slow circle. He watched her face. She locked eyes with him her legs opening wider, her feet finding grips on the handles of the drawers on the counter. His jeans rubbing her thighs. Her ass shifting to let his fingers in deeper, hips arching from the counter. Both of them were fighting for breath. Tension thick, dead silence in the air minus their ragged breaths. Suddenly, his face melted. His lips turned soft, his eyes liquid blue when he buried his face into her neck and drove in home. She let out a loud gush of air when he buried himself completely into her on first stroke. She didn’t have time to take another deep breath before he was moving in and out fast. Still pinning her hands high to the counter, his thumb pressed down on her clit as he fucked her harder than he had ever before.His lips sucked in her ear lobe, grazing the skin with his teeth, his stubbled jaw making her neck tingle. His thumb making her surge with pleasure everytime he thrust inside. She caught her breath again, letting it out in a moan. He bit her shoulder then, moving his hands both to her breasts and kneading them, pulling at her nipples with his rough fingers. Perry wrapped her legs around his hips; her arms around his neck, letting her nails pull at the skin of his neck. He took his hands and scooped them under her ass, lifting her off the counter to tilt onto his hard cock. She clung to him, ankles locked behind his back, her back on the counter. He drove in deeper hard strokes pushing her back into the counter at an odd angle. His hands on her ass slamming her into him hips she could feel his balls slapping her ass. All the long hot afternoons, tense stares, uncomfortable silences where coming to a head. They were fucking and fighting at the same time, trying to break the tension that was too thick. Both giving as much as the other got. Perry clinging with nails in his shoulder blades, biting at his lip and chin. Jim fully possessing her by fucking her as hard as he could, needing to feel branded inside of her skin. Too much tension and too intense pleasure can’t last forever. Time stood still for a few moments until Perry felt the long coil of pleasure begin to roll in her belly. She pressed her legs higher on her lover, moaning against his lips. Jim stopped, and placed her back on the counter. Holding her waist and taking long slow strokes. He took her mouth with his and rubbed his thumb over her aching clit. Perry exploded in his arms. Each loud scream, caught in her throat and was pulled onto the tongue of her lover. His hands curled around her shoulders and he began to thrust harder, jerking her almost off the counter. His own release soon coming, he felt her wetness slip between them and his own came too. Now it was Perry’s turn to kiss his sounds away before the wondering cowboys came in to inspect the kitchen. He ground out a low grunt each thrust he made until the last of him was spent. They stayed locked to each other for a long moment. Sweat making their bodies slick against each other and sticky at the same time. Both trying to catch their breath. Jim’s head buried in her shoulder, his arms holding her to him. With a sigh, he pulled her dress back over her shoulders and stepped back from her. His face relaxed, and tender. He placed a palm to her cheek and stroked her swollen lip; he could already see a swelling on her neck. He had left a love bruise on her like a teenaged fool. She slid down from the counter, her legs shaky. He held her up his hands on her ass under her skirt kneading the flesh against his hips. Her eyes searched his face. He smiled so did she. She leaned into his chest, her forehead resting on his chin. “I’m glad you worked that out of your system,” she kissed the skin at his throat. He kissed her forehead and hugged her to him, “me too,” his voice was relaxed. “I get a little jealous sometimes.”Perry stroked his back, “Jim you know where my heart always is”He grunted. “But this don’t mean you own me,” she mumbled into his neck.“I know,” he slid his hand back to her wet pussy, his fingers easily sliding along the lips until she tensed again, “but it’s a good down payment I’d say.”“We’ll see about that,” Perry moved away from him and put the counter between them. “I’m going to go get cleaned up.” She headed up the stairs then turned. “This down payment?”Jim smiled at her, crossing his hands over his chest after zipping his pants. “Hmm mmm?” “Think your brother would make me a similar offer?” she took the stairs two at a time to get ahead of him. She made it to the bathroom door before he caught her up around the waist bolting the bathroom door before pulling her in the shower.

Yahoo Search

This morning, someone got to my site by doing a Yahoo search for 'foods that makes cum taste good'.   Being the helpful person that I am, I will answer that question, should he/she find themselves here again.  That food does not exist.  You can eat all fruit all the time for years on end.  Not gonna work.  Might cut down on the acrid after taste a bit, but no, poor misguided soul, you can not produce 'good tasting' come. 

Also, more search queries for sperm juice recipes, this time hot sperm juice included.  I feel special.  lol 

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Click This To Read Wilde_Thought's Nana Story

Has anybody read this jewel yet?  I think you'll agree that he has an exquisite way with words.  We have been promised more of this tale, should we voice our approval to him.  Please, if you enjoyed it as I have, comment either here or on his own site, so we may delve deeper into the Nana series.   Thank you, loves!

