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Friday, December 31, 2004

Good Intentions

I had every intention to make an audio post today. Nothing special, just hi and happy new year basically. But my cold has altered my voice so much, I believe I'll put it off. Sure, my voice is now low and sultry, oozing of sex, and I'm somewhat tempted to do it for that very reason. But no. I'll wait.

I'm sick on my birthday. *pout pout pout*

Happy New Year! Drink one for me.


Thursday, December 30, 2004

The Check

Sorry for not updating sooner. For those who wondered what I decided to do with that check Rick's parents sent, I simply tore it up and threw it away.

I loved the idea of sending the check as a donation to a women's charity, but decided not to risk upsetting the crazies. Why tempt fate? I really loved that advice though.

Thank you all for your comments, its an issue that just has to leak out from time to time. And I appreciate all the comments and support, as always.


Wednesday, December 29, 2004


I love to look at the keywords that people use to find this site. Today, someone got here by typing in, 'truck driving jobs'. I wonder if he'll try to act out the Hump Day story....... :)

Pardon Me!

Was it bitchy? Maybe. Rude? Perhaps.

Rick came home and we were supposed to all go out and head to the playground where we could walk the track and then afterwards let the boy play on the equipment. He blew us off. Didn't feel like going. Thats fine. But then he chose not to be around us at all. He kissed me with half assed effort and acted like he didn't even feel my touch. He disappeared into the bedroom, closing the curtains. I knew this because we have those black out curtains that block all the light. Those curtains also made it obvious when the television came on, and when I couldn't hear the television, well, it became blaringly obvious what he must be watching/doing.

That annoyed me. Why have appetizers when you can enjoy the main course? I am more than willing to service him any way he deems fit. Thats why I didn't feel badly walking into the bedroom.

I carried in a pile of towels that needed to be put away in the master bath. He froze like a deer in headlights when I entered the room. I caught a tiny glimpse of what he was watching before he quickly turned of the television, completely darkening the room. I was correct in my assumption.

No words, no explanation, nothing. Of course I didn't expect him to say anything, what would he have said? I briefly thought of tending to him, but decided against it as he was such an ass earlier.

I'll have to put him to work later tonight though. I'm horny thinking of him playing with his dick, even if it wasn't with me. But when aren't I horny?

Hump Day!

We're due to be getting a new computer in February, as our current one is proving to be a snarky bitch 99% of the time. I've had troubles posting and even getting online at all, not for lack of trying. I have a new blog that I've been reading that I highly recommend. Look for Minus 30 and Counting on my links list and have a read. Very intriguing work.

Anyway, it is Hump Day, and I've not forgotten. I have two HD projects that I'm currently working on with two Blogger friends that may take longer than anticipated due to my crappy computer. But for now, enjoy.

Highway ATM

The highway was busier than usual. Haley ran a hand through her long hair and propped her elbow onto the car window. She was not having a good day. Unexpected bills had put her $200 behind for this month, and if she didn’t have it by Tuesday she’d have her lights and phone cut off. If that happened, she wouldn’t know if she got that job in Kansas.

She let out a sigh. It was hot too, she had the a/c cranked in her car, but she still could feel the sticky trickle of sweat slipping down the middle of her back and around her bra. She frowned again; lost in her thoughts, focusing on ways to make ends meet and getting around the large rig in the next lane.

She hated passing 18-wheelers; the size of them compared to her small car made her nervous. She wondered if they could really see her in her small car in the next lane. One little swerve and she’d be the next front-page news story instead of the girl with no electricity and phone connections.

The truck honked at her. She sat up straight in the driver’s seat and looked over at the large maroon cab of the truck. The man waved at her. She could see a baseball cap and the top of his arm. Stunned by his action, she waved back and sped up her car.

He sped up too. With her sunroof open, he could see her little white blouse clinging to her large breasts. It was an aerial view that would make NASA proud. Those firm breasts looked like they were begging to get out of that shirt and little bra. She had one knee drawn up close to her seat making the skirt she wore ride up just right. It was too much temptation for a man that had been driving all week. He had to say hello.

When Haley looked to her right again, there was the maroon truck. The horn honked again and the man waved. She studied him this time. He was smiling at her in a leering way, and he seemed to be searching for something. After a moment, he produced money and pressed it to the window.

Haley had heard of this before. Her friend Charlotte had told her about truckers who would solicit sex from drivers on the road. She had thought Charlotte was just being dramatic. She wondered what Charlotte would think of this scene with the trucker and what looked like a handful of twenties.

Haley was instantly offended. She looked at the money and his face as he alternated between driving and looking her up and down. She put a hand to her chest, and realized that she had worked most of the buttons down in her anxious distracting thoughts, and her leg had made her skirt ride too high. Her long tan thigh was exposed all the way up on the left side. As she made an account of her clothing, she also remembered that the sunroof gave him a bird’s eye view of all of her feminine wiles. She sped up again, this time managing to get in front of the truck.

He met her speed, and flashed his lights twice. Haley looked in the window to see him moving to come up at her other side. When he drew even with her car, he had doubled the money pressed to the window.

There are brief moments in a person’s life when she will do things that she will keep to herself for the rest of her life. Haley watched this man waving what looked to be enough money to make her life right until the end of next month, and she took a deep gulping breath as she contemplated if she could take the easy way out just this one time.

It would be her secret. She took a deep breath and looked up to the man in the truck. With a silent nod, he pulled ahead of her and she followed him to the off ramp coming up on their right.

The ramp lead to a rest area, one set more off the road and not very populated today. Only one other truck rested by the main building as they pulled in. The maroon truck led Haley to the very end where the parking curved towards a small nature trail.

Haley parked beside the rig, and waited for the driver to climb down. She gripped the steering wheel with nervous tension and tried to clear her mind for what she was going to do.

A tap at the window shook her from her thoughts. The trucker leaned down to her window and smiled. He looked to be in his mid forties, tall with big arms and huge hands. He was not the kind of man you’d want to pick a fight with, Haley felt a bit scared by his sheer size. She checked her judgment again.

He opened her door; “This would be easier if you’d step out of the car.” He smiled and waited. He had a sneering smile, but he could have been handsome once upon a time. “I don’t bite.” The tattoo of a dragon wrapped around one massive arm suggested that even if he didn’t bite, it would.

Haley stepped out of her car and followed the trucker to the other side of the truck. They stood between his truck and a stand of pines growing closely together. It made a secluded spot from persons driving by.

He was looking at her, taking her in from all sides as he walked around her in circles. He stopped in front of her, “One hundred bucks for one time.”

Haley met his face; she tried to relax herself; kept telling herself that it would be over in no time. Who knows maybe she’d even enjoy it, it had been a while since her last time. She nodded her head okay.

He reached in and stroked a finger across her right nipple. “Two hundred bucks for twice and I take my time.”

Haley felt goose bumps explode as his finger touched her through the blouse. She shifted gears in her mind. She was getting paid to have sex with a stranger. If she was going to go through with it, she decided to try to make it a more bearable time. “You wear a condom at all times or it’s no deal.”

He smiled again, and pushed her towards the driver’s door of his rig. He reached into her blouse, gripping her breasts inside her bra. His hands making kneading circle, gripping hard and holding them up high. “Sounds fine,” he pressed her against the door, and pressed his leg between her thighs, his hands still gripping her breasts.

Haley felt the warm metal against her back; the step he used to climb inside was pressing into her thighs. She pushed her hands against the metal door and closed her eyes.

His hands gripped harder and pulled her large breasts out of her bra, the lace pushing them up in his hands. His fists were large and rough but her breasts still spilled from the sides. He leaned in close, his thigh pressing between hers making her stand on tiptoe to stay upright. “Unbutton your shirt,” he told her while he rubbed his thigh against her mini skirt.

Haley did as she was told, undoing the shirt with his hands still inside. She opened her legs wider against the pressure of his thigh rubbing between her legs. His firm hands were making her nipples hard. It ache when he squeezed them with his rough fingers.

Her breasts exposed he leaned down to put one nipple inside his mouth. With his newly freed hand, he moved steadily up her thigh. His hand made her skirt ride up high, the metal of the truck panel touching her ass cheeks. His hand made quick time to reach her sex, fingers pressing against her panties roughly before pushing the material aside.

He rose up, his face just above hers and pressed her to the truck as his fingers on her pussy pushed inside her tense body. Two thick-callused fingers went directly inside.

Haley’s head leaned back against the truck, and she found herself growing wet around his invading hand despite her nervousness. A fact that pleased the trucker as he pushed them roughly in and out a few times.

“I see what you like,” he leered at her, pumping his hand in and out of her pining her against the little metal step. “You’re wet for me, you want me inside.” He leaned in, licking her bottom lip then taking her mouth in a hard kiss.

He pulled her hand down to his waist, pressing it against his growing arousal. As he kissed her, he pushed her hand down his pants to touch him. His hand pulled free of her pussy as he undid his fly.

He put a hand in her hair, and pulled her to her knees on the grass beside the truck. The pine needles stuck at her knees as she found herself quickly eye level with his arousal. He was thick.

She had never seen a cock so thick and fairly long, compared to the men she had seen in this type of situation. His hand was still on her hair, and he pushed her lips against the swollen mushroom head.

He pulled a condom out of his pocket and handed it to Haley. She placed the tip in her lips and placed it on his penis head. Using her hands and mouth, she slid the condom on and began to take him in her mouth as far as she could while her hand stroked his shaft.

The trucker thrust his hips hard at her face, making her jaw ache the first few times. “That’s it, suck it,” he held her head in his hands, fucking her mouth as she took as much as she could each time.

She sucked him, using her hand to stroke with her tongue in one motion each time. He pressed into her until his head touched the back of her throat, then he held her there for some time. Haley thought she would gag, the reflex to do so rising up in her. She snorted for air through her nostrils, his scent filling her as she fought for air. It was intoxicating and scary at the same time. Something about being taken so roughly was making her aroused a fact that was a complete surprise.

“Touch yerself,” he ground the words out in a low voice, the request taking Haley by surprise. His hands stroked her head behind the ears, moving slightly his cock inside. When she did not respond to the request, he shook her head hard, thrusting his cock hard into her throat. “Your pussy, show me how a dirty slut gets off.”

Haley reached a hand down to her skirt, taking the time to pull back from his cock and swallow for a moment. She touched her hand lightly against her pussy, and watched for his reaction.

He was staring down at her, his hand in her hair and the other stroking his cock. “Put two fingers inside. Fuck yourself when you suck me.” He rubbed his swollen head against her cheek, his hips moving back and forth slowly each time.

Haley pushed her hand inside, her own fingers sliding into her wet pussy. Her juices sliding down her fingers, exciting her with the unusualness of the way she was letting herself is taken on her knees outside. Her hips jerked when her fingers touched her sensitive spot, she began riding her hand, and using her thumb to press her hard nub of a clit as she pulled out then in of herself.

She closed her eyes to the sensation, and soon found her mouth being pushed open for his thick cock again. This time she didn’t seem to mind. With the sensations, she was bringing on herself, sucking him added to the build up emerging inside. She relaxed her muscles in her jaw and throat and brought him deep into her mouth, sucking harder this time.

From above her head, she could hear him moaning and talking dirty to her as she took care of him and her at the same time. Each time she heard “good little whore,” she became bolder, dirtier with her actions.

After a few moments, she felt her thighs tense, and her hips began to speed up, as she rode her own hand. Her clit begged for more pressure, and she began to focus on the nub with her fingers.

The trucker seemed to sense her change, and grabbed her hand, pulling it up in a grip around her wrists. He held both of her hands up high at the wrists, keeping her mouth on his cock at the same time. “Oh no you don’t. You’ll wait to I have mine.”

He jerked her by the wrists, pulling her off balance onto his cock, his thrust harder and longer making Haley’s head jerk back each time.

A few violent thrusts, his grip on her wrists tightened. She felt him pull her back in the other direction; her wrists touched the metal of the truck behind her, her head touching the panel next. He used the leverage of the truck to hold her mouth to his cock as he pushed in one last time.

He held her pressed against the truck for a moment until his cock began to lax inside of her mouth. When he leaned away from her, he pulled her to her feet at the same time.

Haley leaned against the truck; she coughed and gasped for air through her mouth. The scent of him was on her mouth, his sweat on her upper lip, and chin it tinged the air she was breathing as if he were still fucking her mouth.

He reached down and gripped the waist of her skirt, pulling her to his hips, he smiled, “That’s one.” He took her hand and guided it to her cock making her take the condom off. His cum mixed with her own juices on her fingers, as she discarded the used rubber.

He turned her so her face was against the truck; her body sandwiched between him and the rig. His hands roamed over her breasts, roughly pulling, gripping. It was a grip that was punishing and arousing. It made her feel dirty and the sense excited it. He was breathing hard against her ear, his hips pressed very hard against her ass.

He was grinding against her ass with a hard pressure that made her reach for the handle above her head to the truck to keep from falling down. He bit her ear, her shoulder, his hands playing with her nipples until they ached and grew hard. She felt him move away, and heard him slide his belt from his pants.

In the next moment, he was binding her hands to the handle above her head on the truck with the leather belt. Haley began to panic. She pulled at the belt, testing her ability to wiggle free, “What are you doing?” she asked nervously.

“Shh shhh shhhh,” he leaned against her again, this time she could feel him growing hard again, his cock pressing into her ass cheeks from behind. One of his hands slid into her panties, fingers pinching her clit, tugging on it. “I promised I wouldn’t bite. This will just help you to hold on tight.”

With that, he spread her legs out, flipping her skirt over her rounded ass. He pulled at her panties, ripping them off of her, the material falling to the ground. She felt his teeth on her ass, and his fingers began pulling at her clit one more time. After a few moments, he pulled away.

She heard the condom wrapper tearing, then he was turning her to face him, her hands bound at the wrists above her head. The twist of her body, tightening the binds.

He grabbed her hips, pulled her to his arousal, running his cock against her slit a few times. His hands moved to her ass, and he pushed against the truck, lifting her up at the same time. He entered her then, her tied hands holding her at an angle just right for him to fuck her against the truck.

Haley grabbed the handle with her hands and held on when he pulled her legs up at the knees, making her fall onto his hard cock. His thickness stretched her and she remembered the same sensation from her first time. His hands quickly moved to her ass, holding her to him and pinned to the truck. He moved inside of her, steadily until he was completely inside.

Haley scrambled to find her feet. She clipped a heel against the lowest rung of the steps to the truck, and found that it helped keep the weight from her hands. She hooked both feet on the bottom wrung and used the leverage to match his strokes.

The trucker picked up the pace, moving faster and faster each time. By the time Haley had her feet on the steps, he was fucking her with such force, her ass was bouncing off the truck door each time.

He bit at her throat, sucking and biting as he took her. His hands gripping her ass cheeks, she could feel one of his fingers moving between her cheeks, closer each time. As Haley began to realize what he was doing, she tried to stop him, but couldn’t find a way to stop the inevitable. He bit at her collarbone, and thrust his index finger into her tight asshole while keeping up his pace of fucking her against the rig.

Haley had never had anal sex, nor let anyone touch her in this area. The sudden invasion made her cry out with the pain and surprise. Before she could catch a breath, two fingers were worked inside. She could feel his fingers and his cock pushing in at the same time. His hard thrusts making her ass ride his fingers and her pussy his cock at the same time.

After a moment, her juices slid to his fingers in her tight whole, making a smoother ride. She began to enjoy the sensation of feeling both holes invaded at the same time. Her body began to tighten, and she found her hips working as fast as his trying to find the finish to the race.