Kama Sutra Match & Moan Game

Sex Tips From Guys, Courtesy of Cosmo

Don't be shy about your sex toys.  Try rubbing your vibrator along my legs and on my testicles.
Take your panties off, throw them in the freezer, then caress my bod with them.  Don't laugh.  It's actually awesome.
Blindfold me with a bra.  It forces me to pay attention to how incredible you feel.
In a cab, climb onto my lap (facing me), then stick your left leg over my shoulder and your right leg out the window.  It's a little awkward, but it feels so good, we won't care.
Okay.  I want to know who the guys are that contributed these tips.  And most importantly, just how drunk were they?  Throw frozen panties at your fella?  Right.  And then wrap your bra around their head as you lead them to a cab to perform arobatics with your leg hanging out the window of a moving vehicle.  Whatever happened to keeping all hands feet and objects inside the vehicle at all times?  And further more, who gets turned on by this?  Anyone brave enough to admit to enjoying a thongcicle?  I thought not.

Cosmo's Bed Side Astrology~Capricorn

Watch your mouth. You'll be hating your job this month. Don't complain, though, or you'll risk a reprimand. Single? Body insecurity invades your psyche near the 20th. Enroll in a yoga class to gain confidence. Attached? On the 22nd, your erotic ingenuity will keep you both inspired...past 4am. Cosmic tip: You feel extrasexy on the 28th, so get your butt out on the social scene.
So if I complain about my job, Rick will reprimand me?  Hmmm...  Perhaps a spanking will be in order!  Watch my mouth?  What will come of my mouth?  Or is that a part of my punishment?  I believe I feel a reprimand coming on! lol  And my cosmic tip says I'll feel extrasexy on the 28th.  Well good, cuz thats my anniversary and I've got the lingerie bill to prove it!  Gawd, horoscopes are stupid!


*GASP!* Is it possible?

Monday, July 19, 2004

The Waiting Game

While Rick was on the computer last night, I spent the evening soaking in a hot tub and then the tedious task of shaving.  The hot bath really helped in softening the hair though, so it was a quick job for once.  I was putting on lotion when Rick came in the bedroom to get something.  "You smell good," he says, stopping over to kiss me before leaving again.  I had decided to be good tonight, not pouncing on Rick or ripping off his pants sucking his dick and then begging him to fuck me.  I had been overly agressive lately, in my opinion, and I decided I needed to let him come to me.  If he didn't take the bait, fine.  No problem.  But I was going to be good. 
It seemed like ages before Rick finally came back to the bedroom.  When he did, he stripped in front of me before jumping into the shower.  I resisted the urge to jump up and kiss his skin, to feel his body up against mine, to join him in the shower.  "Lets be practical,"I tell myself, "I just got out of the tub.  It would be a waste of perfectly good lotion to jump in that shower with him."  *Deep breath in*  "I can be good." 
While waiting for Rick to come out of the steamy bathroom, I tried to find a non-come-hither pose on the bed.  He must have been in there quite awhile, as I found myself readjusting often.  Finally he exits, smelling freshly of soap and cologne.  *Deep breath in*  I can be good.
We watched television for a bit and then it was lights out.  I was tempted to rub up against him, in case he had forgotten I was there, but resisted.  Moments pass.  I start to think, "Aha!  I have been quite the little nympho lately, just as I thought.  I've bored my husband of sex!  What a terrible wife I am."  My thoughts were interupted by Rick asking if I was thirsty before getting up for some ice water.  "I'll have a drink of yours," I say, a bit disappointed.  Doesn't he know I just shaved?  Can't he smell my lotion?  Aren't I sexy anymore?  My thoughts were again interupted as he returned with the glass of ice water, offering me a sip.  I accept and then lay back, convinced the night is over.  But it wasn't.
Taking a large drink of the icy cold liquid, Rick set the cup down on the night table before ripping my legs apart, resting his head between them and kissing the freshly smooth skin with his mouth.  The coldness surprised me, but it was magnificent in contrast to my heat.  I closed my eyes and let out a moan.  "I was good," I purr.  Rick dives his cold tongue deeper into my snatch, stealing my breath.  I graze my fingers over the fabric covering my nipples and let my hand wander down to his mouth.  He sucks on my fingers before I begin rubbing myself, his mouth following, wetting a path for my fingertips to find. 
Placing his hands underneath my ass, Rick lifts me higher and deeper into his mouth, tongue thrashing around my clit, grazing my fingers in the frenzy.  My breaths shorten as my pussy tenses, getting ready to release.  He senses this and rubs a finger around my labia, wetting it with my juices and his kisses, then plunging it deep inside, his tongue following as deeply as possible.  I expolde into climax, massaging his finger and tongue with my orgasm, feeling weak from such a huge release.  In my mind I say, "Fuck me!  Shove your dick in my pussy!"  But I refrain.  I can be good. 
As if reading my mind, Rick gets up on his knees, running a finger through my cunt juices and wettens the tip of his dick.  Grabbing my legs from behind my knees, he opens me up as he gets his body into position.  He trusts his hard cock into me, taking my breath away as he just stays there, not moving.  I squeeze myself around him, trying to coax him to pound me, then remember I was trying to be good, and stop.  I see a smile cross his face.  "Do you want me to fuck you, babydoll?"  Oh, how delicious it is, hearing him talk like that!  "Yes," I obediantly answer him.  "What?  I can't hear you.  What did you want me to do?"  "I want you to fuck me."  Hes being naughty!  I love it!  "Oh.  You want me to fuck you?"  "Yes, baby.  I want you to fuck my pussy with your big hard dick."  He slowly pulls himself out and then even more slowly re-enters.  "Like this?"  I moan in the pleasure of the agony in waiting.  "Or did you mean like this?", he asks as he begins thrusting in and out of my pussy with quick, hard movements.  "Ohhhh fffuuuck!," I mumble.  He stops.  "Which did you want me to do, babydoll?" 
 I'm so wet, I can feel the moistness dripping down to my ass.  "Fuck me Rick!  Please fuck me!"  At this, he begins to pound me, balls slapping my ass with each movement.  "Oh yeah!  Fuck me!  Fuck my pussy!  Your dick is so hard, it feels so fucking good, Rick!"  He can't take much dirty talk, it very quickly throws him over the edge, but I was so into it, I couldn't help it.   I saw his face twist up, and knew he was close.  A few more hard thrusts, before he pulled out, exploding on my tummy, and embracing me as he collapsed.  I knew I could be good! ;0) 