She came suddenly, surprising herself when the scream came from her. She gripped the handle of the truck and pumped her hips using the heels of her shoes locked onto the lower ring of the ladder. She gripped him tight inside her until she felt her release sliding between them.

His hand pulled from her ass, and he planted her hard against the truck as he thrust harder and in smaller strokes. He grunted a few times, then suddenly pulled out before his final time.

He slicked the condom from his cock, and stroked himself a final few times. When Haley opened her eyes to see what he was doing, she saw the stream of white cum flying to her chest. He came on her breasts, pumping himself until every drop was running down her chest and stomach.

Haley pulled at the belt when the warm liquid touched her, another shock that left her uncertain of her reaction to this new degradation. He wiped his slack cock on her stomach, and reached to release her wrists from the binds.

Haley pulled her shirt closed on her sticky breasts, her legs too wobbly to stand without leaning on the truck. She watched him pull up his pants and adjust himself one last time.

He reached down and took her torn panties; he put them inside his pocket. “That was real fine,” he said. He held that same leering smile as he handed her the money that had been pressed against the truck window only an hour before. “Maybe I’ll honk again sometime.”

Haley took the money in her hand, and looked at him one last time. Her body still tingled from her own release, and she reeked of his cum that was presently making her shirt stick to her chest. Her wrists hurt and she felt humiliated for what she had allowed him to do. As she walked back to the car, she felt the $200 in her bra and smiled.

Funny how time can change things in an hour. It would be her dirty secret, but it would make a few things right. She couldn’t help but feel like she had made a deal with the devil, and she prayed she wouldn’t develop a taste for such highway delights.

Monday, December 27, 2004


I climbed ontop of Rick, wearing that Santa inspired nightie complete with Santa hat that had the word 'angel' embroidered on it. He wore Christmas boxers, hard cock pulsing against my flesh as I leaned down and kissed him, his finger running along the trim on the breasts before squeezing the mounds they covered.

As I sat up from kissing him, grinding myself on his pelvis, I lost my hat.

"My angel hat fell off," I say to him as I kiss my way down his chest.

"Is this foreshadowing for whats to come?" he asks with a smirk.

Clever. And it turns out he was right. ;)

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Gmail Problems...

I'm not sure if its site problems, or just my computer, but I'm unable to check my email at that account. I'm hoping that will be magically fixed by tomorrow, but I seriously doubt it. For those who may have emailed me since yesterday, I apologize for the delay. If I can't get it working again, I'll find another email account to use.


I've retaken that pesky little test that had me flunking the past four months. Lo and behold, I finally passed! Whew! I know the final exam is a real bitch though. Wish me luck!

Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas!

Its Christmas Eve and I have a small army to cook and prepare for today and tomorrow. I wish all of you a very merry Christmas, and hope Santa is very good to each and every one of you. (even those of you on the naughty list, myself included ;)

Be safe and well, loves!


Thursday, December 23, 2004

Common Courtesy

How often do men have sex without climaxing? I'd guess hardly ever if ever at all.

I don't always orgasm when we have sex, and that doesn't bother me. Sometimes I just want to fuck for the sake of fucking. It feels good and thats the sensation I wanted, whether or not it has an orgasmic ending.

But sometimes, you really expect to finish big. You want to drift to sleep in a euphoric induced coma. These times are almost undoubtedly when your lover rolls over and starts snoring before you can whisper, "please".

This annoys me to no end.

Sex should not be over until it is agreed that both parties are mutually satisfied. "No honey, I don't need to come tonight, but thank you for offering." Or, "One quick little orgasm will tide me over, thank you so much."

Just saying.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Nipples in Abundance

Its officially winter, and it certainly is bitter cold. With highs in the single digits, and lows hitting negative numbers, its of no surprise that nipples are everywhere to be seen. That is, of course, if the person is not wearing a thick sweater or sweatshirt. I say person, because men's nipples are protruding this time of year as well, whether or not they like to admit it, and yes, we notice. ;)

Out shopping with a girlfriend last night, upon entering the store, I took off my coat. Immediatly she leaned in and whispered to me, "You may want to keep your coat on.....your...uh....showing..." At first I expected a rip or tear or some other flaw in my clothing, that would warrant such a warning. The only thing that caught my eye was two nipples, completely covered by my top, but letting their presence be known.

Looking down at my chest and back at her, I asked with my expression if thats what she meant. She nodded and looked around as if we were discussing pornography in church.

"I'm okay with that," I said before continuing with the shopping trip. Nothing more was said.

When did nipples become obscene? I wasn't walking around the store licking my fingers and tweaking my nipples as I wet my lips with my tongue and made come hither faces at passers by. I'm not offended when I see someone with hard nipples, I don't even think twice about it.

We're due for a long, bitter cold winter, so those who take offense, beware! My nipples are hard, and I don't care!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

What do you want Santa to bring you?

Besides world peace, hope for the less fortunate, and all that goodwill stuff. Show me your materialistic side and tell me the one gift you absolutely want the most this year.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Can't buy me love

We received a Christmas card today from Rick's parents with a $1000 check inside. Funny. I actually only opened it by mistake, as I would normally have it returned to sender.

Whats the going rate for forgiving a sexual predator these days? Surely more than $1000.

Fascinating what people will do for attention.

Do as I say, not as I do...

Friday, December 17, 2004

Another Thursday Night

We lay together, naked skin on naked skin. My head rests on the furry patch near his belly button, close enough to smell his want for me, but just out of reach from his roaming hands.

His shaft comes to life before my eyes, nothing touching it but my breath and soul intentions. Its enough.

Rolling onto his side, it brushes against my face before I wrap my fingers around it and eye it hungrily, looking back and making eye contact with him before I slide it down my tongue and carress it with my mouth.

"Mmmmmmm...." he moans.

I sense his hand slithering down the length of his body and resting close to my face, even closer to the base of his cock. I slow down enough to encourage him to stroke as I suck. Together we bring him pleasure.

His fingers harvest my residual kisses and use it to accelerate his bouncing fist full of dick. The image, the sounds he makes, I can feel his joy vicariously and this turns on a waterfall of pussy juice, inviting him to plow something, anything inside me.

My ass migrates closer to his hand, jutting my cunt out like a cat in heat, desperatly vying for his attention. I eat at him with renewed hunger, willing him to touch me.

He does.

His fingers seem surprised at the pool of dew waiting for them, and freeze momentarily, drinking it up before plunging inside.

"Mmmmm...." I moan.

His fingers writhe and wriggle inside of me as we play with his dick. Finally, I need more and I stop, sitting up before lying on my back and pulling him close to me.

Our legs intertwine and my finger tips lightly touch the tip of his head while his fingers dip back into my slit, palm heavy and making large circles on my mound, forcing my clit to spring to life.

I relax and suck his mouth as he brings me closer and closer to orgasm.

"I'm going to come," I whisper as I feel myself uncoiling. His breathing quickens at my words, showing the arousal in hearing my confession, and he pulls me closer to him.

He held me tight as I contorted beneath his touch. He held his palm firmly against my box, feeling the pulsing heighten and then die off.

I caught my breath, kissing him, and was just about to ask him how he'd like to come when he spoke.

"I want you to sit on my dick and make me come." His fingers traced my jawline as he kissed my mouth before adding, "Can you do that?"

He moved himself to the center of the bed and held his cock in hand as I straddled his legs. He didn't let go as I positioned myself over the head of his dick. Instead, he teased my pussy lips with it before placing it between them himself, saying, "Right there." I sat down on him, the fullness of his dick and the moaning from his mouth making me that much more hungry for the ride.

"Oh yeah! Mmmm..Fuck me," he says as I bounce up and down, pinching my nipples and grinding my greedy clit onto his hardness, coaxing it to another wave of climax.

His pubic hair tickles my ass as I gyrate and thrust myself around him. His fingers grab at my ass cheeks and grip tightly at the supple flesh forcing me to fall harder on his stick.