Beastiality, Incest and Recipes For Sperm Juice

"These are a few of my favorite things..."  Not really.  They are, however, searches performed on Google, Yahoo, and MSN search engines that brought people to my sight.  Wha-wha-what?!  While I do indeed love my dog, I can assure you that I was never attracted to him.  EVER.  My siblings are both at awkward ages where I wouldn't be interested in them for at least a few more years, and that sperm juice recipe?  *gagging*  Okay, no joke there, thats just gross.  I don't think I've ever used that word on this site before.  You people are sickos!  Seriously.  Yuck.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Off to the showers! We've just had a family outing to a local school track, where I ran a 7:30 mile. Mind you, thats with pushing a 35 pound toddler in a jogging stroller as well. Poor asthmatic Rick made the mile in about 13 minutes. Perhaps a shared shower will raise his spirits! It will mine! ;0)  Posted by Hello

Wilde_thought has changed his mind, and it was good...

I have a confession though.  LOL  And an odd one at that.  In his story, he describes a night stand, drawer filled with copies of Reader's Digest strategically hiding a large blue dildo.  I stopped upon reading that, puzzled.  I re-read the line, and then the next few before stopping, genuinely perplexed.  That night stand is in my bedroom, magazines and dildo included.    Rick bought it for me, under unbelievably similar circumstances even down to saying nearly the exact same words.  Try to understand the eerie feeling of someone so closely, without any intention, describing a tid bit of your life.  Its an odd sensation.  The story is excellent, as I knew his writing would be.  I may, however, begin searching for the cameras, should he pin point me so closely again! lol

Friday, July 16, 2004

They Don't Suck!

Its been a while since I've been able to say those words and mean it! lol 

Wednesday night

As earlier noted, Rick and I quickly made up, if you can even call it that, as we weren't really even fighting.  He was especially loving and cuddly, which was nice, since he had been lax in that department thanks to his new past time.  I was lying on my tummy, watching tv in bed, when he came into the bedroom and undressed before getting into bed.  He rested his hand on my calf at first, and then began massaging my leg moving his fingers higher and higher, before resting again on the back of my thigh.  I knew where this was going, but lay there watching the television, anticipating his next movement.  He adjusted himself closer to me, kissing my leg as he slipped his fingers up my night shirt, squeezing my ass and nibbling my toes.  I am horrendously ticklish, so I burst out in laughter as he kissed my feet.  He instantly stopped the laughter by entering my pussy with his finger, probing around and thrusting it in and out.  I gasped at the surprise and then enjoyed the moment, letting out a moan of pleasure.  He stopped, and again licked my toes.  This time I just couldn't take it, and fought to tear my foot away from him and rolling over so I could keep an eye on him.  "What?", he smiled.  In my new position, I could see how hard he was, and couldn't resist grabbing him, stroking his cock a few times.  To this, Rick adjusted himself closer still to me, as his left arm went under my leg, his fingers parting my lips as he began probing me again.  Getting on his side, his right arm rested on my hip, his wrist hitting just the right spot when he began to stimulate my clit, his other hand still inside me.  I quickly held his wrist in place, so as not to lose the wonderful feeling.  He caught on immediatly and began moving his hands more feverishly, all the while having his dick stroked by my hand, matching his speed.  I could feel an orgasm quickly approaching, and pushed his wrist against me even harder as my body gave in to the familiar waves, Ricks fingers still in my pussy, feeling the muscles grip him.  I know how much he loves that.  Just as it was subsiding, he quickly rubbed me into a second and even a third climax.  Finally I couldn't take it anymore and had to push him away.  After catching my breath, I kissed him, as he sat up on the bed.  I positioned myself between his legs and began slowly kissing his cock, making small circles around the head at first, and then taking the whole length into my mouth.  His groans of approval, getting me that much more into it.  I let my kisses completely wet him before I took my hand and began pumping him in coordination with my mouths movements.  This drives him over the edge very quickly.  He was so deep in my mouth, that I actually didn't even taste it when he came.  I only knew it by the spasms of his shaft and the sudden urge in the back of my throat to swallow.   His body shuddered as he collapsed onto the bed, me lying next to him.  I smiled, happy that he chose me tonight. 

When did it become okay to ask a woman if her breasts were real?

Especially in a grocery store when she has a two year old sitting in the cart, wedding ring on her hand and is talking to a friend about her mother's recent surgery.  Is it an accepted intro for conversation now?  I missed that memo.  Didn't help that the guy made a squeezing motion with his hands towards my chest, as if to ask permission to feel for himself.  The mommy in me wanted to smack his hand and say, "No!  Shame on you!", but I opted for the look of disgust, met by his clueless "WhatdidIdo?" expression as he walked away.   And why is it assumed that everyone with ample bosom is falsely enhanced?  I'm not the first woman on earth to be naturally buxom.  Or am I?

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Mr Post Man

I'm laying out in the sun today, wearing my new bikini that I just adore, listening to an old Gin Blossom's cd when I hear our dog start barking like crazy.  I wasn't alarmed in any way, as he barks like that if the wind changes direction.   Anyway, I tone him out and start getting irritated five minutes later when hes still barking.  Just as I am about to get up, I hear, "*ahem* Mrs. Wife?"  Looking up I see its the mail man holding a package at the entrance to our gate.  Hes in his mid thirties I'd say, and always quick to flirt.  I didn't have a towel or anything to try and cover up with as I walked over to him, so I felt a bit odd, imagining what my mother would say if she saw the situation.  Something about being indecent, I'm sure.  As I'm nearing the gate, I notice him smiling at me,  and scanning my body up and down as I approach.  I managed a polite smile, and when I took the package from him, he made a point of reaching down and adjusting his hard on right there in front of me, in those stylish postal carrier shorts of his.   I wondered how long he had actually been standing there watching me, since the dog had been going nuts for quite awhile.  While, I was....flattered at his response, I couldn't help but laugh at what might have been his attempt at a pick up line.  Or gesture, I suppose I should say! lol  I shall keep a towel handy from now on, though I'm not sure that would have stopped the hopless romantic that is our mail carrier.


Well, I'm a tad bit disappointed that more people didn't make themselves known, especially at the high rate of visitors this page gets in a day.  But, fine, be that way! lol  Thank you to those of you who did answer my request.  I appreciate it!  Its not too late, if anyone else cares to make my day and say hi to me.....I would be ever so grateful! ;0)

Hola! Hello! G'day! Bon Jour! Osivo! Salaam! Jou san! God dag!

Hello all! I would like anyone who reads this to please be kind enough to type me a line. A simple hello is fine, just say hi! I can't wait to see how many responses we can get! I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Its sunny and gorgeous out today, so you know where I'll be! But I have updates I'll post later. Thank you for stopping by! ;0)


Wednesday, July 14, 2004


When Rick came home, I led him into the kitchen where I had the Clorox Oxy Clean something or other cleaner sitting on the counter with a bowl and a scrub brush. "I need you to make up some of this cleaning solution," I say. "What do you need me to clean? The swing?" (referring to the outside swing which has some dirt spots on it) "That and something else too." He mixes the solution and then asks, "Okay, where do you need me?" He follows me into the bedroom. "What is it? Hairball from the cat?" I pick up the pillow, handing it to him. "What do you suppose that is?," I ask him, laughing in my head at the look of shock on his face that quickly disappears. "I have no idea." "Huh. Thats funny. I spent the whole morning looking for that pillow when I was making the bed and couldn't find it. I finally found it this afternoon, shoved under the bed." He pretends to examine it, as if he has no clue as to what it may be. "Thats weird" he says. "Whats really gross, is that that is the pillow I lay my face on when I watch television in the bedroom." No comment, as he scrubs the fabric. "Well whatever it was," he says "it came off really easily." "Lets just make sure this doesn't ever happen again. And please try to remember that the Kleenex here in the bedroom is just as good as the Kleenex in the office." Silence. He knows. He knows I know. I know he knows I know. Is this the end of the saucy affair? I doubt it. But at least I didn't clean it up this time.

Interesting revelation

After spending a good part of the morning tearing apart our bedroom, searching for a missing pillow, said pillow has suddenly been found-shoved under the bed. But, horrors!! Someone has molested the poor thing, its pretty dry clean only material show evidence of the brutal attack that occured. My poor, defenseless pillow was the victim of a sensless crime, and it happened under my very nose. I deduct that it happened while I was in the shower last night, just after discovering the mess in the office. This affair my husband is having with his hand is more serious than I thought, if hes coming mulitple times in such a short while.

I fear I am at the beginning of a sexless stretch for an unknown amount of time. No worries though, as I have plenty batteries stored away, and can always reminensce about romps of days past. As for my pillow. I hope she will be okay. A traumatic thing has happened to her. I only hope she doesn't let it ruin her life. I can tell you this though, I will not be the one seeking an answer to her battle wounds. I plan on giving that job to Rick, just as soon as he walks in the door. Should be interesting.