I begin to tremble and quake again, my walls clenching and milking him of his juices.

Exhausted by pleasure and sticky with sex, we retire into a pile of limbs, again intertwined and now holding hands. Heartbeats racing, and short of breath, we whisper 'I love you' before blissfully falling asleep, never happier.

Tell me....

Someone very close to you is in pain, paralyzed, and will die within a month. He begs you to give him poison so that he can die. Would you? What if it were your father?

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Bah Humbug!

He does it every year. Even though I tell him not to, even though I tell him it pisses me off and hurts my feelings. He still does it. He did it last night.

Rick likes to try and guess his Christmas gifts every year, taking the weight and sounds that shaking the gift makes and making an educated guess as to what it could be. Hes usually right.

On one present that had him stumped, he decided to go through a list of what it couldn't be. "Can't be a new lap top, because the size is wrong," and so on and so on and then, "And its not a photo printer, because that would be more for you than me anyway."

Thats exactly what it is. The new Epson that produces photos for about twenty nine cents a print, about the same as getting them developed elsewhere, only more convenient.

He got a digital camera for his birthday, that he lusted over for months, why wouldn't he want a printer?

Besides that, I already have plans for that printer. lol

I have a very elaborate Valentines day set up that I have been planning for months. Part of it includes a small album of sensual photographs, thus further proving the need for the printer.

Regardless of all that, I'm irritated that he spoils the surprise of his gifts every year. And for that I exclaim, BAH HUMBUG!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Hump Day

The Christmas Spirit

Santa may not make it down my chimney anymore, but I think that he's still looking out for this secret starry eyed believer. He left me a little Christmas present….a visit from one of his taller elves. He didn't come in the sleigh, nor from the mall display, or corner bars where the polyester bearded Santa's let loose their suspenders after the shopping frenzy hours are over. This elf came from the place that only true Christmas helpers originate. He was driving the Salvation Army truck that picked up my garage of impromptu donations.

I've always been a big fan of Christmas. Christmas trees, Christmas cards, wrapping gifts, decking halls, spiking eggnog, and all that holly jolly stuff were part of my mania in mid December. But after a disaster of a Thanksgiving with extended family in tow, and the added bonus of my boyfriend discovering that he liked to swing both ways on the North Pole (more like he liked going up it and down it in my bedroom nonetheless), I had become a little less Merry and a lot more Ho Ho Hum. Besides the festive cheer of Christmas Spirits past in my Snowman coffee mug where my once mixture of eggnog and rum had turned to complete devotion to Captain Morgan's, I was not in a festive mood at all.

So I did what everyone does when they're at the end of their ropes. I burned the rope and jumped on a new one. Or in this case, I threw all of Chad's things into boxes, added a few things of my own, drug the fouled mattress out to the garage and in the height of my mania (my neighbor reminding me of the burn ban when I asked to borrow his lighter fluid) decided to give it all to charity.

As I felt smugly proud of my new found charitable spirit, I donned the Santa hat I found in the back of the closet under Chad's collection of leather shoes, and cracked the seal on a new bottle hosting my favorite pirate of the season.

A half hour later, the old truck rumbled backwards into my driveway. I toddled to the door to see what was the clatter. Barefoot in my plaid pj bottoms I opened the door. My Santa hat flopping to one side over my long brown hair; I pressed my heated face on the glass of the front door. The glass cooled my warm feeling that had nothing to do with Christmas cheer and everything to do with the cheer in the snowman mug. I watched the driver make his decent. Tight blue jeans showed off well muscled legs, tight navy sweater stretched over ripples in a broad back, and all coming together with an ass that would make a saint cry. Hold the phone, it might be the booze, but this delivery is looking even better.

He had on a green and red toboggan, and I noticed from the way it clung, he was bald underneath the fuzzy friend. When he turned to walk to the door, I noticed his dark thin goatee and arched eyes. Tan, hard featured, and baby eyed. He was a David statue in clothes and a Christmas pen with the charity logo scrolled on the side.

I suddenly felt the need to go out and say hello. I met him in the garage, and showed him the proud packages for charity I had acquired. He looked over my boxes, the bed, then looked at me and smiled. His eyes looked me up and down in a way that I was hoping was predictive and not just my impaired thinking and new found horniness.

"Let me guess," he said in a deep voice, "bad breakup." He managed to look sincere as he loaded the first box of men's clothes then turned back to me.

I watched him closely, stalking my prey like an elusive jungle cat. My own animal stalking television show starring me was being narrorated by an Australian gator hunter in my head. Too much cable TV…

I managed to smile my most charming seductive smile ("Al'ight mate, let me know you're frien'ly). "How'd you guess?"

He laughed and perched himself on the edge of the biggest of the boxes. Chad's entertainment system was in it. "Well for starters there's all the men's clothes. Then there's the bed."

I leaned against the garage, taking a drink from my trusty snowman. "Hmm mmm, but that could mean other things."

He smiled broader, perfect teeth flashing. I touched my lip with my tongue thinking about what it would be like to taste him. "Yes, but then there's the obvious thing."

"What's that?" I asked moving closer to him and sitting frosty down for the first time that morning. I moved in for a closer view.

"Well," he stood up and met me head on. We were almost the same height and we stood chin to nose. He looked down at my mug on the box and then back at me. "You're Christmas cocoa hasn't any cocoa, and you are standing out in the cold barefoot and shirtless."

A long pause in my brain, the Australian had gone to commercials in my brain and a sudden nagging acknowledgement seeped in. That's what I was forgetting! In slight horror I glanced down to see I was wearing nothing with my pants but my red lace bra. My brain developed sirens and whistles, all going off and making my mouth go stupid, in response I muttered, "Oh."

I felt his hand on my chin and he was putting his sweater on over my head when I came to from my brain separation. He smiled and stroked my bottom lip, "I do like what I see though, but you're neighbors are a bit riled."

I looked out of the garage to see the old couple from across the street in horror shock while their poodle crapped on my lawn. Again words of wisdom came to my mind and I said, "Oh."

He suddenly was very near to me and I felt him pulling me up to his chest, my cold toes pressed onto his shoes. He sniffed my hair then nuzzled my neck with the hairs on his chin. His hand moved down to cup one of my large breasts through his sweater and he whispered, "How bout you let me take you back inside. You look like you could use some warming up."

I looked up at him, his handsome face, and his dark eyes. His hands were large and making my right breast come to life with one while the other stroked my lip until I wet his finger when I licked my lips the next time.

He tasted of salt and earth, he felt warm and solid, and I opened my mouth again to tell him what I felt about all men at this time.

My lips were immediately sealed with his own and his tongue intercepted mine. He picked me up in the garage and with the neighbor's poodle nervously barking at us, he took me inside.

My back hit the cold of the wall beside the door, and my mind came back. He pinned me there with his body, and I was balanced on one hard thigh. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he put his hands inside his own sweater to rub against my chest one more time.

The sensation of new warmth and cold hands was amazing. I kissed him back hard; letting all the anger and frustration spilling into sexual tension for this stranger who looked like a model who played football on the side. He shifted our weights, and I was bounced against his pelvis, and found that his hips were now rubbing into mine. I could feel him growing hard in his jeans through the thin fabric of my bottoms that were growing damp from the inside from my own growing need and apparent lack of underwear.

He moved me to an over stuffed chair in the living room and sat back between my legs to remove his t-shirt. I watched him from my slumped perch, noting the quickness that I had gone from being the hunter to the hunted. Not wanting to get behind, I removed his sweater and tossed it to the side. We stared at each other for a still moment before he pounced and I met him halfway. His hand went into my pants and he groaned when he realized I was bare in more sense than one.

"Good God, Santa must have come early," he murmured as he slid two fingers along my wet shaven slit.