...Strip tease to the playlist..;0) Posted by Hello


Inspired mostly by songs of the 80s and 90s, I present to you my playlist for the day. These are songs that made me get up and jiggle it today. ;0)

One Week~ Barenaked Ladies

Your Woman~ Whitetown

Little Red Corvette~ Prince

Renegade~ Styx

I'm too sexy~ Right Said Fred

Tubthumping~ Chumbawamba

Raspberry Beret~ Prince

Roses~ Outkast

Da da da~ Trio

Jessie's Girl~ Rick Springfield

Turning Japanese~ The Vapors

Mambo No.5~ Loy Bega

Interesting mix of songs, yes? But fun to dance to anyway!

90's Mania

Ya know, the nineties really weren't long enough ago to warrant so many specials about them. I noticed both VH1 and E! had shows about the nineties on last night. Its funny. Seeing Jay and Silent Bob on I Love The 90's last night is what reminded me of Jason. Jay, Jason. Funny. Jay and Silent Bob crack me up. And Jason....

They talked about Mortal Kombat on ILT90's last night, which made me remember the first time I saw the game in the arcade at the local skating rink. The guys were just pumping quarters into the machine, and we were all amazed at the amount of blood spewing from the characters heads. Surely they would have been drained of all their blood supply after that blow! Years later, my younger brother had the game for...Playstation? And he quickly learned how to do all the fatalites, calling us in the living room to see him execute the grotesque, yet captivating final moves. We are a sick people. lol

And they also talked about Quantum Leap. My goodness, how I loved that show. And Scott Bakula! Yum! He was smart, but sweet, and hot in that older man kind of way. I have to say, the premise of that show was just brilliant. "...to put right, what once went wrong."

Its weird seeing all these things from your childhood/teenage years and have them talk about it like it was so long ago. Tends to make you feel old. lol


I had a crush on Rick for a very long time before we ever started dating, so I was quick to accept the invitation to his house for a party. His parents were out of town, and alot of our friends from work were going to be there. I saw this as an opportunity to get closer to Rick, and hopefully to find out he liked me as well.

There was lots of alcohol floating around that party. Rick's friend Jason was freshly 21 and able to buy whatever we wanted. Jason was a quiet almost mysterious guy with very long, pretty hair, past his shoulder blades. (nowadays its butt length and just as gorgeous.) He didn't know most of our friends, so he spent most of the evening up in Rick's bedroom playing on his computer.

After a few drinks, someone suggested spin the bottle. I made sure to get Rick in the circle, and was hoping to get a peck or two from him. He was so drunk though, that he laid down and fell asleep. Instead I shared most of my kisses with my girlfriend, as my spin always landed on her. I think I may have kissed two other guys, but I didn't care. It wasn't Rick, so it didn't matter.

Rick was awake long enough to go sit out in the front yard, where of course I followed him, like a little puppy dog. No intelligent conversation could be had, as he was a drunken slurring mess, looking less attractive all the time. A friend of ours, not out of the closet at the time, but out and flaming now, came over and got Rick down to his underwear as he lay unconscious in the grass. He even went so far as to look inside his briefs, giggling like a school girl. We always did wonder about him...

I got frustrated sitting outside with Rick's lifeless body, and went inside the house. Most everyone was equally drunk and less than entertaining to be around. I headed upstairs where I planned to sleep off the night in Rick's bed, eager for the fruitless night to be over. Jason was still in there, playing on the computer. "Are you stupid drunk too?" I asked, as I sat on the edge of the bed closest to him. "No," he laughed,"I've only had this one drink all night" as he pointed to a half full glass of an unknown drink. I myself was somewhat buzzed, but certainly not drunk. Mostly I was frustrated that the evening hadn't gone better for me.

We talked for awhile, and he finished his drink as I played with his hair. "Your hair is so pretty, I just can't stop running my fingers through it." The comment was innocent as could be, his hair truly was a silken pleasure to the touch. "Is that right? Well you can play with it as much as you want." I suddenly realized that he was flirting with me, and while shocked at first, I was quick to warm up to the idea.

Still in the office chair, he rolled even closer to the bed, where I was sitting on the corner of the bed. He positioned the chair between my legs, spreading them slightly with the edges of the seat. He bowed his head before me, his hair cascading down his shoulders and covering his face. I massaged my fingers on his scalp, hearing an approving moan come from beneath the sea of hair. I could feel the heat of his breath hitting my inner thighs as he exhaled. My body tingled at the excitement of the moment. I had never considered Jason as a potential boyfriend. He was just Rick's friend. And yet...

I pulled his head close to my body, stopping just short of my chest and kissed the top of his head. He looked up at me and smiled, bringing his lips closer to mine and then pausing, waiting to see if I would take the bait. Moving in what felt like slow motion, my lips met his. Licking his bottom lip, I gently probed his mouth with my tongue. I felt his hands wrap around me, resting on my back before pulling my entire body closer to him. His hands tracing large patterns on my back before grasping the bottom of my shirt, pulling it off and then kissing my neck. His hair brushing against my breasts and tummy sent shivers throughout my body and an electric charge down to my pussy. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter as he sat up, quickly ripping off his shirt and tossing it aside. I saw his eyes glance over at the still open bedroom door. "Let me get that," as he headed to the door, closing and then locking it. I stood up and unbuttoned an unzipped my jeans, still leaving them resting on my hips, just waiting for his strong hands to push them down. "You are so fucking hot," he replied as he knelt down in front of me, hands grazing my hips, coaxing the denim down my legs. He kissed the skin as it was revealed, and I rested my hands on his shoulders as he delicately pulled my feet out of the jeans before throwing them aside. He then noticed my pierced belly button and kissed my tummy before looking up and asking, "May I?" I smiled and nodded as his tongue traced a path to the belly ring, flipping the metal around in his mouth. His fingers danced slowly up the back of my legs until he reached the top of my panties. He gently tugged at them, kissing his way from the body jewelry down to my pussy. I pulled his head against me, as his mouth devoured me. I had never been so horny in all my life.