I opened my legs wider for him, and moved my hips so he could pull the pants off all together. "I was thinking the same thing," I said when I reached for the bulge against his jeans and felt it pulse against my palm.

Once again he pushed me back and was holding me tight. He grabbed my waist and pulled me to the edge of the chair. His mouth sucked on my breasts through the bra, making my nipple hard against the wet fabric. His fingers were back against my wet slit, two fingers making their way inside.

I removed my own bra, just as they found their way into my hot wet inside. The sensation was very heady. I arched up and let out a loud sigh when his teeth found bare nipple and thumb found my aroused inner nub.

Reading my fevered mind, his face trailed kisses down my belly then joined his fingers in their exploration. Suddenly his hands were cupping my breasts and his tongue was swirling around the growing nib of my clit. Warm, maddening feelings were making me completely high.

I rocked my head back into the chair and let my body take over for my better senses. I rubbed my hands around his wonderfully smooth bald head, guiding his talented mouth to the right spots between my thighs. His teeth raked just hard enough, his tongue darted just to the left just so, and his mouth sucked me in just right.

I was too lost to think about anything but my needs. I bucked against his face, and used my hands to rub myself all over him. In the height of my pleasure I finally got a full sentence out about how I felt about this sudden surprise. "Oh, fuck me; fuck me right now I need you inside."

Shocked by such boldness from myself, but I did just meet this man in my bra in the garage, my eyes flew open to see what his reaction would be. I had gone too far to pretend modest now. I might as well say what was exactly on my mind.

I must have read his. In the next moment, he was pulling me to the carpet onto my knees. Bent over into the chair, he rubbed my ass with his large hands then spread my legs to take me from behind. A few slow strokes against my tight ass cheeks, and he sunk in deep into my wet pussy from behind.

He wasted no time. His cock filled me quickly, and then he thrust in to bury himself all the way inside. He was long enough that I felt I could feel him halfway up inside. He held my hips tight and slammed into me one hard firm time. My large breasts bounced against the edge of the chair and my face pushed into the pillows. This is how it began and built up for a long hard while. On and on he fucked me, hard drives then fast quick thrusts that made his balls slap my ass and my whole body shake from impact with his hard thighs. When I thought that he couldn't possibly do any more, and I was ready to agree to any terms as long as he didn't stop til I came, he let me in on another surprise.

He pulled back and flipped me over into the chair. Pulling my ass off the edge, he tucked my feet up around the arms of the chair and over his shoulders. He slid in again and began fucking me as we were eye to eye. He leaned in to kiss me, making his hips go in circles as I made mine do the same. "I want you to touch yourself as I fuck you," he whispered. He took my hand and guided it down to were our bodies were joined with his own. He leaned back lowering my legs and opening them wider.

I looked down at him pushing our hands against my soaking clit. "I want to watch you as I fuck you."

Without my usual tirade of sporadic thinking, I began to stroke my clit with my fingers as he held them in mine. The feeling of him slow fucking me and my own hand knowing exactly where to stroke and when, I began to give in to the best pleasure I had felt in my whole life. Soon my hips were rocking faster to his, and he met the pace as I increased it each time. I could hear him talking but most of the words were lost in my own singing senses. All I know is that they were dirty and encouraging, and driving me out of my mind. Outside of my own head I could hear myself moaning, and almost screaming as I began to build to climax from this wild ride.

When the white heat began to unwind, my hand moved faster on my clit and I felt him meet my need. I arched up hard as I came, screaming out wildly as I felt him hoist my legs back over his shoulders and fuck me harder than ever as he rode out my orgasms as they came over and over.

When I started breathing again for the third time I felt his body tighten inside of mine. He reached to pinch my nipples, twisting them painfully in his own climax. He pulled out at the last, and with a low roar, came on my chest. Hot cum covered my breasts and ran down my stomach before he collapsed against me in the chair and we lay there for some time.

Later I helped him put the mattress back on my bed, found out his name was Greg and tried the whole experience again with more room to work. By the evening, I was exhausted, happily fucked and in the real Christmas spirit for the first time. He left with my donations minus the bed and agreed to help me trim the tree Christmas Eve Night.

I leaned in the door, in his sweater pulled down to cover my naked thighs and waved him goodbye. His number was written on my inner right thigh and mine on his. He was wearing my Santa hat and my bra was in his pants pocket it just felt like a Christmas moment that no card could ever describe.

I suddenly felt optimistic for the New Year. I waved at the neighbors and their nasty poodle in my lawn again. Before I could catch myself I leaned out the glass door, letting the sweater move up to show the edge of my shaved pussy. I blew a kiss to my charity driver and shouted in the spirit of Twas the Night Before Christmas, "and I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight, What a fabulous fuck, and to all a good night."

My computer is being mean to me

*pout pout pout*

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Chilled to the bone

"It smells like Christmas," I replied, taking a deep breath and smiling.

Rick chuckled, "What does that mean, 'it smells like Christmas'?"

"The air is crisp, cold, you can just smell the snow. You know, like when you were a kid, the smell of Christmas is something that just sticks with you."

"I don't think snow has a smell. Its just cold, and you...well I don't know what I'm going to do with you. Smells like Christmas..." he shook his head and grinned as we walked down the snowy sidewalk. We were supposed to meet friends and all ride together to a Christmas party, but we took too long getting ready, Rick undressing every inch of my body just as quickly as I dressed it. Stolen kisses here and there, but I intended to let his anticipation grow throughout the evening before giving in and letting him ravish me.

His hand squeezed my ass through the snug fitting skirt as the snow started to fall again. "Well, what do you want to do," he asked. "We've obviously missed our ride. Do you want to try and get a cab?"

My eyes watched the glistening snow flakes falling like diamond dust around the glow of the street lamp. "Nah," I replied. "Lets just spend the evening together. We can build a fire and watch the snow fall."

"Sounds good to me," he said as his hands held my face still for his kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck and savoured his mouth, his hand migrating again to my ass, this time pulling up my skirt slightly. His hand slipped beneath the material, snaked around my thigh and parted my panties just enough to slightly dip his finger inside of me.

I gasped at the surprise of the cold finger tip greeting me.

The very thought of what was to come had me dripping with anticipation as we resumed walking. Through the pocket of his long coat, I could grope at his cock, which was hard and pulsing everytime I felt for it.

We took turns slyly molesting each other as we walked closer and closer to home. About a block away from the apartment, Rick grabbed my arm and led me down an alley between two buildings.

"What are you doing?" I asked, knowing more than I let on.

Without saying a word, only smiling, he led me down the dark alley. Once at the end, he grabbed me for a deep, lustful kiss before he opened his coat and pulled out his cock.

Holding my hips, he turned me around and bent me over, slamming himself easily into my slicked pussy, panties pushed to the side and rubbing against his shaft as he thrust.

I felt snow flakes falling on the exposed skin of my ass and becoming droplets of water as they melted and ran down my thighs. I was numb to the cold as he fucked me, pounding harder and harder into my box, tiny moans escaping my lips.

He came in large explosions, filling me with his seed that felt unnaturally hot on the chilled lips of my pussy. As he pulled out, he fixed my panties before putting his dick away and buttoning his coat again.

I stood up, adjusting my skirt and feeling warm come trickling down my leg as he led me out of the dark alley.

He took my hand in his and we headed home, walking in our very own winter wonderland.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Starve a cold, feed a fever? Or just screw it?

Musical Blogs

Looks like my bandwidth allowance for the month will expire today or tomorrow, meaning that 2,000,000,000 bytes lasted about five days. lol Guess once a month I'll just have five days of music. Who wants to listen to music all the time anyway? ;)

Posted by Hello

For practical reasons, I shared Nick's hotel room with him during my stay. He is a dear, close friend, with an ex wife from hell, and needed a friend this weekend before heading back home to try and pick up the pieces and start anew.

I climbed into bed with him late Friday night as we settled down for sleep.