Undoing his pants, Jason stood up to step out of them, revealing a much larger shaft than I had imagined. I reached behind me, unhooking my bra and letting it fall limply to the floor. He pulled me close for a kiss, and then lifted me up, my legs wrapping around him. I imagined what it would be like for him to hold me up like that and fuck me just as we were. He laid me down on the bed though, and fumbled with a condom that I hadn't seen him grab.

I spread my legs for him as he entered me with excrutiating slowness. I wanted him to pound me feverishly, to satisfy my ever growing hunger. But he took his time and very very slowly thrust himself in and out of my cunt. I tried to raise my body up to his, forcing a quicker movement from him, but that only made him pull out completely. "You're being bad," he smiled. "I want you to fuck me!," I added, again bucking my body up against his. He grabbed my wrists with his hands and held them down on the bed as he leaned down, sucking on my nipples, all the while his hair tickling the freshly kissed skin. I moaned in frustrated pleasure, as I felt his dick very slowly begin to enter me, gently parting my lips. I refrained from moving, and was rewarded with harder, faster thrusts. His long hair teased my nipples as he fucked me, balls slapping my ass. I couldn't take it anymore, and my pussy massaged his cock as I came. "Oh fuck, that feels good," he purred before he himself was coming, my cunt still hugging his pulsing dick.

I wanted to just lie there with him, to relish the moment or perhaps to have another go before the night was through. But sense took over, and I suggested we get dressed, in case Rick woke up and decided he wanted to sleep off his hangover in his own bed. And that was that. Rick asked me out two weekes later, and I still see Jason on occasion, when he and Rick are headed out together somewhere. Of course, we've never been intimate again. I still think about his long silky hair though.


That would be the sigh of a woman who is feeling rejected from her husband. I'm grateful that Blogspot had scheduled down time last night. Had I actually been able to publish my post last night....it would not be pretty. To keep this short and sweet, as it is just me bitching, I will get to the point. Rick left his mark in the office last night. He was in there for two hours 'playing a new computer game'. I would have had no idea, at least not last night, had I not gone in there to check my email. I immediatly felt hurt, rejected, sad, you name it. When his hand is so good to him, he doesn't seek me out. Humor me and answer me this. When you masturbate, are you not letting go of sexual tension? I would trade every time I've ever masturbated, if it could have been replaced with a partner. Am I being silly? When I went back into the bedroom, as we were going to bed, I asked, "So what else were you looking at on the computer?" "What do you mean? I was just playing (insert game here). I got disconnected alot, but thats all I was doing. Why?" "Wow," I add, "That really must have been an exciting game! I had no idea." Confusion followed by, "What do you mean? Whats wrong?" Somewhere between there I told him that I felt rejected. He got close and continued asking what was wrong, finally adding, "Tell me what I did so I can never do it again." To that I laughed. "Yeah right." And that was that. I hope he was playing dumb, because surely he knew. BLECH!!! Boys are yucky!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Sci Fi Art Pick for the Day

I found this art mesmerizing. (what can I say, Rick's gotten me into sci fi art, etc)

Recipe for my fellow mexican food lovers

For those of you who may wish to try your hand at making some homemade tortillas, heres an authentic family recipe to sink your teeth into. If I, as I fear, do poorly at describing the recipe, please feel free to ask questions. And please! If you make them, do tell me how they turned out!


1/2 cup oil
1 teaspoon baking powder
large glass of warm water

Start by adding 1/2 bag of flour, oil, baking soda and a sprinkling of salt into a large mixing bowl with about half the amount of warm water to start. You mix the dough with your hands, continuing to add water until the dough seems to be at a good consistancy to work with. (not too sticky) Be careful not to add too much water, as you will need to counter that with more flour to balance it, thus making the dough tough.

Once the dough is mixed and at a good working consistancy, begin making balls out of the dough, good sized ones, and shape them like you would a hamburger patty. You will place the balls back in the large mixing bowl as you finish them, stacking them on top of eachother. Afterwards, place a warm, wet dish towel over the bowl, and let it sit for about 30 minutes, enough to let the dough rise.

As the dough rises, begin heating your skillet, so its hot enough when the dough has risen.

After the thirty minutes, sprinkle some flour out on the counter and roll out the balls with a rolling pin. You want them pretty thin. Then place on the skillet and once it starts to bubble, you flip it to the other side. You don't want to flip them more than twice or that too could make the dough tough.

To keep them warm, I lay out a dish towel and place the finished tortilla on one half of the towel, and cover it with the second half.

Once you get the hang of it, its really simple and most certainly better than the store bought variety.