"Say the word and I'll sleep on the floor," he offered. I hushed him and wished him sweet dreams.

"I miss this. I miss having a woman in bed with me, smelling sweet and warm. Women are such beautiful creatures, capable of making everything better. You're magical, do you know that?"

"Me, or women in general?" I giggled back to him.

"Well, you especially. More than any woman I've ever known, anyway. You have the gift of healing. I don't know what I'd do without you as my friend. I love you."

I hugged him and we fell asleep.

The doom and gloom attitude I met him with Friday afternoon had vanished come Saturday morning. He was bright and cheery and wanted to have some fun in the city before we left the next day. I was relieved to see the change.

Last night as I unpacked my bag, I saw a card with my name on it, tucked inside. I smiled as I read the sweet note from Nick.

"To my magical fairey of happiness:
You've removed the evil spell of darkness that I was cursed with, and reminded me to breathe before it was too late. I thank my lucky stars that I have you to keep me well. You're magical, but you knew that.


Were you hitting on me??

Had a most peculiar experience over the weekend. As you know, I spent the weekend in New York with a close friend of mine. Anyway, we were out to dinner Friday night, and this waiter was flirting like it was going out of style. He was cute and sweet, and you know I enjoy the attention, so I innocently flirted back.

Heres where the story gets interesting.

He starts having a conversation with the table behind us about weblogs. Actually, he made it a three syllable word, pronouncing it weh-BUH-logs. My ears perked up as he admitted his obsession for reading about other people's lives, and particularly when he named and talked about two blogs that just so happen to be on my links list.

Judging by the blogs he named, it is certainly possible, if not probable, that he reads this site as well.

Wouldn't that be wild?

Friday, December 10, 2004

Leaving on a jet plane

Off to collect a friend in the Big Apple. Hes staying in a hotel just steps away from Times Square and all the hoopla, so maybe I'll manage to get some entertainment in while I'm there. He owes me, anyway. lol

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I don't know if I'll have access to post anything, so if not, I should be back by Sunday evening.


The two hottest traits in a man

The very first thing that I notice in a man is his smile. Grumpy, pouty people are not attractive to me, even if they have supermodel looks. Its just not fun to be around a crab.

Probably most important of all, to me anyway, is sense of humor. I love a man with a sense of humor, who can make me smile and who can laugh at himself. I like to be around people I can be silly around, and who won't think less of me because of it. I have an odd sense of humor, I know. lol I watched this new show last night, and was squealing and laughing so much, Rick came in to see what all the hub bub was about. I think hes my new crush, I just can't resist the funny guys.

Now, being funny is great and all, but if the brains aren't there..... I like intelligence. Smart men are hot, and if they have a sense of humor to match, watch out! lol I love being around a man who has something of intellect to offer. I have a constant thirst for knowledge, and humor for that matter, and if a man can fufill them both, then he is simply irresistable to me.

With Rick, I got humor, intelligence and good looks on top of it all. Throw in his blue eyes, and I am a puddle at his feet.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Post Office, beware!

I've finished making out my Christmas cards, and the pile is rather large. Greetings going as close as two blocks away and as far away as Malaysia.

I want to thank everyone who took advantage of my Christmas card offer. You should all be getting your holiday greetings soon. Feel free to drop me a line and let me know you received it okay.

Happy Holidays!


Another List

Also found at Hey, you:

RULES:Copy this entire list into your blog/journal
BOLD everything about you that is true.
Leave plain anything that is false about you.
Put an * at the end of false statements you would LIKE to be true.
Please include this credit: Copyright 2004, Garrison Steelle. www.churchofsteelle.com

1.I have had sex while wearing a blindfold.
2.I have blindfolded someone else during sex.
3.I have had sex while watching porn.
4.I have had sex while surfing porn on the Internet.
5.I sleep better after sex.
6.There are some nights I cannot sleep without sex or masturbating.
7.The bed is NOT my most favorite place to have sex.
8.I am turned on knowing someone is watching me masturbate.
9.I have masturbated for someone over a web cam.
10.I have had sex over a web cam.
11.I will have sex with someone I just met if they turn me on.
12.I have been tied up during sex.*
13.I have had sex with someone who was tied up.
14.I have dripped wax onto a lover's body.
15.I have had a lover drip wax onto my body.
16.I have a foot fetish.
17.I have a leather fetish.
18.I have a tickle fetish. (NOOO!!!! I HATE TO BE TICKLED!!!)
19.I like being choked during sex. (uhhh...noooo)
20.I have had sex in a burning building.
21.I have erotic art on display somewhere in my residence.
22.I enjoy nudie magazines.
23.Erotic toys are a regular part of my budget.
24.I think PLAYBOY is tame, maybe even boring.
25.I click on porn links in my email.
26.I know the difference between girl/girl and lesbian sex in porn.
27.I have watched more than one gay/lesbian porn video.
28.Much of what I know about sex come from porn.
29.Interracial sex turns me on.
30.I think we should do more to understand the cultures of sex.
31.I would participate in sex research given the opportunity.
32.My current lover does not sufficiently meet my sexual needs.
33.I currently have a "crush" on someone of the same sex.
34.I have had sex at my place of employment.
35.I am often disappointed in my sexual relationships.
36.Some people might describe me as a nymphomaniac. (and they'd probably be right lol)
37.I am difficult to live with if I'm not having sex on a regular basis.
38.I sleep better with someone snuggled up next to me.
39.I have had sex under water.
40.I have had sex in the snow.
41.I am in a polyamorous relationship.
42.I have to have music playing while having sex.
43.I have had more than ten orgasms in one night. (sadly, brought on by myself)
44.I have flashed strangers.
45.I have given sex as a gift.
46.I have set-up a three-way for my lover.
47.I stopped during this list to have sex.
48.Garrison Steelle turns me on. (??)
49.I have fantasies involving Garrison Steelle.
50.I would pose nude for Garrison's camera if he promised to NEVER show them to anyone

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got.
Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot.

Wouldn't you like to get away?

Sometimes you want to go, where everybody knows your name,
and they're always glad you came.
You wanna be where you can see, our troubles are all the same
You wanna be where everybody knows your name.

You wanna go where people know, people are all the same,
You wanna go where everybody knows your name.

You want to go where people know, people are all the same;
You want to go where everybody knows your name.

Greg just had to get all sweet and sentimental. Now my eye makeup is a mess and I'm singing the theme to Cheers.

Thats okay. I still love him. =0)

Tell me....

Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as your dinner guest? As your close friend? As your lover?

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Male leads wanted

So, I'm considering writing another Hump Day story starring one of my readers. I'm not sure where I'm going with it yet, but if you're interested in the part, email me and we'll see what we can work out. Obviously, I can only choose one for now, so I don't want anybody to get their feelings hurt if they don't get chosen this go around. Theres sure to be more chances.

In your email, if you have any scenario suggestions, lets hear 'em.


I want you to want me. =0)

Give me a reason to post an Audio Clip

My crappy computer wouldn't even play audio blog clips before Rick tweaked it, but now that it does, I've been searching for a reason to post an audio clip. I'm not sure what I'd say or why, so thats where you come in. What say you?

Back to reality

I climbed in the hot shower and let the water beat on my neck, releasing the tension. Next I let the water massage the pounding headache, coaxing it to ease up and leave me alone. The heat and pressure of the water felt heavenly on my body, kneading my sore muscles and clearing my mind.

My thoughts were of things they shouldn't be, my dream and other equally inappropriate situations.

They were also of Rick. He knows.

I asked him to help me to print something, and as he played with the computer, an old page of the blog popped up. A suggestive picture here, some dirty words there. I held my breath and told him I thought I could figure it out.

He was on the computer as I showered, and I couldn't help but wonder if he was reading my blog. I didn't care if he did or not, it could only help me. But the curiosity was maddening.

When he finally came to bed, he acted none the wiser. I'm convinced he didn't read anything at all, his restraint is unmatched by anyone I know.