Fetish Map

Interesting, if nothing else.


Close your eyes and imagine this. You are in a dark room, unable to see anything. As you are lying back in your seat, an unknown person comes up to you and begins giving you a blow job/eating you out. Moments pass, everything feels great, and just as you are about to climax, the lights come on and you see that the source of your pleasure is a person of the opposite sex that you are attracted to. (to clarify, what I mean by that is if you are a straight man, the person giving you a blow job is a man; if you are a gay woman, the person eating you out is a man.) They continue to pleasure you, but knowing what you now know, are you still able to come? Or are you just completely unable to, now that you know that the person's sex is not the sex you prefer?

Why do I ask such a silly question? I suppose I'm trying to shed some light on something that happened to me several years ago with the guy I was dating. We had been together for nearly a year, had made out, fooled around etc several times before. One thing I always found odd about him (I'll call him Bill) is that he never once ejaculated. No matter what we did, and believe me, I tried everything. I vividly recall an extremely tiring blow job in the backseat of his car that lasted roughly 45 minutes before I finally gave up. I was always too shy to ask what the problem was, but it drove me nuts! Well, as my luck would have it, Bill came out of the closet about three years ago. Is this the answer? He wasn't attracted to me enough to come, because I had tits, not balls? Was he just holding back? Is that even possible? This has gnawed at me for years. lol I have a reputation to uphold! hehehe I would think though, that if someone was pleasuring you, regardless of their sex, you should be able to reach orgasm. Am I wrong? This could get some interesting replies...

Monday, July 12, 2004

Just a picture I happen to like... Posted by Hello

How Dateable Are You?

Hot Cha! You are:

69% Dateable!
That's higher than the Worldwide Dateability Average of 63%!
Attractive and confident, witty and charming, a healthy ambrosia-based diet... you're wanted in the 48 contiguous states, you slayer. Call me. Seduce me. Not only do you know how to turn the engines on, but you also know how to oil, lube and rotate them. You put the "elation" back into "relationship," and the "night" back into "one-night stand."
Compared to 3,159,578 other test-takers...

72% less dateable than you — 8% like you — 21% more dateable than you
Some interesting statistics...

Women are LESS dateable than men.
Women average 63% dateable. Men average 63%.
10% would date their own clone.
21% want to be on reality TV.
And 35% have bad teeth.

Dinner for One

When Rick left for work this morning, he saw the pinto beans that I soaked over night on top of commenting, "Oh yeah! You're making mexican food tonight." I spent a good part of the day making home made tortillas, picadillo, mexican rice, chili con lluevos, you name it. Rick loves mexican food, and this is all from recipes passed down from my grandpa's family. I don't mind making it because I know he enjoys it so much. Two hours after hes supposed to be home, I get a call telling me he met up with his buddy after work and that they're in a restaurant having dinner. Ummmm...right. "But don't worry, I can just take what you made for lunch tomorrow." Too bad I already dropped it all off to my parents house. Anybody in the mood for some mexican food? I know where you can get some really good fresh made. Guess Rick will be eating bologna tomorrow.

I Got Mail!

And a cloudy day and a house without a pool. *insert pout here*

Bit o' Sci Fi Art for a Monday morning

I love this web site. Its just loaded with talented artists.

Got Wood?

We were talking in the lumber section of a Lowe's store (I fondly recall the scent of the wood) and I remember looking around, making sure there was no one around us. When I was satisfied that we had ample privacy, I grabbed his hand and took his finger into my mouth, circling it with my tongue. He too began looking around making sure no one was around, before he took the finger I was kissing and probed underneath my skirt. I sat on a pile of pallets behind me, spreading my legs for him. He continued to finger fuck me as he bent down, parting my lips for a good view before teasing me with his tongue. As he did this, I pulled off my shirt and started pinching my nipples, oooing and ahhing as his mouth made circles around my clit. "Fuck me. I want your dick inside of me right now!", I moaned, as I licked my finger and then rubbed circles around my nipple, savoring the tingling sensation that caused. "You want me to fuck you right here?" he asked, somewhat surprised at my request. I then pulled him up against me by his belt, feeling his rock hard dick through his jeans pressing up on my pussy, my juices and his kisses leaving a wet spot on his pants. "Are you telling me you don't want to stick that dick of yours into my pussy that you so kindly help moisten?" At that he started unzipping his jeans, pulling his cock out through his fly. I very clearly recall his hands, they were nothing like Rick's, dark and rough from working outside in the sun, with what looked like mechanics fingernails, in that they appeared to have the residual stain of motor oil and grease upon them. He smelled musty, but clean and the smell of the nearby lumber was intoxicating. He plunged himself deep inside of me, I could feel the rough texture of his zipper and his jeans on my ass and inner thighs as he thrust in and out of me. The feeling was intense, I was getting lost in the pleasure of the moment......

And it was then that my mind began to let go of the dream, my nose forgetting the mystery man's scent, the smell of the fresh lumber fading. The rough pallet became the soft sheets of my bed and where once there was a lover between my legs, there now was only bed linens. I refused to open my eyes, as that would surely rip me from whatever pieces of the dream I still clung to. My pussy still felt full and tingled from the remaining memory. I took a deep breath, putting all my senses back into the moment, and as I squeezed my thighs together my body was taken over by warm waves of ecstasy, climaxxing for minutes as my body remembered the erotica that was my dream.