Lights off, I got on my hands and knees, stretching out my back.

"Is your back sore," he asked.

"A little," I answered. "We need an inversion table."

To that he quickly replied, "We could have some crazy sex on that thing."

I was a bit surprised at his sexual comment, but decided to take advantage of it.

"I still want a sex swing," he chuckled at my words before I added, "Seriously. Don't you think that would be fun?"

"We don't have anywhere to put one," was his safe, practical answer.

"Yes, but when we move, we can make sure we choose a house with an extra room in the basement just for that purpose."

He was quiet, perhaps considering the idea.

"Why am I so much more of a whore than you," I jokingly asked.

He laughed, "I don't know, why are you?"

"I don't know," I answered, "but I know you like it, don't you?"


I sat up briefly, my hand brushing against his pulsing cock. This was enough encouragement to take him in my mouth and lick him a few times before returning to my ass in the air, back stretching position.

I wanted to tease him just enough to motivate him to take me.

My plan worked.

His dick slicked from my mouth, was soon plunged deep inside of me, his pelvis slamming into my ass as he pumped.

"Oh, yeah! Fuck me! Mmmmm!"

It was quick, but it was what I wanted. He pulled me back and took care of me.

Much better.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Meet me under the mistletoe.... Posted by Hello

Naughty thoughts are taking over...

Rick has been less than amorous these last few days, and quite accordingly, my mind has quickly filled with naughty thoughts.

I had a dream about a fellow blogger last night. lol I can't believe I just admitted that. But I woke up coming hard, my breath momentarily leaving me.

The dream was desperate and hungry, the sex fantastic if not guilt inspiring. I smile every time I think about it, and wonder what he'd think if he knew. lol

Why do we seem to be destined to a sexual partner with a vastly different sex drive than our own? Is it a test? A challenge? Punishment?

I am beginning to feel like a sexual predator, stalking Rick and waiting for a sign to pounce. Its upsetting to be turned down. Rejection hurts in any form. Is this what you men go through? This sucks.

I feel like I need a sex slave. A man on call at all hours, always horny and never rejecting. I'll never have to hunt my prey, the bounty would be mine for the taking.

He would like giving oral sex equally or more than receiving it. He would sense the submission within me and lead me accordingly, not forgetting to leave the perfect reddened imprint of his hand on my ass.

Biting would be encouraged, and the dirtier the talk the better. Yes, I'm you're little slut, and I love it.

Thoughts of a horny housewife may be better left unsaid.

Isn't he romantic?

Actual message left on our answering machine today by the hopeless romantic I call my husband:

"Hey baby, its me. I'm on my way home, so kick your boyfriend out my house. Love you, see you soon."


Monday, December 06, 2004


Nothing I want to do to this stupid blog today is working! I'm trying to post a picture in the freakin' profile, only to be constantly met with 'ERROR! Image not found!'. I hate computers. I hate technology. I hate small limited bandwidth. I hate html. I hate the 'ERROR' message.

I don't like Mondays. I'd play that song in my player, but as you know, my bandwidth is used up, not twelve hours after installing it.


Posted by Hello

Why my player doesn't work

"You have a free account, with 30 MB of storage, and 10 MB of daily transfer usage.
In the last 24 hours, you have used 17.33MB(173%) of your daily transfer allowance. If downloads from your account over a 24 hour period exceeds your daily transfer limit, public and shared downloads from your account will be temporarily disabled, until your 24 hour total usage drops below your daily transfer limit.
Downloads from your account has been temporarily lockedOur system has detected that your usage over the last 24 hours has exceeded your daily download limit. Download links to your files are temporarily unavailable.As soon as your 24 hour total usage drops below your daily transfer limit, public access to your files will be restored.
You are current using 1.61MB, out of 30MB."

Theres always tomorrow... :)

For Your Listening Pleasure

The Blogger men in my life spoil me with their infinate computer knowledge and their quick response to my maiden in distress call for help with all things technical. What would I do without you guys? My blog would surely suffer.

I have to give credit to StuckForNow for beautifully explaining to me the nifty little player to the left, as well as matching it to my template. Darling, I'd smother you in kisses if I could.

I love my blogging friends. :)

Friday, December 03, 2004

New AIM Screen Name

When Rick messed up, er, fixed the computer, he erased AIM, leaving me without a means to talk to you guys. Much to his dismay when he finds out, I've downloaded it again and have a new screen name if anyone ever wants to chat. My new nick is goodwife2000, also found in my Blogger profile with my email address.

The sideways profile on the model's face bears a closer resemblance to yours truly than the front view, but afterall, its just a virtual model. Posted by Hello

Just can't seem to stop jumping on the blogger bandwagon here, Craz4acop and Celticfrog posted these on their sites and here I am doing the same. Go to www.myvirtualmodel.com and make your own, then post it for us to see. Yes, they do guy models too, so lets see whos blogging out there! :) Posted by Hello

Okay, I want this. lol What would Rick think of the new bedroom choreography? Only good things, I'm sure. :)

Is there a female equivilant to blue balls?

Because I think I have it, and damn it if it doesn't make me crabby.

Masturbation wouldn't help, because thats not what I want, and I'm in too foul a mood to even bother. lol I feel like a pouty toddler about to erupt in a full blown temper tantrum.

Silly really.

But let it be said, teasing without following through is evil incarnate. Turns perfectly happy, pleasant people into a crabby shell of the lovliness they normally are.

*pout pout pout*

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Damn technology! Damn it all to hell!

How is it, that a cold, hard plastic box can cause such an array of feelings in a person? Happiness at the funny joke your brother emailed you, anger at the breaking news stories of fresh murders and violence, relief at paying your e-bills just in time to avoid late fees, and enevitably pain and sadness when your online friends and family are suffering.

I am blessed to have a very large network of friends I've met through the internet, be it through MSN mommy groups, chatrooms, or even blogging. Sometimes just reading about someone for an extended period of time, makes you feel as though you truly know them. Their happiness and triumphs bring a smile to your face, their anger and frustrations irritate you equally and, as I've come to find out, their pain and sadness have a way of leaking out through the computer monitor and causing feelings of melancholy to take over.

The Good Husband is on his way out the door. He is hurt, wounded, and laying it out for all to see. The honesty in his words, the crystal clear description of his thoughts and his situation is overwhelming, the poetry of his words haunting.

I feel like I'm watching a movie and feel compelled to scream up at the screen for the characters to fix everything, to give us the happy ending that we all long to see. It can't end this way, can it? Tell me its not true.

Today I read his first post on his new blog, and then his last current post on his old blog. I wept through both. Maybe its hormones, maybe its the gloomy weather, maybe its the link I feel to him, but every line made me hurt more.

I wonder how his wife would feel, had she read his blog. If she saw the tremendous love he was constantly describing for her, if she had any clue how much her actions affected him, if she knew how much she hurt him, would this still be happening?

This sucks. I'm sorry you're going through this, Chris. We'll always have that night at the hotel though.

Go give Chris some happy thoughts and well wishes.

My list

Okay, I've given in to one of those silly blogger list thingys that I saw here. The bold print are truths. Here goes:

01. I've had sex in the past five minutes.
02. I enjoy giving oral sex more than receiving.
03. I scream loudly in sex.
04. I love sleeping with more than one person.
05. I own at least three books about sex.
06. I leave the house minus underwear sometimes.
07. I have accepted financial renumeration for pleasures.
08. I've had sex while under the influence of a drug.
09. There is a tape floating around of me - ala Paris Hilton. (I've made tapes with Rick, but those aren't floating around out there, so I assume that doesn't count)
10. I have been the odd person in a threesome.
11. I have published the sexual exploits of a past relationship without telling my ex.
12. I have lied to a lover about having an affair.
13. I have more than four tattoos.
14. I like and respect Jenna Jameson.
15. I like slow sex.
16. I have learned a lot sexually over the past year.
17. I have a sexual fantasy about another blogger. (I've had a racy dream about another blogger, does that count?)
18. I've been told I give the best blowjob.
19. I carry a condom at all times.
20. I have considered sex with a female blogger.
21. I've broken a bone while having sex.
22. I have a wet dream that I am ashamed to reveal.
23. I have had sex in the rain. (no, but I really, really want to!)
24. I have had sex while someone else watched.
25. I would get plastic surgery if it would improve my sex life.
26. I want to have sex right now.
27. Food play annoys me in sex.
28. I like sex that's hard and fast.
29. I always brush my teeth after sex. (huh?)
30. I trim my pubic regions.
31. I have traveled out of town to have sex.
32. I have fantasized about having sex with my brother-/sister-in-law.
33. I have had sex with at least five different nationalities.
34. I dress to look sexy every day.
35. I have had sex with twins.
36. I have had sex with someone I met over the internet.
37. I have more than ten sex toys.
38. I like the way I look naked.
39. I have lied so a person would sleep with me.
40. I change from one sex position to another in a specific order each time.
41. I saw my parents having sex. (I've heard them having sex, which may be even more traumatizing)
42. I get cable just for the soft porn. (not quite. we get cable for the Disney channel-not just the Wiggles either :)
43. I think legalized prostitution can reduce some crime.
44. I have a list of people I would like to see naked. ( I don't have an actual list, but I can name some, if thats what it means)
45. I have slept with my boss/superior.
46. I wish my sexual organs looked different.
47. I have wet dreams often.
48. I enjoy phone sex.
49. I have been arrested for being naked in public.
50. I flirt online daily.

Not terribly shocking, is it? lol I've already revealed most of these in previous posts!

Tell me....

If you could choose the manner of your death, what would it be?

Follow Up:

Would you prefer to die a hero's death, die a martyr to some great cause, die in a natural catastrophe, or die peacefully? Why is it so tempting to have death catch us in our sleep?

(no, I'm not morbid or depressed. lol)

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Room Girls Pt 4

“Not right now,” Allison threw her keys across the room to the small table nearest the window. The metal pieces clanked twice, and skidded to the floor below one of the two small chairs. She dropped her briefcase in the middle of the suite never missing stride towards the small kitchen.

Pellie watched her from her perch on the window seat. She had been watching the lean brunette sunning herself under the window by the pool when her guest for the week had walked in. She had been here for 2 days and had not wanted Pellie’s attention other than to fetch her items for work.

Pellie had been skeptical when the tall woman with the long auburn hair had announced her stay at the resort as a business trip. Who came to this island for business? This was a resort that catered to pleasure, not executive power sessions. However, after two nights of no requests for contact, she was beginning to believe the woman had told the truth.

A shame really, she thought to herself as she watched her pour herself straight vodka in a tumbler and gulp it down. The woman had a mystical beauty to her. Long legs, firm pert breasts pushing out of her trimmed suits and a full upper lip that Pellie wouldn’t mind sliding her tongue across.

Allison headed into the bathroom. Her heels flew across the room, her jacket shortly after it onto the floor.

Pellie walked across the room and picked the things up to put into place. She watched Allison sitting in her bra and short linen skirt on the edge of the large Jacuzzi tub. Her jaw was clenched tight, and she was lost to some thought.

“Bad day?” Pellie ventured into the room, and turned the water on to the tub.

Allison looked at her for a long moment. Pellie was shorter than her coming up to her shoulders when standing side by side. She had large searching brown eyes, and short cropped brown hair. She almost looked like a young boy, accept for those curves that were definitely feminine. Allison had been attracted to her from the moment she met her. However, she was not fully honest with herself about her newly found sexuality. Even though Pellie was her room servant for the week, and Allison understood well what that meant, she had not been able to take advantage of this odd service that the resort offered. She had been too consumed with working on her proposal for the Stevenson case, and even more consumed with tentative fear of letting this person share intimate details about her body.

She was kind though. Allison watched her running the bath for her, and pouring scented oils into the water. Her mind was taken back by the flashback of her meeting with Mr. Stevenson she had just had over his case. It had not gone away as she had wanted. God she was tense.

Water touched her foot. She had been so much in though, she had not realized that Pellie was removing her clothes to help her in the tub. She was down to her bra only.

Pellie met her eyes and smiled her soft kind smile. This woman seemed too gentle for her business. Perhaps, Allison mused that was what made her special. Pellie reached up to undo her bra. Allison stopped her hands. Pellie only smiled. “Let me help you unwind.”

Allison found herself letting Pellie help her into the tub. She watched her with large trusting eyes as she helped her sink into the warm water of the tub. She left Allison to soak in its warm embrace.

Allison closed her eyes and rested her head against the back of the tub. The warm water helping to ease her mind. She could hear Pellie in the next room moving things in a drawer. She did not hear her come back in until she was by the tub again.

Pellie slipped in the tub behind Allison. Allison leaned up and away at the touch of the woman’s breasts against her back. Pellie put her hands on her shoulders and made soothing sounds to her. “It’s okay,” she told her gently. "Let me help you relax."

Allison let herself be guided back to lie on Pellie's chest, her legs stretched around her own. Pellie picked up a sponge and began sponging Allison’s long arms and neck. The water felt good, the movements comforting, and she began to relax against her companion.

Pellie began lightly kissing her neck. Small light feather kisses along the neckline up to the ear. Her tongue darting into Allison’s ear and swirling around in a slow sensual gesture. Allison leaned back on her shoulder and held Pellie’s head to her ear for the briefest of moments.

This was the only encouragement Pellie needed. Her hands soaped the sponge again and began working around Allison’s breasts. Fingers replacing the sponge as she bit on her ear lobe. She let her fingers glide over her lover’s nipples lightly, then come back with a firm caress. The tiny buds grew hard between her pinching fingers.

Allison let out a light moan as Pellie pulled her back farther against her in the water; her hands on her breasts making sensations run through her body. One hand began to move lower, stoking her belly, a finger around the small navel then lower.

Allison’s eyes opened wide, when she felt the fingers opening her under the water and sliding against her intimate area. The gentle hand began stroking her clit, slowly and methodically, until Allison relaxed and opened her legs for her.

“That’s it,” Pellie whispered into her ear, “trust me.” She kissed at the notch of her shoulder, one hand squeezing her nipple of her right breasts; the other causing tingles as it stroked her clit.

Allison opened for her, and rested her head on her shoulder. She made little sounds in her throat as Pellie stroked her in the same measured lengths of fingers. Her other hand slid to the water below. Retrieving an object from the tub on its way, Allison felt a slight push at her opening. She arched against Pellie as she inserted a long vibrator into her pussy. She began moving the vibrator in and out as her other hand continued massaging Allison’s clit.

Allison reached back, to touch Pellie’s face, her shoulders, any part she could reach behind her. Pellie leaned in and kissed her as she continued her ministrations under the water. The kiss was a warm wonderful mixture of tongues lapping at each other in slow aching need.

Allison rocked her body against Pellie’s, feeling her breasts slide against her back, the feel of her shaved womanhood against her own ass. Caught up in the passion, she found herself sitting on Pellie’s lap in the water, arching out of the water as Pellie’s hands never stopped with their motions.

Soon she was gripping the edge of the tub for support. The vibrator moving in and out and the fingers on her clit were moving like one. Allison’s body was tensing tighter and tighter. When release came, it was so intense that her breath caught in her throat. She felt like she was hovering in trapped time for the longest minute. When her breath came out, it was in a sharp gasping cry that happened over and over. She came hard three times before Pellie released her from the spell of her hands, and just held her spent body to her own chest. Allison turned in her lover’s arms and held to her neck like a child. She looked up at Pellie in wonder. Her tension from the meeting gone.

Pellie smiled down at her, that same kind smile and stroked her cheek. “Feel better?” she asked.

Allison smiled.