I'm not sure why, but everytime I am in a home improvement store, the smell of lumber gets me all hot and bothered. Add all the manly men, bronzed from the sun and dirty from their work, and I'm a puddle! It was only a matter of time before they entered my dreams, and I'm ever so grateful that they did!

Sunday, July 11, 2004

A Challenge!

As I earlier brought up to wilde_thought, and as some of you may already know, there was quite an interesting story submitted as a comment a few weeks ago that has since gone unfinished. I would absolutly LOVE to hear the intended ending, but in lieu of that, I would be equally pleased to hear some submissions from others. It can be as romantic or raunchy as you like. Whether or not you have any previous writing skills, I'd love to hear what you may come up with. Just put yourself right in the story and write away! Heres a refresher, for those who've missed it:

At 12:23 AM, Anonymous said…

L went to bed and, before she knew it, she was in Morpheus's land...

She began dreaming, and somehow appeared in a green, lush garden. She was laying on the grass, wearing a summer dress, on top of a blanket. A slight breeze carried the perfume from the flowers that were all around her. Soft bird chirps could be heard in the distance. She breathed deeply and thought "what a beautiful place... how can it get any better?".

She stretched as the gentle sun rays caressed her skin, and closed her eyes. "This is so nice..." she thought.

The wind began blowing a bit stronger, and her dress rose against her hips. The breeze caressed and kissed her thighs and tummy. "Oops", she thought. "I thought I was wearing underwear. Well, it doesn't matter, nobody else is here". The smell also became a bit stronger, but it was still very pleasant...

She rolled over and let the wind caress her back. Her dress was now up to her waist, but she didn't care. She felt free, happy, without a worry in the world. All of a sudden, a few raindrops fell against her back. The smell became just a tad stronger, but it was still sweet... like jasmine.

The breeze was caressing her back, sending shivers down her spine. She felt goosebumps, but it was a pleasant sensation. The raindrops felt warm against her skin, and began traveling down her back. She felt them making a little pool at the small of her back, and the smell of jasmine surrounded her.

All of a sudden, she felt a gentle touch, like of a feather being rubbed down her back, She knew she was alone, and wondered where that came from. The touch was so nice and gentle that soon she didn't mind... the touch became that of warm, loving hands. Those hands began travelling all over her back, from her shoulders to her lower back, rubbing the rain against her. She moaned slightly as she felt her muscles relax, and the goose bumps come back.

A voice was heard near her... "You are so beautiful and sexy... and I love you so". The voice sounded familiar yet a bit distant. The hands never stopped rubbing her back, her sides, the back of her neck, the top of her buttocks... the warmth from the raindrops spread all over her back and she felt content. She felt a kiss on the back of her neck, and she opened her eyes slightly.

Out of nowhere, a bedroom side table appeared, with a warm bottle of jasmine oil on top of it. The kisses on her back continued. She was being kissed everywhere: the back of her head, her shoulders, her neck, her sides, the back of her legs... she felt loved. The voice spoke again... "I love you, L". She woke up to find herself laying on her tummy, hot jasmine oil on her back, candles around the room, and soft music playing. D's was laying next to her, with a happy smile and a loving gaze. "Did you enjoy your surprise?" he whispered. "I sure did", K whispered back. The jasmine smell was intoxicating and she felt happy and relaxed.

D kissed her passionately and said "I need to kiss every inch of your body, I cannot resist it". K giggled and stretched once more, as D began kissing her mouth, her chin, her neck, and began moving lower...

Lets hear what you've got, loves!


Devilishly Angelic Posted by Hello

Ugh...Don't read this, its just me being a bitch

It really takes alot to piss me off, and I am uber pissed right now. I don't want to come off as an unappreciative spoiled wife, because I'm not. I know my husband works very hard to allow me to stay at home with our son. I understand that therefore, certain jobs around the house are my responsibility and I am absolutly fine with that. I make Rick breakfast every morning, pack a lunch for work and have dinner ready for him when he comes home. I do the cooking, the cleaning, the laundry, the shopping, the child rearing, the pet care, the decorating etc. I also do alot of 'mens' work around the house. I did all the painting, put up the trims and moldings in the rooms, installed the ceiling fans, do all the plumbing, kill all the spiders (Ricks afraid of em), use to change the oil in the cars but thank God we just pay to do that now, and so on and so on. The only chore he has here is to cut the grass, which takes maybe half an hour, as we have a small yard. Well the lawn was looking extra shitty today because it was too rainy last week for him to cut it, so its really overgrown. Yet, he refused to cut it today because its too hot. WHAT?! Its only 85 degrees out today! Thats mild for a July day out here! Its fuckin' summer for Christs sake! Of course its fuckin' hot! Its gonna be hot till October! Get over it! So I had to do the grass too, on top of every other goddamned thing around here. God I'm a bitch! But Jesus Christ! Okay. Deep breaths. Hope nobody read that.